Amazon FBA Sourcing Agent Services in China

Amazon FBA Sourcing

Being an Amazon seller has become a lot more interesting with Amazon introducing the services of FBA sourcing China.

Dongsourcing in this FAQ guide, answers the most pressing questions about the amazon FBA sourcing services in China.

This page should serve as your pocket guide when you choose FBA sourcing as your e-Commerce fulfillment option.

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What is Amazon FBA Sourcing China Services China?

FBA stands for “Fulfillment By Amazon”. Amazon introduced this fulfillment service to help its sellers (Amazon sellers) purchase products and ship to their customers hassle-free, no language barriers. Let us say you are selling with Amazon; you can import goods from China and sell with FBA easily.

You can easily ship to Amazon warehouse from China through an FBA sourcing agent. At the fulfillment centers, Amazon staff will receive the products supplied and package them on your behalf. They will also take orders from your customers, ship to them and take care of the returns.

You do not need to be present physically as an amazon seller to make sales.

The Amazon FBA sourcing China services is an initiative by Amazon to make selling very convenient for most sellers.

How to Source Made in China Products for Amazon FBA?

There are several product sourcing methods for Amazon FBA China. These are the methods any Amazon seller can follow to find or create a product he can sell on Amazon.

If you are yet to decide on the particular product type to source, you have to consider certain factors first. These include competition, market position of the product, local laws guiding the product, etc.

Keeping these in mind will help you choose the best means to import made-in-china products for Amazon.

Here are common ways to source products from China for Amazon FBA:

1.   Sourcing ODM and OEM ProductsODM and OEM Products

ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) involves creating products from scratch. You will first conceive the idea of the product you want, make designs and specifications. Then consult Chinese manufacturers to make product samples.

Your manufacturer in China needs to understand your product design very well to be able to produce it. Ensure to find a reliable manufacturer skilled in similar product types.

The common idea is to use the services of an FBA sourcing China agent to find the right manufacturer.

This method of FBA sourcing is ideal for experienced Amazon sellers who know how to go about the advertisement and marketing. You can easily incur loss with this type of product if it does not blend with the market easily.

2.   Sourcing Wholesale Products

This simply involves buying cheap from Chinese wholesalers and selling on Amazon to make profit. The product that you are buying is pre-existing and you do not need to find prospective suppliers.

trading company in China or purchasing agent can help you find a great wholesaler for your product type. Buying products supplied by Chinese wholesalers is a lot easier for Amazon sellers and quick. If you are new to product sourcing from China, this FBA sourcing method will help you build strong market ties and grow.

Note that you will have several competitors as many other sellers will likely have interest in the same product type.

3.   Sourcing Handmade Products

Handmade Products

So many entrepreneurs in China have skills in craftsmanship. You may decide to find such entrepreneurs, purchase their handmade products and ship to Amazon FBA warehouse.

They are usually the one supplier of their products.

Products in this category are really low cost due to the availability of raw materials and will make you profits. However, you will likely experience scalability problems.

4.   Sourcing Retail Arbitrage Products

Retail arbitrage sourcing is reselling the products you found in China big box stores on Amazon. Some of these big box stores do have online platforms where you can simply do your FBA sourcing.

So, you do not need to visit China for your retail arbitrage. All you need to do is simply send the products you find online to Amazon FBA warehouse for reselling.

5.   Sourcing for Dropshipping

With dropshipping, you can list products you find in stores on Amazon and pay only when you make sales.

When dropshipping with Amazon, the products will have to go through FBA logistics to get to your customers. This is where it differs from traditional dropshipping where the supplier sends directly to your customer.

How to Plan for Profitable Amazon FBA China Sourcing?

To profit from Amazon FBA sourcing China services, you have to consider certain market-moving factors. No matter what products you decide to source and the methods, these tips will help you avoid mistakes and make gains.

Here are crucial tips you need to keep in mind if you want your Amazon FBA sourcing China to be a success:

1.   Calculate Your Real Profit

Real Profit

Before you quickly decide on the product you want to sell on Amazon, sit down to calculate your real profit. Remember to add all the expenses attached to the product, from cost of production, shipping, customs clearance, storage facility, etc.

When you get your estimated total expenditure, decide on what to sell and know what your profit is like. If you have competitors, check to also know how much they are selling. You do not want to go too high or too low.

Products with very low-profit margin may not allow for fast business growth.

2.   Analyze Market Performance of Product

You have to carefully study and analyze how well the product that you wish to import is doing in the market. Check if it is seasonal (e.g holiday season products) in demand or in demand all year round.

Use the several tools at your disposal to analyze the market performance of the products. Examples of tools to use are Google trends, social media, Amazon bestsellers on similar products, etc.

This analysis will help you not choose products already declining in demand. Hence, you can find the booming alternative and sell FBA sourcing.

3.   Learn About Your Market Competitors

Competitor Research

Search for other sellers of your product type or related products (if you are creating an original product). Check for the price history of the product, information of the Amazon seller, volume of sales, reviews from customers, etc.

This will help you understand what you are competing against. Also, by studying your competitors, you may figure out where to do better in your FBA sourcing China. It can be in pricing, high-quality products, or even marketing strategy.

Your competitor search results will help you come in strong to the market. Always work to do better than your competition to achieve success.

4.   Check the Adaptability of the Product

Some products are easy to handle and adjusted to meet up with clients’ brands. Look out for products like this, they will help improve your customer ratings.

The best way to find products that can adapt is through checking product reviews and what buyers are saying.

5.   Consider the Product Production Process

When you want to start selling on Amazon, give due consideration to all the processes of manufacturing your product niche. This is especially when you plan on working directly with Chinese manufacturers.

The production process will give you an idea of the cost and help you make better choices in your FBA sourcing. Note that products with complex production processes require a very high-quality control process. Also, you will need to find an expert to handle such production.

Therefore, it is advisable for new sellers to choose easy-to-produce products and grow from there. Remember to always check for the minimum order quantity

6.   Find Out the Shipping Process and Cost

The process and cost of shipping is another crucial consideration for Amazon FBA sourcing China. You should check for the weight of the product, surface area, expiry date, risk of damage, etc.

This will help you choose the best courier method and save you from FBA sourcing China shipping issues. It is advisable to go for lightweight products with less surface area. Products of this nature have affordable shipping costs and are less likely to damage on transit.

7.   Check the Compliance Status of the Product

Product Compliance Status

Select products for Amazon FBA sourcing China that must comply with the customs standards of your country. Be sure to inquire accordingly about all specific requirements of the country. Compliant products sell easily in FBA inventory

Standards to look out for include safety, legal, copyright or intellectual property infringement, quality, etc. Your goods may not pass through the border if you fail to check these standards before shipping to Amazon warehouse.

8. Always Check for the Holiday Season

Holiday seasons are important considerations for Amazon FBA sourcing. Keeping it in mind will help you avoid disruptions in the supply chain.

How Can You Ship Products from China to Amazon FBA Warehouses?

FBA Shipping

Chinese manufacturers can help you ship your goods directly to Amazon FBA warehouses. Here, you let your supplier take care of the shipping process through an FBA forwarder or agent. You don’t need to get in contact with the products.

Sometimes, depending on your preferences, you can hire a third-party prep service company to help you ship to Amazon warehouses. A Prep service company is a quick replacement for direct Amazon FBA agent.

You can also decide to ship your products all by yourself to the Amazon fulfillment center of your choice. This usually involves having your products shipped from China to your home first, then to Amazon FBA warehouse.

Let us therefore breakdown product shipping from China to FBA warehouse in 3 subheadings:

  • Direct Shipping from Chinese Manufacturers to Amazon FBA Warehouses.
  • Prep Service Company Shipping to Amazon FBA Warehouses.
  • Self-shipping to Amazon FBA Warehouses.

Direct Shipping from Chinese Manufacturers to Amazon FBA Warehouses

Direct shipping involves moving your products straight from your Chinese supplier to the FBA warehouse. Big manufacturers will usually help you to find an Amazon FBA agent that will take care of the shipping process.

You can quickly suggest an FBA sourcing China services agent to your supplier, if you already have any in mind.

For Direct shipping from Chinese manufacturers, you have to agree with your FBA forwarder on the freight method to use. The common courier methods are air freight, sea freight, and express shipping.

Any shipping method that you choose comes with its own perks. Therefore, make sure to inquire with your FBA sourcing China agency on the requirements of any method that you choose.

With express courier companies in the US, you will have the best experience shipping directly to FBA fulfillment centers. Examples of express courier companies using fast air delivery in the US are FedEx, UPS, etc.

Many Amazon sellers use these express companies to ship directly to Amazon warehouses to save margins since there are no extra domestic fees.

Note that Amazon only accepts products with specific packaging and product labels for FBA sourcing. So, be sure to ask your supplier if he can handle it before choosing direct shipping. The Amazon requirements are quite complex.

Benefits of Direct Shipping

  • Convenient: You will have enough time to take care of other activities as your availability is not a priority.
  • Fast: It is faster than other methods of shipping to Amazon FBA warehouses.
  • Cheap: Direct shipping usually has a flat rate without any extra charges. It is the cheapest of all methods.
  • Simple: The processes involved are easy-to-follow. So, you can adopt it even as a beginner and sell FBA sourcing China.

Challenges of Direct Shipping

  • You won’t have the opportunity to check the quality of your products.
  • Products with defects will reach your customers. And, your bad reviews can increase quickly.

 Prep Service Company Shipping to Amazon FBA Warehouses

Shipping with Prep Service Company

Using this method, your products will move from your Chinese manufacturers to prep service companies, then to Amazon FBA center.

In FBA sourcing China, you prepare your products following Amazon specifications before shipping them to the FBA warehouse. This is where prep service companies which are third-party companies come in.

A prep service company provides different aiding services to prepare your products after your Chinese supplier ships them. They will take care of customs, inspect your products for quality, package and label following Amazon guidelines, then ship to FBA warehouse.

The prep company staff have the required training and experience in FNSKU and shipping labels and packaging to Amazon standards. Hence, they are a great option when you are not certain that your supplier can follow the Amazon warehousing requirements.

You can choose an FBA prep service company in China or in your country. The US has several prep service companies that can help you prepare for shipping to Amazon warehouses. Make sure to check the processes involved before choosing between China or your country.

1.   Prep Service Company in China

When you choose a prep service company in China, your Chinese manufacturers can easily take your products to them. They will in turn ship your products directly to Amazon FBA logistics.

You may not find as many prep services companies in China. But, the sourcing companies in China usually offer the same services. Therefore, if you already hired the services of a sourcing agent for FBA sourcing China services, simply ask him to include Amazon FBA prep services.

Using an FBA prep service company in China will only attract the cost of cargo from the supplier to the company’s warehouse. This cost is usually considerable since it’s China and you may likely be using the sourcing agent for other services.

In case of any quality issues, a china prep service company can easily reach out to your supplier. This is an advantage because your supplier will take care of the issues. And, there are no complications yet.

2.   Prep Service Company in the US

US Prep Service Company

A prep service company in the US will help you ship your products from China to their warehouse, then to the FBA logistics center.

You can find many FBA prep services companies in the US West Coast. However, it is advisable to choose the one near your Amazon warehouse. This will save you money on local transport costs.

The thing about using US prep services companies is that you will have to handle quality problems locally. However, bear in mind that some damages occur during shipping to the US. In such cases, even quality checks in China cannot prevent it.

So, you will benefit from arrival inspection using a third-party FBA prep service company in the US. This will help you sort quality issues if there’s any, and assure you of no future damages. By doing so, you are certain that your customers get the best products. This will make them give you great reviews under your Amazon listing.

Prep services companies in the US and China have their pros and cons. You can choose which is most suitable for your FBA sourcing China depending on what you are willing to risk and gain.

For instance, if you can risk handling quality issues locally, then you can choose the US companies. You may benefit from transport cost if your Amazon FBA warehouse is near the prep service company.

On the other hand, if you can risk to sell FBA sourcing products to customers without an arrival inspection, then choose Chinese companies. You can be sure that there are no factory issues. Transport is also cheap from the supplier to the Chinese prep service company warehouse.

Benefits of Using a Prep Service Company

  • Product quality assurance: You will have your product samples checked for quality by a third-party agency.
  • Amazon warehouse compliant packaging and labeling: Have experts package your products following Amazon standards and FNSKU and shipping labels.
  • Smooth transport to FBA warehouse: Prep service companies will transport your products with ease to your FBA storage facility.

Challenges of Using a Prep Service Company

  • Extra service cost: Paying for the services of a prep service company can be quite expensive.
  • Extra cost of transport: Moving your products from Chinese manufacturers to a prep service company before reaching FBA warehouse, adds up your cost of transport.

 Self-shipping to Amazon FBA Warehouses

Shipping by Self to FBA

Self-shipping simply means taking your products by yourself to the Amazon warehouse. This means that you have to ship your products first to your own warehouse or home where you have access to them.

If you cannot resist the urge of seeing your products physically, then you may choose the self-shipping option. Of course, you will have the chance to feel and test your products, hence sending only quality products to Amazon.

No doubt this method of FBA sourcing China will give you a sense of accomplishment, however not without a price. This is because shipping products to your own warehouse first, then to Amazon warehouse will attract extra cost. Again, checking for quality all by yourself will require time and effort.

So, before choosing this method of shipping to the FBA warehouse, prepare yourself adequately for all the process.

Benefits of Self-shipping

  • Firsthand testing of products: You can tell how your customers will feel by using your product when you ship to your home first.
  • Inspect product quality by yourself: Observing your products by yourself gives you confidence and assurance of quality products.
  • Self-package and label your products to save money: Instead of paying a third-party to handle your packaging, FNSKU and shipping labels, you can do them saving cost.

Challenges of Self-shipping

  • Extra transportation cost: Shipping from China to your home before transport to FBA fulfillment adds up cost of transport.
  • Time and effort required: Self-shipping does not go with convenience. You will need to be fully available to handle all the process of packaging and FNSKU labeling.

What are the Amazon FBA Warehousing Requirements for Packaging and Labeling?

FBA Packaging and Labeling Specifications

Amazon FBA logistics requires your products to meet up with certain specifications in box sizes, weight, materials, etc. They also need your products to have specific identification in labeling, incorporate scannable codes, warning stickers, etc.

These requirements help you to do business responsibly with Amazon. Being fully aware of the Amazon standards will help you correctly inform your Chinese manufacturers on product specifications.

A number of considerations go into packaging and labeling your products right for Amazon FBA. Moreover, do you need to follow all the specifications?

Amazon FBA Product Packaging Specifications

1.   Inside Box Product Packaging Requirements

  • Wrap your products per unit. Ensure that each item inside a box has its own separate, secure packaging.
  • Introduce at least 2inches of protective cushion between items and each interior wall of the box. After packing, your products should be held tightly within the box. Try shaking the box to confirm if there are any movements.
  • Your item packaging material should be any of boxes, air film bubbles, poly bags, or other common materials.
  • When you use a poly bag, make sure it is sealed entirely. Also, always use transparent poly bags when you sell FBA sourcing.

2.   Outside Box Product Packaging Requirements

Sample FBA Box Requirements

  • Your box dimension should not be less than 6in x 4in x 1in. On the upper limit, let no side of the box exceed 25 inches.
  • The maximum weight of a packaging box is 50lb, except your product niche is an individual oversized item.
  • For items weighing more than 50lb, you must clearly indicate it on the box top and also the sides. The common indication is the “Team Lift” label for weight between 50 – 100lb.
  • Boxes exceeding 100lb weight must carry the indication “Mechanical Lift” on the box top and also the sides.
  • If your products are jewelries (wristwatches, necklaces, earrings, etc.), ensure the packaging does not exceed 40lb.
  • Your box material must be firm with six sides, the flaps complete. You can use the regular slotted cartons.

“Note that Amazon takes their packaging weight and size requirements very seriously. As such, you will face certain challenges when you fail to do business responsibly. You may incur extra fees, rejection at FBA centers, or even face shipping limitations.

Therefore, try to avoid shipping boxes way larger than what they contain to the FBA warehouse.”

Amazon FBA Product Labeling Specifications

FBA Labeling specifications

  • Place the FBA shipping label on each box you wish to ship to the fulfillment center. This label that you print from your shipping queue must be unique per package.
  • FNSKU and shipping Labels. This requires you to have a scannable barcode on each unique product. The barcode must differ with each item variety. This includes size variations, color, texture, etc.
  • Shipping products set to be sold as single units must have a label indicating it on the set packaging. For example, “Do Not Separate”. This label suggests that the products are to stay together until final sale. “Ready to Ship”, “Sold as Set”, “This is a set”, all suggest the same thing.
  • Always use warning stickers with FNSKU (barcode) to point out any place of concern. For instance, any poly bag packaging must have a suffocation warning label. You may print it directly on the bag or paste it as a sticker.
  • For multiple case packaging, you must label the master carton with the “Multiple Case” shipping notice.
  • Your labeling must be bold, accessible, and clearly visible. Print or paste them on the faces of the packaging (avoid corners and curves). Ensure that anyone can see your FBA sourcing labels without having to unwrap the product.
  • In case you need to reuse a carton, remove any FNSKU and shipping labels and markings used before and place new ones.

“Labeling your goods following the Amazon FBA requirements above will grant you express access in fulfillment centers. Your inventory will be registered on the FBA network quickly and you will start making sales.”

How Can You Track Your Shipment from China to Amazon FBA Center?

Shipment Tracking

The best way to track your shipment is by using the tracking ID given to you by your shipping company. However, this is only applicable when you use express shipping companies for your FBA product sourcing.

For ocean delivery or air cargo, you’ll need to reach out to your freight forwarder or the shipping company for delivery assistance.

Depending on your freight method, you may have access to various tracking options.

How to Track Your Shipment through Express Shipping Companies

An express shipping company will send you a Tracking ID once your goods are out for shipping. All you need to do is to:

  • Visit the website of your express shipping company.
  • Then, find the section for tracking of shipments,
  • Copy and paste your tracking ID, your tracking record will appear.

You’ll find where your shipment took off from in China, the current location, and its final destination. An estimated arrival date may also be available on the drop-down menu. Remember, arrival dates are not exact and your products may arrive earlier or later.

Once your shipment reaches your FBA warehouse, you will also get a delivery notice. You can always confirm delivery status with your tracking ID.

How to Track Your Sea/Air Freight from China to Amazon FBA

Sea-Air Freight Tracking

1.   Check with Your Freight Forwarder

When you hire a freight forwarder to handle your shipping, simply ask him about the tracking record of your shipment. He is in the best position to tell you the current position of your cargo.

Small scale forwarders do not have a means to track shipment on their own, but they can still offer delivery assistance. It is easier for your shipping agent to reach the cargo company and get the status of your shipment. When in doubt, feel free to directly contact the customer service support of the freight company shipping your products.

If your supplier or a product sourcing services agent managed your shipping, then directly ask them about your goods. The important tracking information that you should request for includes:

  • Date of departure from the China seaport or airport.
  • Estimated date of arrival at the US port (seaport or airport).
  • Date of conclusion of customs clearance by the US CBP.
  • Expected arrival date of your products supplied at the Amazon FBA center.

Do not hesitate to ask for any further information you wish to know about your shipment. It is better to be certain at every point about the current status of your goods.

2.   Check Through the Website of the Shipping Vessel Conveying Your Products

The airline or sea shipping company carrying your shipments can give information on the status. However, the tracking information they provide is not specific. At most, you’ll find from their website the date of departure of your goods from China and the expected date of arrival at the US port.

Examples of such sea shipping companies are Maersk, and COSCO. For the airline cargo companies we have Air China.

Once you get to the website of these companies, simply enter the tracking information requested to get goods status.

For air cargo, you will only need your air waybill tracking number to retrieve information from the airline website.

Your sea cargo company will however require you to input the following information:

  • Name of your shipping company
  • Container number
  • Vessel booking number/Bill of Lading (B/L) number

Click on “track” after providing the correct information to get the status of your shipment.

“Bear in mind that you can only get information about the vessel take off and arrival when you check with shipping companies. This may include port of departure, port of transit, port of entry or destination, and the times for activity.

They do not give information on customs clearance and transport to the FBA warehouse. You can check with your freight forwarder to get these.”

What is Amazon FBA Inspection?

Amazon specified that before shipping your goods to the FBA warehouse, there is the need to inspect them with the manufacturer. The goal of FBA inspection is to guarantee your products compliance with the Amazon specifications.

Usually, a third-party inspection service will take care of this requirement by Amazon. Hence, the cost is not part of the production cost.

Using the Amazon FBA inspection will not only make you a successful Amazon seller, also you’ll get several positive ratings from customers.

The rules and regulations guiding the Amazon FBA inspection is to ensure that Amazon buyers get the best products.

Here is the full checklist you must fulfill to become an eligible Amazon seller.

What are the Amazon Requirements for FBA Inspection?

FBA Inspection Requirements

Amazon has a number of checklist requirements for FBA inspection that your products are expected to meet. This ranges from minimum order quantity per order, packaging and labeling requirements, etc.

The FBA inspection company will carry out this activity during product packaging and shipment preparation.

Here is the full list of what the FBA inspection will cover:

  • The quantity of goods per customer order. That is, the number of products checked by one order placed by a customer.
  • Quality check based on the specifications listed. Is the actual product up to specifications?
  • Production line audit to confirm the standard of production.
  • Confirmation of FBA packaging requirements, checking the dimensions and weights of cartons enclosing the products. With this, you can be sure that the packing specifications of the Amazon FBA are met.
  • Checking product labeling to ensure it meets with the FBA requirements. Do you have Amazon shipping labels, FNSKU, product set labels, warning labels/stickers, etc.?

Note that upon the completion of the FBA inspection, you will get an audit report from the inspection company on the findings.

What is Amazon FBA Inspection Report?

The Amazon FBA inspection report is a comprehensive report of an FBA inspection activity drafted by inspection companies. This report will highlight all the flaws, defective products, mismatching specifications, etc. found at the time of inspection.

An FBA inspection report will feature pictorial evidence to support any claims for clarity sake.

You will find the following sections in an Amazon FBA inspection report:

FBA Inspection Report

 Quality Compliance Section

The inspection company uses this section to detail how well your goods have met or derailed from the customers’ needs.

 Product Specification Compliance Section

This section talks about the product details and specifications. If there are any problems with the products, you will find them here.

 Measurement Specification Compliance Section

Are your products measuring as specified? This section of the inspection report provides a comprehensive answer on that. You will find any measurement issues here.

 Workmanship Inspection Section

If your supplier hired a skilled labor in the production process, there will be a note on that in this section. Any points of concern about the skilled labor will be raised here also.

 On-site Product Testing Report Section

After testing the product at the point of production, the inspection company will give their judgment here. They will note the issues of performance concerning the product.

 Quantity Compliance Section

A report on the quantity of product per customer order will be in this section. The inspection company checks if it conforms with Amazon FBA specifications.

 Amazon Packaging Requirements Compliance Section

This section will report if your product packing conforms with Amazon FBA requirements or not. The team will point out anywhere you missed on Amazon specifications on packaging.

 Amazon Labeling Requirements Compliance Section

Amazon requires you to label your products following certain set standards, so you can sell FBA sourcing. The inspection team will check if your labeling is consistent with these standards and report within this section.

 Carton Weights and Dimensions Requirements Section

Here you will find the result of inspection of the carton weights and dimensions checked with FBA guidelines.

 Final Inspection Remarks Section

Inspection Remarks

The inspection team uses this section to summarize their findings. This is where the final verdict appears in an FBA inspection report sheet. You will find out whether you passed the inspection exercise or not from the remarks section.

Why Do You Need FBA Inspection?

As an Amazon seller, it is important that your goods fulfill the FBA warehouse requirements and product specifications. This is because it will make you a successful seller in FBA inventory.

Most Chinese manufacturers do not really bother about the stringent rules of Amazon FBA, especially larger manufacturers. For this reason, you need to get a third-party inspection that will handle all the process of FBA inspection.

So, mainly to avoid rejection by Amazon, you should perform an FBA inspection before shipping to their warehouse.

You will also benefit from FBA inspection in many other ways after Amazon accepts your shipment which includes:

  • It improves your FBA inventory appearance. Hence, Amazon will rate you as a trusted seller making your future shipments easier and faster.
  • Product quality improvement as a result of double-checking of your products for quality by the inspection team.
  • FBA inspection helps you to meet the needs of your customers. Consequently, making your customers rate you high with nice feedback.
  • Following the FBA labeling specifications will lead to proper identification and better handling of your shipment. This will ensure the safe shipping of your goods without fear of damages.
  • When the inspection team approves your shipment, you are sure of no extra cost due to non-compliance.

Every amazon seller complies with the Amazon specifications to be successful. Therefore, to be sure your products are compliant, you will need FBA inspection services offering delivery assistance.

Where Can You Find FBA China Inspection Services?

Find FBA China Inspection Services

The easiest way to get FBA inspection services in China is by asking your supplier. Once your supplier concludes the manufacturing process, he can easily contact an FBA inspection company on your behalf.

This will save you time and effort. However, if you feel that you cannot trust the process with your supplier, then you can search online.

Most Amazon sellers find FBA inspection and prep companies online. As a matter of fact, almost every FBA inspection service in China now has an online presence.

Even Chinese sourcing agents offer the services of China inspection companies. They will help you perform your FBA inspection.

You can simply make use of your search engine when looking for a suitable FBA inspection company for Amazon sellers. The main problem with this, is that you will get so many options offering almost the same services with some unique differences.

When this happens, you will find it very difficult to make your choice. As a result, you need to have in mind certain factors that will help you choose the best Amazon FBA sourcing China services.

What are the Factors to Consider Before Choosing an FBA Inspection Company?

Ask your FBA inspection company about their services and mode of operation to be sure they offer what you seek. Hence, the best China FBA inspection company should be able to give a complete report on the status of your goods and protect clients’ brands.

In case your goods do not meet up with the FBA requirements, they should be in the position to help you fix the issues.

Here are important factors to consider to help you choose the best FBA inspection company:

 Cost of Service

You have to consider the cost of inspection for any FBA inspection company that you choose. This is crucial because any more cost you incur before your goods reach the FBA warehouse will affect your profit margin.

 Inspection Services Timeline

Each FBA inspection company in China has their proposed program of work that can help you decide which to choose. The program of work contains the various activities that will take place during the inspection and the time of completion.

 Product Testing Capacity

Find out if the inspection company has what it takes to test your product on-site for quality. This is because some may specialize in particular product niche for Amazon FBA sourcing.

 Location of the Inspection Company

It is always better to choose an FBA inspection near your Chinese suppliers. This will reduce transport costs that might have an effect on the cost of service. Also, you will benefit from regular and speedy inspection.

 Warehousing Capacity

Warehousing Capacity

You may need to move your goods to the storage facility of the FBA inspection company to complete the process. In this case, look out for companies that have their own warehouse.

Which are the Best FBA Inspection Companies in China for Amazon Sellers?

You will find several Chinese inspection companies and prep companies when you start searching. These companies offer similar product sourcing services for Amazon sellers. Thus,  you may start to wonder which is the best for your Amazon business.

Here are top companies in China that can help you with your FBA inspection:


Dongsourcing is a Chinese sourcing agent company that can help you with Amazon FBA  sourcing, inspection and Prep services. You can hire this China agent from start till the end of your FBA sourcing as they protect clients brands.

They will help you find the best supplier of your products, inspect quality, perform amazon FBA inspection with FBA prep services.

Dongsourcing is your one-stop solution to Amazon FBA sourcing China. They can also handle your shipping and export concerns giving you timely updates on your FBA sourcing China.

Payments with Dongsourcing is safe and fast. You can use direct bank transfer, western union, etc for you services.


This is a China FBA prep company that can prepare your goods to meet Amazon requirements. They offer inspection services and different aiding services that will put you in line when doing business with Amazon.

China Inspection Service (CIS)

This FBA inspection company has their base in Hong Kong. They can help you with packaging and labeling that conforms with Amazon standards.


FBA Ops have their base in China. Their main focus is to help Amazon sellers procure made in China products and ship them to the FBA warehouse.

They will help you with Amazon FBA sourcing China, inspection and prep services, and shipping products from China.

Asia Inspection

This is an FBA inspection company in China popular for their wide range of services for professional Amazon sellers. They will handle your FBA inspection and prep services professionally making sure your shipments reach you safely.

Can Amazon Sellers Purchase from Alibaba and Ship to Amazon FBA?

Alibaba to FBA

Yes! Amazon sellers can source products from Alibaba and ship them to Amazon FBA fulfillment center directly. You will however need to hire the services of a freight forwarder who has experience in Amazon FBA sourcing China.

Alibaba also offers you the opportunity to find a freight forwarder from their website as they engage in global sources. All you need to do is visit Alibaba shipping services. Here you can also get an estimate of your cost of shipping considering the volume of your shipment.

Although, it is advisable to let your supplier find a freight forwarder for you. This is a cost effective means to ship to Amazon FBA. Of course, your supplier can easily use freight forwarders with long-term relationships that will offer low cost shipping price.

Remember to request an FOB or EXW price quotation from the forwarder you hire. You can then agree with your forwarder to either ship from your supplier’s warehouse or the nearest point of loading.

Alibaba offers trade assurance that can help you narrow down prospective suppliers.

The Pros and Cons of Buying from Alibaba and Shipping Directly to Amazon FBA

One advantage of shipping directly to Amazon warehouses is that it saves you time. It will also save you extra cost by eliminating third-party services and double transportation.

However, this comes with its own problems. The major problem of shipping directly to Amazon fulfillment centers is lack of quality control. Since the goods move from supplier to FBA warehouse, you won’t have the opportunity to confirm the quality.

Also, some Chinese suppliers from Alibaba may not know the Amazon requirements for packaging and labeling of products. This will affect your Amazon ranking and might lead to future restrictions.

It is better to first find a supplier with a trade assurance badge before shipping directly from Alibaba to Amazon warehouse. To do this, hire a quality control agent for at least your first shipping with the supplier. If you trust his methods, then you can ship directly from him in future purchases.

Similar to Alibaba is Global sources with a large online directory organizing trade shows for sellers.

What is the Best Courier Method When Shipping to an FBA Warehouse from China?

FBA Courier Services

You can use any of the  following courier methods to ship goods from China to Amazon FBA:

  • Traditional Freight Shipping
  • Express Courier Shipping
  • International Postal Service (IPS) Shipping

You can choose which shipping method that best suits you depending on certain factors. These include the type and weight of your products, how urgent you need them, and the amount you are willing to pay.

Here are what to expect with each shipping method to help you decide the best for your Amazon FBA sourcing China:

 Traditional Freight Shipping

The traditional freight shipping from China to Amazon FBA warehouse can be any of the two freight methods:

  • Airfreight
  • Sea freight

These are very common when shipping from China. You may need to hire the services of a local freight forwarder with large know how on the shipping process. This local freight forwarder will handle the shipping and customs clearance while ensuring your goods reach the Amazon FBA Warehouse.

Your local freight forwarder will give you information about the FOB (Free on Board) costs.

Your product supplier or sourcing agent in China can also help you with freight shipping. In this case, they will provide you with CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight) rates. However, they do not take care of customs duties. Hence, at the port of entry, a customs broker can help clear your goods before going to the FBA center.

When Can You Make Use of Traditional Freight Shipping?

  • Air Freight

When you need your goods to arrive with fast air delivery, you may need to start considering the air freight option. The cost of air freight is based on dimensional weight calculations.

You will benefit more from air freight when your shipment is up to 2,000lbs and above. However, note that if you are shipping powdered products, liquid, lithium battery, some electronic goods etc. then, air freight is not for you.

Make sure to inquire from your freight forwarder or supplier about the rates and prohibited products. Just know that air freight import processing fees may be high.

  • Sea Freight

Using sea freight is cheaper than the air freight counterpart. So, if you are on budget, you should really consider this courier option. Sea freight is best for products exceeding 2 cubic meters volume for FBA sourcing china.

Also, for the product types not allowed on air freight, ocean delivery is your shipping option. Certain products that you will usually buy in large quantities from China will be better off transported by sea freight. This is because other courier methods will charge you very high fees for them.

The main challenge with ocean delivery is time. It can take up to 45 days for your goods to arrive at the US port of entry. Always inquire from your forwarder on the status of your shipping.

 Express Courier Shipping

Express Courier Shipping

Express shipping to Amazon FBA is the fastest shipping method and very convenient for your fast air delivery. The International Express Companies handling this courier shipping will take care of your customs duties.

Your job is to sign the package once your products arrive at the port. Then, the International Express Company that you chose will carry on to the Amazon FBA warehouse.

Most of these companies offer product tracking services when your shipment is on transit. You may also be lucky to get discounts in the form of vouchers, etc.

Some of the popular International Express Companies in the US include FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.

Express courier shipping may appear to have higher prices compared to traditional freight shipping methods at first. However, there are several fixed fees with the traditional freight courier which can even make it more expensive.

Shipping costs are calculated per kg weight of the products. Some express companies have a fixed-price per kg which you can use to easily calculate for your shipment.

Although, certain lightweight products that occupy much space such as foam will have the cost calculated by dimensional weight.

International Express companies have their websites where you can access detailed information about their courier procedures.

When Can You Make Use of Express Courier Shipping?

When your shipment is about 1,000lbs and less, and you need them within a week, then this courier method is for you.

Remember that Express shipping uses air transportation and they do not allow certain products. For example, liquid, powder products, etc.

When your products meet the requirements of the International Express Company, they will ship directly to the FBA warehouse.

 International Postal Service (IPS) Shipping

International Postal Service

Shipping to Amazon fulfillment center using the International Postal Service is possible but not popular. You can save money using this shipping method. However, it comes with high risks.

The IPS does not offer you the opportunity to insure or track your goods. If you need these services, you will have to work it out yourself with added fees.

There are also limitations on the weight and type of products that you can ship through IPS. Be sure to get the appropriate contacts before deciding to use this courier method for FBA sourcing China services.

When Can You Make Use of International Postal (IPS) Shipping?

IPS is suitable for light low cost shipments not above the purchase price of 2,500 USD. Also, make sure you are not in a haste to receive your goods because there is no definite time of arrival. You will just have to wait until you get the notification of the arrival of your goods.

The mailing company will take care of all the process and transport your products from China to Amazon FBA. So, you do not need to worry about shipping technicalities.

What to Do in Case of Lost Goods in the FBA Warehouse?

After your goods have arrived at the FBA warehouse, it is possible that you notice that some is missing. You may find this out by checking through your Amazon seller system or their different aiding services.

Sometimes, Amazon may only list your products in batches or they truly did lose your items. It is only advisable to ask questions when you notice any change in numbers to gain more knowledge be sure. However, trust that Amazon does business responsibly.

Here are steps to recover your lost goods in the FBA warehouse through FBA logistics:

1.   Reach Out to Amazon Customer Care

Amazon Customer Service

This is the first step to recovering your missing items in the FBA warehouse for Amazon sellers. Contact the customer service and tell them about your situation. They are in the best position to tell you what happened.

3 ways you can contact Amazon customer care are:

  • Using the Amazon “Call Me” service
  • Chatting with the support personnel
  • Using the general help numbers

At the end, if Amazon can’t say what happened, you will need to prove your claims following the next steps.

2.   Provide Your Delivery Receipt

Your delivery receipt will prove that Amazon received your goods in the quantity that you claim.

After checking and you are right, then Amazon will either find your goods or compensate you.

Here is how to go about your compensation:

3.   Get Your Product Invoice Ready

When it happens that Amazon can no longer find your items, they will have to compensate you on your FBA sourcing China. Your invoice will show Amazon about the true value of your lost goods.

If you don’t already have your invoice, the Chinese suppliers or sourcing agents can provide one to you.

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