Top 30 Best China Sourcing Agent Company to Help You Import from China

Dongsourcing is a worldwide leading China sourcing agent for more than 10 years. We help more than 3,000 clients import goods from China every year.

As the top China purchasing agent, we can provide one-stop sourcing service solution for all your product purchasing requirements in China.

Dongsourcing as a best sourcing company specializes not just in product sourcing, but also in manufacturing consulting, import and export, quality control, goods inspection, shipping and logistics, and many more.

Dongsourcing Support You With High-Efficiency China Purchasing Agent Services - 2021

Free High-Quality Product Sourcing

Dongsourcing is knowledgeable about all the products under the Chinese industrial product belt. We can help you find the best Chinese vendors and manufacturers for your products. Moreover, we can secure a FREE quotation for the products you need and the suppliers to work with.

Manufacturing Consulting

As part of our skill, Dongsourcing can provide in-depth consultation on project and manufacturing costs! We can help you from capital expense requirement, market analysis to costs analysis, and more.

Good Reputation Supply Chain System in China

Currently, Dongsourcing has more than 10,000 manufacturing and supplying partners who are part of the local Chinese supply chain. Most of our partners with a good reputation, famous in their industry, giving you guarantee in quality.

Custom Packaging/Private Labeling

We can help you make your own custom packaging and private labeling according to your design drawings,  printing your brand and logo on products.

Production Follow-Ups

Dongsourcing can keep you updated with the status and the conditions of your orders. We will help you from raw material purchasing, accessories production, to procurement and finished product assembly.

Product Quality Inspection

Dongsourcing has the most seasoned product quality inspectors in the industry. We’ll make sure that all your products are up to quality standard and are compliant with regulations. Moreover, we can help with both sampling and final inspection of the products you need. 

Risk Management

Dongsourcing also offers assessment and analysis of risk from product sourcing – down to logistics and retailing.

Shipping Management/Arrangement

Dongsourcing can assist you with your shipment; from keeping track of where your load is – to the logistics and the courier services. We have freight partners for all air, land, and sea deliveries – get regular updates through our very own tracker!

Amazon FBA Shipment From China

Dongsourcing has experience in Amazon FBA service, help you purchase Amazon products, manage shipping from China to FBA. Our freight partners offer LCL, FCL, air transportation options for Amazon FBA delivery.

OEM & ODM Products Service

Dongsourcing can provide both ODM and OEM products service, we can help you custom mold development program, all according to your design drawings, and idea.

Customs Clearance

Dongsourcing makes sure that customs will approve your products and cargoes. We will ensure all licenses and certificates are present. Also we will secure all the paperwork and the documentation you need for declaration (both import and export).

Warehousing and Final Inspection in China

Dongsourcing can keep all of your orders and your products safe via our warehouse in China. In addition, we can help with the final inspection and resolve the problems in our warehouse.

Top 30 Best China Sourcing Agent Company Importing from China

There are so many sourcing companies out there that promises to help you import from China for your small business.

However, a problem arises when it comes to choosing the best Sourcing company that can make your import from China easier.

That is why Dongsourcing compiled this list of the best 30 China Sourcing Companies. This is to help you make better choice when next you want to import from China.

These are the Best 30 China Sourcing Companies that will make your China importation worthwhile:

About Dongsourcing

Dongsourcing group is a dedicated team that will assist you in sourcing products and importing goods from China.

They provide you with the basic services which is product sourcing and locating manufacturers for your products.

You can get other best sourcing services including production management, product inspection, logistics and transportation, and one-stop services.

Dong Sourcing Group will help you in the following: 

  • Source products from the right Chinese suppliers for your specified products.
  • Products price negotiation, payment terms, international trade terms, and other details with suppliers on your behalf.
  • Make mass production, inspection, and shipping of your products.
  • Make import from China and logistics available and easy to access.
  • Take charge of goods delivery and tax payments.
  • Dong Sourcing group also makes it possible for you to save time and money compared to other sourcing companies.

In all, you only have to take delivery of your finished goods and then focus on marketing and sales.

This is because Dongsourcing group takes care of all other services in the supply chain from start to finish.

The best sourcing services of the Dongsourcing group supersedes traditional purchasing. They also involve Amazon sellers making things easy for their clients.

Dongsoursing is one of the best sourcing agent in China. They source high quality products from China and deliver quality services.

Where Can You Find The Dongsourcing Group In China?

You can consult and source products at the office of the Dong Sourcing Group in Ningbo City, Zhejiang province, China.

2. Dragon Sourcing Agent

About Dragon Sourcing

Dragon Sourcing was founded in the year 2004. You’ll see their offices across Asia, Europe and America.

This simply means that they are able to closely integrate with both their clients and their supply markets.

Dragon Sourcing also provide procurement services, thus providing values through global best sourcing operations to client organizations around the globe.

They focus mainly on helping clients with procurement from emerging markets for their local needs or export purposes.

The services they render includes:

  • market research
  • source products
  • supply audit
  • sample development
  • Price negotiation, contracting
  • logistics
  • quality control & supplier management

You’ll find most of their offices in Shanghai, Hoi Chi Minh City, Mumbai, Istanbul, Guadalajara and Sao Paulo.

Dragon Sourcing Agent delivers significant and sustainable value to your organizations by helping to import from China easily.

Dragon Sourcing will help you narrow down the objective of your procurement to make the process easier.

That is to say, whether it is going to be from the competitive emerging market for export purposes.

Or, to procure for local operations, or even to gain global procurement intelligence.

If you want a long-term relationship on trust, and integrity, this company also wishes to stay with you for longer.

Where Can You Find The Dragon Sourcing Agent In China?

Dragon Sourcing operates from their China office located at Renmin Road – Shanghai, P.R.China.

3.  IMEX Sourcing Services

About IMEX Sourcing

Ashish Monga founded the IMEX sourcing company to help you easily find Chinese manufacturers for your products.

IMEX Sourcing services will provide you with a comprehensive product sourcing services and other services in your supply process.

You’ll get the complete supplier business background verification and quality control services from this company.

Other IMEX sourcing services include factory auditing, inspection, and risk management services that makes the supply process more secure for clients.

They also render the best sourcing consulting and lab testing services which are under their complementary services category.

IMEX sourcing services aims at transforming international trade for E-Commerce Sellers globally to help you source high quality products internationally.

Thus, you may want to agree with them that sourcing goes beyond the traditional means of only seeking out suppliers.

Here’s a little look into the background of IMEX sourcing services:

IMEX is the first company to source for E-commerce. The background of the founder in e-commerce helped the company a lot.

They speak the language of the e-commerce sellers. This means that they understand their customer’s specific needs.

And, to take care of the needs of the e-commerce business, IMEX sourcing services set up several systems which works together.

IMEX is a team comprising about 15 personnel and several account managers with varying industrial backgrounds.

The team at IMEX combines both Chinese and Western employees making dealing with complex problems easier. Since the knowledge base and diversity required to handle clients is available.

Where Can You Find the IMEX Sourcing Services In China?

The IMEX office in China is in Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe Guangzhou, China. Guangzhou, China is the home of IMEX Liaisons.

4. EJET Sourcing Services

Founder: Mr. Masson

About EJET Sourcing

EJET Sourcing  focuses on providing you with value-added services by delivering products to you anywhere in the world.

Ejet Sourcing meets your various needs by ensuring the supply of quality products to you as their employer.

Also, you can choose from their one-stop solution services for all China trading operations, with impressive services.

You can get some of these services from EJET sourcing:

For example, sourcing for suppliers, branding, quality control, and logistics. They also cooperate with all major shipping and cargo companies.

You can source products from any of their verified network of 3,000 and more factories with over 40 employee-base.  

They are dedicated to every phase of the business, and export more than 1,000 containers every year.

Due to their expanding network, EJET implore their clients running both big and small business to join and cooperate with them.

Ejet Sourcing group believes that Commitment leads to action and subsequently, actions brings your dreams closer.

Just like any dedicated sourcing company, EJET sourcing value commitments with clients.

Where Can You Find the EJET Sourcing Services In China?

EJET sourcing provides their services from two sourcing offices. The headquarters in Yiwu China and Guangzhou.

About Qaizen Group

It would be much better if you view Qaizen Group beyond just another consulting firm for sourcing of goods.

They are a small boutique firm with an energetic, experienced and passionate team that delivers outstanding results.

When it comes to their clients Qaizen Group firmly believes in the adage “Quality over Quantity”.

You’ll get the treatment of an only client with the Qaizen Group, as they only engage a few clients’ projects at a time.

Qaizen group will take care of any or the entire stages of your sourcing life cycle accompanied with management support.

This keeps them among the best sourcing companies to help you find high quality seller from China.

Here are some of the services you should expect from the Qaizen Group:

  • Product development for clients
  • Raw material sourcing for clients
  • Product quality inspection or quality control
  • Logistics Facilitation

They will also help you attain greater height in business such as:

  • E-commerce
  • Strategy
  • Start-ups and small business
  • Merchandising
  • Supply process
  • And ERP

Where Can You Find the Qaizen Group In China?

The Qaizen Group have their main office in Hong Kong. They control all their activities in China from this main office.

About Golden Shiny

Golden Shiny is a leading export company for PROCUREMENT & BEST SOURCING SERVICES in Yiwu China and Zhejiang, China. From their Yiwu base, Golden Shiny has client network from Europe, Middle East, North America, and Asia. As a professional sourcing agent in China, they would handle all your purchases in the China market with ease. You will most likely enjoy their one-stop services for clients which makes everything seem easier. Golden Shiny will guide you professionally when it comes to Yiwu China market, as this is their home office. You wouldn’t have to worry about so many things except the quality of the products that you want to purchase. Golden Shiny purchasing agent will handle your order tracking, quality control, warehouse facility, container loading, and shipping. Their philosophy is “professionalism always keeps things simple”. This should fit your needs as clients loves simple process.

Golden Shiny offers you these one-stop services:

  • Market guide for clients
  • Airport pickup
  • Order Tracking
  • Quality control
  • Warehouse facility
  • Container loading
  • Custom declaration
  • Shipping
This sourcing company practically differ from others with their one-step services, hence among the best China sourcing agents.

Where Can You Find the Golden Shiny Team In China?

Golden Shiny is a Sourcing agent in China with base in two China Cities, Yiwu and Zhejiang, China. From here they source products from their suppliers.

About Chinasourcing

Chinasourcing Services company came into existence in 2009 in Hong Kong where their main outlet is located.

Majority of Chinasourcing services however take place on mainland China in Guangdong Province.

You will find their warehouses in China Mainland and Ireland, making it easier to cover Europe and Asia.

If you’re Irish or from the UK, the Chinasourcing staff base in Ireland will take care of your needs.

The Chinasourcing group have background in both quality control and engineering, making them more diversified.

Some of the notable companies you’ll find in their clients’ list includes ABB and Veolia, which you may know already.

With this, Chinasourcing gains a good knowledge of the China factory floor, hence making sourcing from China easy.

You can rely on Chinasourcing Services for the best sourcing or procurement from the China market.

Their suppliers come mostly from China, however, they also a purchasing agent for Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Chinasourcing Solutions in China takes care of the entire sourcing activities till delivery irrespective of your location.

Sometimes, they make room for innovators who they organize guided factory tour for till the end of production.

Where Can You Find the Chinasourcing Team In China?

The headquarter of the Chinasourcing group is in Hong Kong. However, most of their product sourcing activities take place in Guangdong Province, mainland China.

8. Global Trade Specialists

About Global Trade Specialists

Mike Genung founded Global Trade Specialists, Inc in 1991. He originally named the company MG Trading & Development.

Mike had worked as an employee for a company importing and distributing machine tools.

You’ll fancy Global Trade Specialists when it comes to international marketing and sales and importing from China.

This is because the founder already acquired the needed experience to handle the services you may require.

They are also among the best sourcing companies when it comes to product development and import from Taiwan and Japan as well as other extended services.

In 1994, the Global Trade Specialists built their line of machine tool products just like where the founder worked.

However, they decided in 1998 to focus on helping various companies to source for products from China suppliers.

Hence, they sold their machine tool line at a profit. Afterward, the company was renamed as Global Trade Specialists, Inc.

Of course, they arranged with a couple of people from China who helped them in sourcing several products.

And, in the 90’s, China has grown its industrial base considerably making them a good location to source for products.

Since then, the Global Trade Specialists sourcing agency solely managed the business of sourcing from China.

You can certainly get reliable China suppliers with this company. That’s why they are on this list after all.

Global Trade Specialists offers you the following services:

  • Sourcing from China suppliers
  • Product quality inspection for clients
  • New product development
  • Product design and engineering
  • Product prototyping

In addition, they also offer you:

  • Negotiate price direct with the manufacturer
  • Helps the customers with the import process
  • Offers Chinese best prices to their clients

Where Can You Find the Global Trade Specialist In China?

This company currently work with three trading groups with their respective bases in Ningbo, Qingdao, and Shenzhen, China. 

9. Giolong International

About Giolong International

The Giolong Sourcing group was established in 1995 by two Canadian origins who developed interest in China product sourcing.

With their years of experience, you will get complete product sourcing solutions throughout the entire supply process.

 Giolong Sourcing group offers you the following services:

  • global supplier sourcing,
  • factory auditing for their clients,
  • quality control for international procurement activities,
  • assembling,
  • co-packing
  • product developments OEM and ODM, focusing in China and Asia.

Giolong International makes importing from China very easy. This is because you’ll benefit from their more than 20 years sourcing experience dealing with clients in the China importation market.

They are the sourcing agent in China to help you buy products from other parts of Asia with their outstanding services.

If you are sourcing from China with Giolong international, you will definitely appreciate their expertise in the supply business.

You can always find this group in Asia and North America. They boast of nearly one hundred active employees that service their clients.

Giolong employee base includes experts in various fields of endeavor. For example, consultants, engineers, MBAs and CPAs. This unlikely for most other sourcing companies.

Where Can You Find the Giolong International In China?

They have offices in different places such as Montreal, Shanghai, Bangkok, Hô-Chi-Minh, and Vietnam.

If you decide to source from China, Giolong provides one of the best sourcing for assured and affordable services.

10. China Performance Group

About China Performance Group

China Performance Group is another verified full sourcing agent in China with one of the best sourcing records in the China market.

They will take charge of all the activities in your supply chain that has to do with China from beginning to end.

Since inception in 1978, there has been several successful sourcing projects between CPG and many companies globally.

They help these companies to source for products straight and cheaper from the China market, the production center.

The knowledge base at CPG is a result of their many years of sourcing experience with Western Buyers manufacturers in the China market.  

CPG over the years developed an optimal supply chain management system to help make things easier for you.

This helps them to give you a competitive cost, satisfactory quality assurance, and prompt delivery of your goods.

China Performance Group also offers you the necessary support you need to import from the China market.

Sourcing products from China with CPG provides a cost-effective solution to managing business from far distance with ease.

When you source with CPG, you’ll get every obtainable benefit from the sourcing agent in China as they account for all activity.

Where Can You Find the China Performance Group In China?

The China Performance Group engage in product sourcing from their headquarter in Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.

11. Casino Global Sourcing

About Casino Global Sourcing

Just like many renowned China sourcing companies, Casino Global Sourcing plays several roles in product development.

They can assist you in locating suppliers for your products and in selecting and negotiating products.

If you’re sourcing mainly for food products, soft lines and hard lines, then, CGS will offer you the best services.

More so, they built a strong vendor base in China and Bangladesh. Casino Global Sourcing focuses more on obtaining a competitive product price for you in the best quality.

Casino group will assist you in:

  • sourcing for vendors,
  • certifying factories and products,
  • monitoring production and inspect final goods,
  • overseeing logistics and shipping to the port of destination.

Since the late 90’s, Casino Global Sourcing have been developing widely in the China sourcing business.

With a small office in Bangkok late 90’s CGS kicked off as a sourcing company under a parent company.

They later grew to have offices in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Bangladesh, South America, and India.

CGS as they grew expanded the scope of their business to support several other services in products sourcing business.

They included other support services such as:

  • assisting clients in product development,
  • quality assurance and quality control programs and
  • offering logistics and consolidation services.

Currently, the clients of CGS covers Americas, Europe, and Asia with several sourcing companies working with them.

Where Can You Find the Casino Global Sourcing In China?

The Casino Global Sourcing have their main base located in Wanchai, Hong Kong from where they control things.

12. Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

About Fulfilment by Amazon

FBA was established and launched on the 19th September 2006. The name has already described its full services to help Amazon sellers in China.

It was indeed ground-breaking history and program when Amazon launched it as their services were unique.

The services that FBA provided when it was launched was:

  • supplier research,
  • product development,
  • Sample purchasing,
  • price negotiation,
  • quality control for Amazon sellers,
  • packaging and bundling,
  • shipping duty rates,
  • printing and applying barcode labels.

FBA will give your products an awesome look when they are stored on Amazon fulfilment centers.

Amazon also:

  • picks,
  • packs,
  • ships,
  • provides customer service for these products.

FBA is simply a china consulting company that equally offers other essential services in the product development line.

Where Can You Find the Fulfilment by Amazon In China?

They are also a full-service sourcing company for Amazon sellers that base in Hong Kong.

FBA Specializes on other services like:

  • custom made electronics and accessories for health,
  • fitness and weight loss.

FBA have been into product sourcing for over 10 years and also ready shipping products stored in Amazon FBA warehouses.

This innovation serves professional Amazon sellers all round the world. You’ll get complete sourcing services and more with FBA sourcing China services.

For sourcing electronics in China, FBA have 25 years of experience in the China electronics market, hence would deliver.

This also include products for health, fitness, and weight loss as extended product sourcing assistance.

FBA provides a competitive sourcing for various sourcing companies in the China market. They ensure prompt delivery of your goods. Hence, they are included in this list best China sourcing agents.

About DTL Sourcing

Here is another sourcing agent in China with very incredible benefits that appeals to clients and prospects.

DTL DISTRIBUTED LEDGER TECHNOLOGY is a digital company programmed to record the transaction/details in multiple places.

DTL Sourcing is a leading China sourcing company with their base in Hong Kong and their showroom in Guangdong, China

DTL works with a deep network of over 500 manufacturers in the China market where they can easily source products.

This China sourcing company can help you overcome the common barriers in business such as cultural differences, and time zones.

If there is something you cannot handle in your supply from China, DTL is there to easily help you out.

The main focus of DTL includes:

  • consumer goods suppliers,
  • electronics and technology,
  • and industrial goods.

You can entrust the following services in the hands of the DTL:

  • delivering quality goods from China’s factories to clients, safely and without much charge.
  • Locating suitable manufacturer for specially designed product that is not or rarely available.
  • They can also take care of the whole manufacturing project at a low cost.
  • DTL sourcing can assist in assessing potential JV partnerships using their extensive knowledge and networks

With these services, and other notable achievements, the DTL Group is among the top China sourcing companies.

Where Can You Find the DTL Sourcing Company In China?

You’ll find the DTL sourcing agent in China in their showroom located in Guangdong, China. Their main base is however in Hong Kong.

About Maple Sourcing

Maple sourcing is one of the companies that source products from China. They are a full-time leading sourcing agent in China that produces and provides services at its peak.

Maple sourcing was founded by Aaron Li in February 2012. However, Global sources in 2013 officially verified them.

They deliver outstanding product sourcing and supporting services such as quality inspection and factory auditing.

China is a great and prominent place to start up a low cost sourcing business especially when it is lucrative.

Below is how Maple sourcing will help you while sourcing from China:

  • Firstly, they will understand your needs.
  • Get quote from the manufacturer.
  • They take your sample review immediately after getting a quote from the manufacturer.
  • After you approve the sample, they will arrange a trial run for small number of products.
  • Immediately you are confident with what you see, they start off with mass production.
  • Finally, they will provide a low cost door-to-door delivery on your demand.

They do this by incorporating forwarders to pick-up and deliver the final products to you anywhere around the globe.

Though it might be a daunting task especially with several barriers such as distance, language, and culture.

Maple sourcing agents also takes care of the delivery of products and services to your chosen destination.

Maple delivers services with the country China and also creates satisfaction in the customer’s perception.

However, Maple souring does the following:

  • guarantee quality product
  • provide efficient communication
  • assure competitive and low cost price
  • use only qualified manufacturers

The prices of products and services are not exorbitant. And, you get the best services for a very affordable price.

Where Can You Find the Maple Sourcing Company In China?

Maple Sourcing company have their headquarter in Shenzhen, China from where they control their activities.

About Match Sourcing

Matchsourcing made it easier in producing safer, faster, and simpler China sourcing services from China.

Matchsourcing is a leading China sourcing agent that is actually very fast in delivering low cost products and services.

This is no fallacy that services cannot be delivered because your finished products will get you safe and sound.

If you want one of the best sourcing agents, then get one from China. This is because almost all products and services are produced in China.

MatchSourcing provides better marketing services, below are the services they render:

  • Sourcing products from China
  • Product development
  • Sample handling
  • Business accompany trip
  • Negotiation
  • Order racking and report
  • Quality inspection
  • Shipping arrangement
  • Risk controlling

If you do not have the chance to market your products and services, then Matchsourcing got you with customers.

They also help you with a low-cost charge. When it comes to pricing, many suppliers seem to be a middleman.

Marchsourcing offers moderate price and quality services to their customers that needs help in the China Market.

They provide services like product development, products search, delivery, and many more to satisfy your supply requirements.

In providing services with affordable prices, Matchsourcing is a click away. They also make enquiries for prices.

Truth is, Price might be low and product not quality. Likewise, price might be high, still not a quality product.

That is why MatchSourcing in China gets client covered in providing them with good prices for quality products.

Where Can You Find the MatchSourcing Group In China?

They have their main operational unit in Guangzhou China from where they connect with the China market.

About China2West

China2west is another product and service company that you can rely on to get your products delivered from China.

China2West is a leading sourcing agent in China company which provides quality manufacturing services.

They offer affordable all-inclusive development solution, product manufacturing, and management of the supply process.

China2West Services helps in:

  • Project and factory management
  • Laboratory testing
  • Prototyping solution
  • Tooling and mold creation
  • Private label manufacturing
  • Supply process overseeing
  • Design and product development
  • Onsite quality control
  • Verification and factory audits
  • Logistics coordination

C2W is flexible in approach and typically operate within:


C2W helps to supply clients with flexible supply services and are just a click away when ordering from China.

They also offer overlay service plans and exciting services they also give the best standalone man day service.

Actually, there are great opportunities and excitement when clients get to meet with the company.

Where Can You Find the China2West Sourcing Company In China?

China2West have their global headquarters in Zhuhai, China. Other offices are in the U.S., Thailand, and Vietnam.

About Nicobar Group

Nicobar was founded on January 1st 2003 by the Nicobar group; this company is made for profit.

Nicobar group is your one plug away to getting your products and services in China delivered in a very quality way.

Where Can You Find the Nicobar Group?

Nicobar is around the ancient trade route between India and Myanmar.

Recall that Andamans were visited by the Navy of the English East India company in 1789 and in 1872.

They were linked administratively by the British to the Nicobar Islands.

Apparently, these parts of Islands became a union territory of the Republic of India in 1956 on October 4, 2019.

Nicobar group provides quality and exciting services to its customers that makes them return each time.  

An example is business consulting services to link the nuclear power industries.

This company has been in a long run providing classic and sassy business owners with consulting services.

If you Want to get a consultancy or refer to another company, then you can get one with the Nicobar group.

Some of the services they render are:

  • Development and translation of marketing material or market research.
  • Sales development and pipeline management business.
  • Local meting support and translation/interpretation for incoming meetings.
  • Support for and representation at international trade shows and conference.
  • Implementation of quality standards and QA oversight for local manufacturing efforts.
  • Remote meeting hosting and interpretation for conferences between Chinese and other foreign countries.

Other Nicobar services includes:

  • China marketing research
  • China strategy development
  • China nuclear news
  • Sourcing products from China

They also provide other services like branding their names with other business associates and partners.

About Asiaction Sourcing

Asiaction sourcing is a full-time leading sourcing company in China. They take care of productions and shipping of goods at a low cost.

Asiaction has been in China since 2004, founded by Gael and Aurelien who wished to harness the potential of China market.

The founders stood firm and built a business to their image, portrayal, and identity that people can trust.

They stood in being honest and dynamic in all goods produced and services rendered to their customers.

The success behind the sourcing agent company emerged from a vision built on empowering employees and respecting suppliers.

However, Asiaction sourcing group helps in:

  • Validating the right Chinese suppliers
  • Running a quick and a full check up business
  • Factory auditing
  • Ordering goods and quality check up
  • Quality control production inspection
  • Packaging and loading supervision
  • Laboratory test management

Asiaction group also offers to their customers quality monitoring or complete management of your order.

Although, if you so wish, you can also manage the ordering process yourself maybe in an attempt to save cost.

Asiaction will then help you to control the quality of your productions in the factory and in the laboratory.

If you prefer to leave Asiaction as your China buying department, you will benefit from a fully transparent 360 service.

Asiaction also provides services and customize any kind of services in China to suit your needs as a customer.

Most importantly, they help deliver quality service for you at very affordable prices that you cannot reject.

Where Can You Find the Asiaction Sourcing Company In China?

Asiaction is among the China sourcing agents that have two head offices in Hong Kong and Paris. However, their operational unit is in Guangzhou, China.

About Fami Sourcing

Fami sourcing is a sourcing agent company in China with availability of services and products delivery arrangements.

What does a Fami sourcing agent in China do?  They source, buy, ship, and export. They make your supply chain very accessible.

With FAMI sourcing agent company, your products supplier deliver on the scheduled time as you may want it.

They try to design customized import solutions for the small business to make it easier for them to follow.

Fami also oversees production and delivers high quality products in demand from consumers around the world.

Fami Services:

  • Product Sourcing:

Fami finds out about the products you want, sizes, requirements and budgets.

  • Manufacturing Verification:

They help evaluate and verify if a supplier is a real manufacturer or just trading company.

  • Production Follow Up:

They follow up the whole production process at quite a low cost price.

  • Order Consolation:

They order small companies and ship together.

Others are, quality control, warehousing, custom packaging, local business guide, and so on for just a token.

Aside from the money, they also protect your brand and product giving your business a well-deserved recognition.

That is, from start of delivery to finish at where you get it to the full satisfaction and convenience.

Where Can You Find the Fami Sourcing Company In China?

Fami Sourcing control their services from their main department in Guangzhou, China.

20. Biz Shenzhen Sourcing

About Biz Shenzhen Sourcing

Bizshenzhen is superb, striving to make beautiful things happen with you as a customer sourcing for products from China sourcing agent company.

The success of Biz Shenzhen China lies in connecting with a galaxy of talented people and artistry who add to their growth.

They cover China sourcing, Consulting services, Electronics manufacturing, and various other services in your list.

They believe in providing fabulous products supplier and services even in a long-term relationship and values.

Biz Shenzhen China believe in the power of placement and positioning as it relates to success.

This means that humans can excel regardless of where they come from and where they go.

At Biz Shenzhen China, you will get the best sourcing service, shipping agents, electronics manufacturing and consulting.

Their consulting services covers any area in the supply process that you want taken care of especially supplier background.

You’ll also get other sourcing services as factory audit, product inspection, product delivery, Drop shopping, etc.

This company provides you with top notch services and also includes the availability of consolation take home.

Where Can You Find the Biz Shenzhen Sourcing Company In China?

Biz shenzhen is a sourcing company that specialize in sourcing products from China based in Shenzhen China.

About Meeno Group

Meeno Group is a complete one-stop service for sourcing from China. With Meeno Group, Sourcing from China has never been easier.

This sourcing agent company has its base in Yiwu City, China. This is the largest Chinese distribution center and general merchandise trade city.

You’ll gain a whole lot choosing Meeno Group as your sourcing China partner. They even offer “free quote” and “free importing advice” through their website.

Meeno Group is among the popular sourcing agent company in Yiwu, China. They can help you find supplier and import from China to anywhere around the globe.

Services Offered by Meeno Group

With Meeno Group, you’ll get quality services in the following areas compared to other sourcing companies:

  • Free Sourcing Consultancy
  • Professional Factory Auditing
  • Factory and Market Guide
  • Complex Order Management
  • Reliable Logistics Forwarding
  • Supporting Small Business
  • Product Quality Inspection
  • Warehouse Management
  • Customs Clearance and Shipping Management

You’ll learn so much about sourcing from Chinese suppliers through the Meeno Group sourcing Blogs where they offer Practical Tips.

If you have an order as low as $500, Meeno Group would still attend to you professionally and get you a supplier.

This China Sourcing agent company has been in existence for 5 years in the goods sourcing industry. You’ll definitely benefit immensely from this experience level.

Where Can You Find the Meeno Group Sourcing Agent Company in China?

The physical base of the Meeno group is located in Yiwu, China. You can meet them here if you wish.

About Supplyia

Supplyia sourcing company is another sourcing company from China that provide you with grand end-to-end opportunities.

It is true that sourcing products from china is not really easy due to several setbacks encountered in the business.

This especially includes the hurdles of sending and relying on a person which you’ve not seen before.

This is where Supplyia group comes in, they help in supervision of your products/goods from start to finish.

Supplyia helps you to find factories that have excellent rates, ensure premium quality, and deliver products safely.

With Supplyia, payment of upfront charges is not required, we will take care of every step for their customers.

Supplyia sourcing agent company has been helping sellers to source competitive goods at Lowes prices in china since 2003.

Some of the services they render are:

  • General inspection on product quality
  • Product shipping
  • Free warehousing services

You’ll get some free services from Supplyia which includes:

  • Cost evaluation
  • Customization and product sample
  • Free consultancy services
  • Verification of supplier

They also focus on factory production and services to ensure that your products are of high quality.

More so, they give out the best in supplying engineering work for clients and prospects who require the services.

Where Can You Find the Supplyia Sourcing Company In China?

The Supplyia sourcing China base is in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. While their U.S. base is in Rochester, New York.

About Leeline Sourcing

Leeline sourcing is a leading china sourcing agent registered in Hong Kong, China in 2009 that provides sourcing solutions.

At first, Leeline started purchasing business for small and medium-sized sellers that needs help with such services.

In 2017, this company was equipped in mainland China with a specialization in product sourcing from the China market.

Even as they grow, Leeline still offers professional sourcing services for medium to small business enterprises.

Leeline sourcing services are fully comprehensive and cover everything that is required to source from China.

On the other hand, they do not settle with one solution for all. This is because needs differ according to clients.

Preferably, they focus more on what you want to be able to provide excellent low cost services.

Having a trustworthy business partner is essential for importers, and Leeline sourcing will not disappoint you.

With ten years of experience, you can relax and be at ease knowing that you are in good hands when you import from China.

However, Leeline is a private company that specializes on the following goods:

  • CCTV cameras
  • rugged smartphones
  • electronic products
  • toys, cosplay costume
  • wallet
  • electronic guitar
  • beauty
  • personal care and
  • outdoors services etc

Leeline sourcing offers you the following services:

  • product inspection
  • product labelling
  • goods packaging option
  • printing services
  • custom clearance for their clients

Leeline just get you what you want in any of the listed services. And, they do so with ease and at your convenience through a quality supplier.

Where Can You Find the Leeline Sourcing Team In China?

Leeline Sourcing agent company have four main offices located in Shanghai, Yiwu, Shenzhen, and Wuhan all in China.

24. Amanda International Group

About Amanda International Group

Amanda international group is a full-time sourcing company located in the international sourcing center.

Their office location is adjacent to the Pazhou international convention and exhibition center.

They are dedicated to the import and export business. Thus, rendering all the necessary services in the import business at a low cost price from Chinese suppliers.

Also, to develop the domestic and foreign market and international small commodity market.

They achieve this by providing you with the best sourcing services, and the most advanced supply chain management system.

Amanda is a free sourcing manufacturing company that has direct relation with 20,000+ factories all over china.

The level of experience of the Amanda Group in the product sourcing, manufacture, and shipping is 10+ years.

This will help you to understand the nature and quality of service you should expect from them as a purchasing agent.

Amanda sourcing company also helps customers and guides them to visit the manufactures and see their production.

Their services include:

  • They receive your inquiry
  • Market guiding
  • Market quotation sheet and price negotiation
  • Product Quality inspection
  • Goods consolidation
  • Shipping arrangement
  • Product sourcing fro Chinese suppliers
  • Negotiating with the supplier

Amanda with their years of experience have so many advancements in production and delivery of final products from Chinese suppliers.

They are also a one-stop trading company in china and across, rendering high quality services for their clients.

Where Can You Find the Amanda International Group In China?

The Amanda International Group have their offices in Guangzhou and Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.

About Tony Sourcing

Tony sourcing company is a lucrative and innovative Chinese sourcing company in Yiwu city and Shantou city in china.

Their main focus is helping overseas toy merchandisers with the importation of toys from China.

Tony is a general manager in the Yiwu market, he is the one that established Tony sourcing China to help overseas buyers import from China.

He features in so many toy occasions, served as home decorator with knowledge on electricity, fashion accessories, etc.

The company has helped 200+ toy wholesalers from more than 40 countries around the world grow their toy businesses.

This company is backed by more than eight years of toy buying experience and over 5,000 real Chinese toy factories.

Tony sourcing service can also help you to:

  • Import toys from Chinese suppliers to Amazon easily
  • Arrange shipping
  • Transport to the Amazon FBA warehouse (warehousing services) for Amazon sellers

Where Can You Find the Tony Sourcing Group?

Tony sourcing has clients in countries like Usa, Spain, Denmark, Croatia, Malta, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand.

Other locations are Lithuania, France, Belgium, Thailand, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and they continue to expand as they grow.

His business styles are New starter, online seller (Amazon Sellers), store, wholesaler, distributor, etc.

About Jing sourcing

Jings sourcing is a Chinese sourcing agent company that can help you find supplier for different product categories from China.

Their main activities like many sourcing companies include helping find low cost factories, follow up production, and ensure quality delivery to your doorstep.

Jing sourcing does not charge upfront for their goods services. You do not also need to have any prior importation experience.

Instead, the sourcing agent company will assign an agent that will guide you step-by-step in locating Chinese suppliers.

From the Jing sourcing website you’ll be able to access their 4 service plan types. These include “Free”, “Basic”, “Pro”, and “Extra”.

You don’t just source products with Jing sourcing, you can easily partner with them.

What Business Models Does Jing sourcing Offer Their Clients?

The sourcing agent company Jing sourcing specializes in the following services:

  • Product Development
  • Ecommerce
  • Small Business
  • Medium and Large Business

You can also visit their website to choose a custom business model that suits your importing needs. This will help you in better price negotiation.

Jing sourcing China is a trusted and popular sourcing company in China. They take the quality of goods delivered to clients very seriously.

Even third-party quality inspection companies do not match their strictness in quality checks.

Where Can You Find Jing sourcing China Sourcing Agents?

The Jing sourcing base is strategically located Yiwu, China. This is where they oversee their sourcing activities from.

About Sourcing Bro

Sourcing Bro company is in the heart of the global trade and provides high volume goods to clients around the globe.

Sourcingbro enjoys outsourcing china products with tons of varieties to accommodate your needs as customer.

They deal in import and export, inspection of goods even from handmade gifts to electronics and more.

Sourcing Bro helps handle all aspects of quality control and shipping, irrespective of what your objective is.

Whether to source competitively from emerging markets for export purposes outside China. Or, to gain international Chinese sourcing expertise to make informed decisions.

They are always there to put their customers through in each step they are taking towards buying goods from china.

Sourcing bro acts as a private supplier by:

  • overseeing a large number of factories and assisting with product design,
  • source for raw materials and planning the production process with Chinese suppliers.

They also help with export certification and documentation and arrange the international freight shipping for their customers in different locations.

Sourcing Bro can also act as your Trade Consultant by helping you select and manage your Chinese supplier.

Their purchasing and sourcing service take the stress out of importing from China; hence you won’t feel the stress.

Are you purchasing established products from local markets or manufacturing products?

Sourcing Bro is a purchasing agent there to make your business brand stand out by helping you get the best product sourcing services.

Where Can You Find Sourcing Bro In China?

Sourcing Bro is a leading China sourcing agent which has its main outlet in Shenzhen, China.

About B2C Sourcing

B2C_Means, the process of selling products to consumers, who are the end users of the product and services.

B2C actually means “Business to Customers”, where the final products get to the consumers who make use of them.

B2C sourcing is a direct sourcing service that allow sellers and buyers to be in the same lane of transactions.

B2C sourcing China offers customizable services to fit the customers’ needs at very much lower costs unlikely obtained elsewhere.

80% of vendors in China are not on Alibaba, and those vendors have much lower prices than those on Alibaba.

To make sure that your supplier can fulfil your order in compliance, you need a supplier audit.

A supplier audit will give you details of the factory’s legal certificates and that of their production capacity.

Having your products shipped without inspection is a sure way to build a bad reputation due to defective products.

Shipping goods and customs clearance can take up a lot of time and effort from individuals therefore should be avoided.

B2C can help you with your shipping to any location and take care of your customs clearance at the best rates.

B2C helps to maximize profit while sharply reducing the effort required to have samples forwarded from China.

Where Can You Find the B2C Sourcing Company In China?

To find their headquarter, go to Yinzhou Ningbo, Zhejiang, China where their main headquarter exists.

29. Iris International Sourcing China

About Iris International Sourcing

Iris international is a sourcing agent in China that is great at helping businesses grow, especially, those new to the market.

Iris international is a one stop China sourcing company that directs and organizes how business will flow for their clients.

It makes business faster, safer, and at a click. They take responsibility, accountability, and sprout out of creativity.

Iris sourcing was established in the year 2007 by great entrepreneurs Dino and Yves to help those sourcing from China.

Records show that Yves is based in Hong Kong, leading the financial and logistical hub in its location.

Iris mission and vision is to use self-perfectionism and inquire about customer taste of products.

Thus, giving them quality satisfaction in every product they supply to their customers wherever they are.

Iris international is a long-term fashion trained company that has maintained its reputation so far as a purchasing agent.

It is not just the selling and buying that has made iris international gone far in china and across.

Instead, the highly sought for delivered quality to the consumers which they consistently do that improves their trust.

Iris sourcing international delivers consulting services by looking after business brands around the world.

Maintaining the factories that give out products and also giving clients the best of its kind negotiable offer.

They offer the following services:

  • Consolidation
  • Shipping control
  • Supplier sourcing
  • Supplier Consultancy
  • Brand building firms
  • Quality control for suppliers in China
  • Wide range product development
  • They also offer labelling service with good price negotiation strategy on behalf of their clients.

This was one thing Dino also conceived when they established Iris sourcing services to help them compete effectively.

Iris international deals on the following products:

Garden tools, living room décor, dining table, kitchen equipment, bathroom, beach and garage supplies and accessories.

Where Can You Find the King Sourcing Company In China?

The main base of Iris Sourcing International is in Kowloon, Hong Kong. This location is where you can get their consulting services.

About Foshan Sourcing

Foshan sourcing is a full example of a reputable china agent that offers services and deliveries just at its peak.

There are no regrets with Foshan or anything to hold them for as they are accountable, responsible, and respectable.

Foshan has been in the business for over 12 years now and still holding up its reputation as a brand.

Their special focus is on building material where they already developed expertise when sourcing these products.

One thing that keeps a China sourcing company in the minds of consumers is the first impression and the last reputation.

You won’t regret sourcing with Foshan. Instead, you’ll gradually following every bit of updates that comes through.

Foshan again doesn’t bug their customers with payment, negotiation, quality check, consolation, shipment, etc.

It does not matter how big or small orders are, they still treat you with great care and respect unlike some other sourcing companies.

Foshan services are: Inspection, warehouse, guidance, shipping arrangements, products sourcing and after sale service.

They try their best to provide optimal cases and satisfactory services which helps their clients import from China easily.

Where Can You Find the Foshan Sourcing Company In China?

The headquarter of Foshan Sourcing is in Nanzhuang, Foshan, China. Hence, you can find them easily in Foshan.

China Sourcing Agent: The Ultimate Guide

Several companies or individuals today require the services of a China Sourcing Agent. 

If you however ask, “who is a China Sourcing Agent?”, then this page is for you!

Here are answers to the Frequently Asked Questions of our clients about China Sourcing Agents. 

Question 1: Who is a Sourcing Agent?

A Sourcing Agent generally provides assistance for your company in tracking product sources.

You’ll get your products supplied at a cheap cost, thereby, saving on overall cost of production.

A China Sourcing agent or China sourcing company helps you in sourcing products from China suppliers.

A China sourcing Agent comes handy when you are taking part in overseas or international trade.

They may perform extra China sourcing services for their clients usually on special request.

When it comes to traditional trade, Sourcing Agents becomes important mainly for sourcing goods from China firms.

Your company may hire a Sourcing Agent in China for any of these services; mainly for choosing an appropriate supplier.

Others are negotiating for cheaper prices managing production, inspecting goods for quality, and engaging in logistics.

You see, the importance of a China Sourcing Agent when importing from China cannot be overemphasized.

Question 2: What Does a China Sourcing Agent Do?

The main task of a China Sourcing Agent is to help you locate the best Chinese manufacturers for your products.

They can also perform other services such as quality inspection depending on your agreement with the China Sourcing Agent.

Here are the services which a China Purchasing Agent can provide for their clients.

2.1 Sourcing Chinese Product Suppliers Free

This is the fundamental service of any China Sourcing Agent. You do not need to pay for this service.

They should be able to locate and choose the best supplier according to your (employer’s) demands.

China Product Sourcing Agents build up a list of these suppliers as part of their resources to help you import from China.

Your China Sourcing Agent having found the right product supplier will ascertain the necessary information on the production.

They would also bargain on your behalf with the supplier for the best prices on quality products.

After sourcing for suppliers, your agent can provide you with the contact of the supplier or not.

It all depends on the model of service of the China Sourcing Agent you are working with for your China sourcing.

It can depend equally on whether you are working with a single employee Sourcing Agent in China or China sourcing company.

2.2 Overseeing Production Process

After working with your China Sourcing Agent through the process of choosing suppliers, the production arrangement follows.

Your China Sourcing Agent or company will be available at this point to take the process to the next level.

They will help you to arrange with the supplier on how to proceed with the production of goods.

During the production process, they will stand by and monitor the entire process from start to finish.

The China Sourcing Agent representing you will make sure that the production of your goods meet with the deadline.

2.3 Inspecting Goods for Quality

After production, your China Sourcing Agent or Company will be there to check if your products are up to standard.

You do not require only the services of a China manufacturing agent most of the time to inspect quality.

Instead, you’ll also need to hire a quality inspection company that would work together with your sourcing agent in China.

A quality inspection company will help you examine the finished product to determine the standard of the product.

The essence of this is to reduce the rate of defection to the barest minimum prior to shipping.

Points to take: You may still decide to leave this entire service of quality inspection to your sourcing agent.

The reason most people decide to use a quality inspection company is to ensure trust.

Of course, a China sourcing agent may fail to report defects in order to get paid, since payment is commission based.

2.4 Managing the Shipping and Logistics

Shipping is the last step in the supply chain. This comes after the confirmation of the product quality.

Your China sourcing agent or company will negotiate on your behalf for the most competitive shipping fee.

Alongside this, they will provide you with other shipping-related information that will help ease the stress.

For example, they will tell you the product certificates and other documents you require for the custom.

If you have a China procurement agent, they will help you with the shipping process.

The conclusion of shipping usually marks the end of the services of a sourcing agent.

2.5 Providing Personal Product Labelling

This service is not among the standard services that a sourcing agent in China or company would offer you at first.

It is more like a side offer which you may choose according to your needs and product improvement.

Professional sourcing companies can help you in customizing your product to entice your final consumers.

They can also help in adapting your product packaging to suit your brand and business line.

They can also offer extra services such as product photography. This is usually a free service which is useful for e-commerce firms.

Points to take: While most sourcing agents or companies can provide all the services above, you may not need all of them.

Your requirements and wants are what determine the services that are available to you by these agents.

Certainly, you can reach an agreement with your sourcing agent to decide the services you may need.

Question 3: Is a China Sourcing Agent Different from a China Sourcing Company?

While a Sourcing Agent stands in for a single employer, a sourcing company does the same for multiple companies.

This means that when you hire a sourcing agent in China, he works solely for you until project completion.

Usually, a sourcing agent would comprise of a single individual. While some may have a website, most of them don’t.

You can hire a China procurement agent through many freelancing platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr.

Sourcing agents mostly gain their experience working with sourcing companies or a trading companies.

On the other hand, a sourcing company comprises of a group of persons who come together to offer sourcing services.

They do this more professionally and likely take it as a serious business compared to a single individual sourcing agent.

A sourcing company has the capacity to engage you and several other clients at the same time seeking suppliers in China.

You may also refer to them as sourcing agency. As a team of experts, sourcing companies offer you extra services.

They are likely more efficient when it comes to incorporating the resources of the supplier.

Points to take: A sourcing agent in China just like sourcing companies serve as a link between you and your supplier. They help you to source for products from China

The only difference lies in their capacity. Though, you can work with whichever you find more convenient.

Bear in mind that both terms are being used interchangeably, it depends on which comes to mind first.

Question 4: What are the Different Forms of Chinese Sourcing Services?

When you’re looking for Sourcing agent in China, there are basically two forms of sourcing agents you will encounter.

These forms of agents that helps you in sourcing from China include:

4.1 The Sourcing Agent Acting as the Supplier

Most of the Chinese sourcing companies or agencies belong to this category acting as the product supplier.

Usually, they get a hidden price margin on top of the supplier’s price which they profit from.

As a result, these sourcing companies won’t disclose the supplier’s information to you.

You should choose this form of sourcing agents when looking out for the following in your supply business:

  • Convenience: If you place convenience above control in your product development process.
  • Representation: If you need someone standing in for you in the search and during the production process.

Especially when it is included in their cost of service for suppliers in China.

  • Full Reports: If you aren’t available to follow up on the process but would love to get the necessary business reports.

You can also gain extra benefit from this form of sourcing company when you choose to do business with them.

This is because they usually give technical experience that you may not get from direct communication with the supplier.

You can get very competitive prices from these sourcing companies as they source and accumulate their suppliers locally.

Hence, their list contains quality suppliers that you will not find on the B2B websites. Even while they still source their products from China.

Their charges usually base on a certain agreed percentage of the overall production cost.

Even as they won’t tell you the information about the supplier, they would still take you to the factory.

Although, certain conditions may apply which most of the times involve large orders from clients.

These China sourcing companies are less likely to take you to the factory when your order is small.

They do this when trying to convince you that the factory can handle your entire production without issues.

4.2 The Sourcing Agent Working Based on Fixed Price

This is where most of the individual product sourcing agents fall. They provide their services on a fixed fee.

As a result, they tend to be more transparent about the entire supply process and report accurately to you.

When you work with sourcing agents under this category, it is more like working with an assistant.

They will give you the information about the supplier that they source their products from China since you’re paying for their services.

Choose this form of sourcing agent when you need the following in your product development process:

  • Control: If you need control over your supply system more than convenience.
  • Transparency:If you want everything happening under your check and open to you.
  • Professional Checks:If you want to go through background checks and factory audits.

That is to say if you want to examine the entire process of sourcing products from China.

  • Pay a Fixed Price:If you wish to pay a determined amount for sourcing a quality supplier.

This is instead of paying for a margin on the supplier’s cost.

  • Negotiate Cost by Yourself:If you wish to go about the price of production with the supplier.

You’ll also need to be available when needed if you decide to work with this form of sourcing companies.

They will report to you to take the necessary decisions. Getting all this information would likely reduce importing business risks for you.

Question 5: When Do You Need a China Sourcing Agent?

5.1 When You’re New to Importation from China

If you’re starting out with importation business, then you’re likely to need the services of a China Sourcing company.

Of course, the process of overseas importation involves several cumbersome activities that can confuse a first timer importer.

A China buying agent will help you greatly on your first importation journey by making sourcing products from China easier for you.

They will help in choosing the right supplier, oversee production, check for quality, and engage in shipping.

Also, they will advise you accordingly in case you prepare for your next importation.

5.2 When You’re Sourcing for More than One Product Kind

If you want suppliers for wide range of products from China, then you’re likely to need a Sourcing Agent.

You’ll contact more than 10 suppliers for assessment when you need just 2 for a particular product.

Likewise, imagine you have about 10 wide range products, then you’ll need to reach over 100 suppliers in China.

This tedious job can be made very easy and faster with a sourcing agent or company.

As part of their services to clients, they will also integrate all the products you need into a whole for easy control.

5.3 When You Lack Adequate Experience of the Overseas Market

You’ll also require the services of a sourcing agent if you’re not familiar with the overseas market.

When seeking a product supplier in China market, you’ll need a Chinese Sourcing  Agent or China sourcing Company.

This is because they have a better experience in sourcing products from China. Locating quality suppliers will be very much easier for them.

They share the same location with most of these suppliers, hence, they know better their capacity.

5.4 If You want a Marketing Solution, Not Only Products

A China sourcing agent or China sourcing company also provides marketing solutions. This is apart from assisting in their clients’ production process.

They can help advise you about your target audience and how to follow them up for proper marketing.

Also, they provide other technical experience that your supplier may not provide to you which can help you greatly.

Therefore, if you need insight into your business, you likely require the services of a China sourcing agent or company.

5.5 When You’re Sourcing for Specialized Products

Some specialized products require you to choose among the best sourcing companies to locate their supplier.

In the China market, chemical or medicine related commodities rarely come for exhibition nor are available online.

Hence, it is very difficult for you to locate their Chinese suppliers. This is why you and other potential clients need the services of a China Sourcing Agent or Company.

There are many other special products that require the services of sourcing companies who specialize in them.  An example is building materials.

The availability of these wide range products suppliers differs from those of the common day-to-day commodities.

Question 6: Why is the Role of a China Sourcing Agent Important?

Using a reliable China Sourcing Agent or Company will benefit your business in the following ways:

6.1 China Sourcing Agents Saves You Time Overall

When you review the roles of sourcing companies in the supply process, you’ll know it takes time and experience. Then, imagine doing it by yourself.

At first, you’ll have to research on the processes involved when importing from China, then proceed to how to go about them.

This may just be the beginning as you’ll also learn to do them effectively to achieve good business results.

Hiring a China sourcing agent or a China sourcing company cuts all these processes saving you time, energy, and money.

They do not just help clients purchase products, instead, their experiences which they share matter also.

6.2 China Sourcing Agents Saves You Costs

Working with a China sourcing agent or company will save you much cost than when they are not available.

As part of their business, they will help you find several quality suppliers with competitive prices.

You may not find some of these suppliers on your own due to the nature of their services.

A good reason is they are not present online and may not appear during exhibition.

Moreover, sourcing agents have the capacity to negotiate cheaper prices with suppliers than you do.

You will benefit in prices using a China sourcing agent or company for your China sourcing services.

6.3 China Sourcing Agents Provides Convenience

Instead of being available all the time responding to your supplier, you can have a sourcing agent in China do the job.

This gives you a deserved convenience in your business. You’ll also be flexible to control every aspect of your business.

You’ll have the time to focus on other aspects of your business that calls for your attention.

Then, letting a China sourcing agent handle the product supply process from the start of production to shipping.

6.4 China Sourcing Agents Minimizes Importation Risks

When you find a China sourcing agent, they will handle all processes from product manufacturing to shipping.

Your sourcing agent in China will eliminate the importation of defective products as a result manufacturing mistakes. This improves clients’ overall best sourcing experience.

They were there to monitor the production process and perform a quality inspection which is absolutely necessary.

Since they will advise you on product certification, you will surely be ready to meet the custom requirements.

You will also learn the rules of importation and exportation business from your China sourcing agent.

6.5 A China Sourcing Agent will Help You Overcome Language Barrier

If you’re sourcing overseas where the language is different, a sourcing agent in China will help you with communication.

Let’s say you want to purchase wide range products from China, you do not need to learn Mandarin to proceed.

The Chinese sourcing agent you will employ will deliver your messages in the English language if you speak English.

This simplifies the sourcing of goods in China for potential clients as language is no more a barrier to the process.

Question 7: What are the Qualities of The Best China Sourcing Agent?

The best Sourcing Agent in China would portray the following characteristics:

7.1 Ability to Locate Suppliers that Have the Capacity to Meet Your Needs

Manufacturing industries have different capacities. This usually bases on their talent, skills, and equipment.

A Good sourcing agent should only link you to suppliers that match your business’ needs to show they understand your industry.

And the best sourcing agent should have a great talent in sourcing Chinese suppliers in your industry better than other sourcing companies. Then let you choose the best for your business.

7.2 Offer All the Services of a Sourcing Agent

The best sourcing agent or company should give you the opportunity to choose from the several services they offer.

This shows that he has experience working as a sourcing agent. You can reference the roles of a good sourcing agent above to help you crosscheck.

7.3 Specializes in a Particular Products

There are wide range product types such as consumer products and industrial products that a China purchasing agent would specialize in.

The best sourcing agent would either specialize in consumer products or industrial products. This is a sign of dedication.

7.4 Works with Quality Factories that Abides by Ethics

Before a good sourcing agent introduces you to a supplier, he should have performed a factory audit.

This involves checking for safe working conditions and employees’ treatment. A good factory would also treat its employees fairly and the best sourcing agency should know this.

7.5 Does Not Have Financial Affiliations with the Suppliers

Some sourcing agent accepts commissions or kickbacks from the factories that they select for you.

Whether this is legal or illegal, it can defeat your aim of hiring their services in the first place.

The best sourcing agent doesn’t have such ties with the manufacturers. They perform their duties diligently and get paid duly.

7.6 Must Agree to Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

If you’re working on a new product, your sourcing agent in China needs to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement for you.

Doing this proves him responsible enough to handle your production ideas and other processes involved.

This should come before giving out any detailed information about your product to keep safe your intellectual property.

A good sourcing agent won’t hesitate to sign this business agreement which after you can tell him all that is.

Question 8: How Can You Choose a Reliable China Sourcing Agent?

You are now aware of what qualities to expect from the China best sourcing agent or company.

Therefore, it is important that you also learn the practical steps to choose one for your business without guessing.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

8.1 Step 1: Search for China Sourcing Agent or Company with Respect to Your Product

A reliable sourcing agent for China products should have a strong knowledge of your product type.

This comes from experience dealing in that particular product type for a long time.

Thus, when looking to import consumer goods, you should look for a sourcing agent with experience in consumer goods.

On the other hand, if your specialty lies in industrial products, then search for a sourcing agent in the field.

This first step ensures that you’re dealing with a sourcing agent that have experience in your product type.

Certainly, specialized sourcing agent in China must have gathered several quality suppliers in your field.

Hence, they would be ready to offer you best sourcing advice on production and shipping.

8.2 Step 2: Narrow Down Your Search Results to Sourcing Agents Located Near the Industry Cluster

An industrial cluster comprises of related factories located within a defined boundary. This arrangement is found in every country to help you find the best sourcing location..

When importing from China, you should familiarize yourself with the location of the clusters for wide range products.

For instance, Shenzhen China is the home of electronics and digital devices in China.

Finding a sourcing agent or company located near Shenzhen gives you an added advantage when importing electronics.

The benefits include exposure to many factories, reduction in freight cost, and better production supervision.

If you’re looking to import from China market, here is a list of industrial clusters for various product types.

This list would be very handy when visiting the China market to source for products.

Industrial Cluster

Product Type

  • Shenzhen

Electronic and Technological Devices

  • Guangzhou

Cosmetic and Textile products

  • Yiwu

Wide range Daily use products and Gifting materials

  • Tongxiang

Home Textiles and Kitchenware

  • Guangdong, Jimo, Zhili

Clothing for Children

  • Foshan

Home Décor

  • Yongkang

Hardware products

  • Wenzhou, Cangnan

Packaging products

  • Shaoxing

Textile products

  • Chaozhou


  • Nantong

Home Textiles

  • Yuyao (product), Dongguan (facing)

Raw materials and Primary products

8.3 Step 3: Check the Experience Level of the Sourcing Agent or Company

A sourcing agent sourcing goods from Chinese suppliers for a longer period may tend to be more reliable.

Take for instance a sourcing agent in China in business for 6 years and another that is just running for 6 months.

The former will not only be more reliable but also more resourceful due to the amount of time.

You should also see it this way, if the sourcing agent isn’t performing, it wouldn’t be running for that long.

More so, the length of service can serve as a proof of good business with their employers.

The experience level of a sourcing agent or company comes handy during factory audits, quality checks, and logistics.

8.4 Step 4: Review the Customer Feedbacks of the Sourcing Agent or Company

If you get a good sourcing agent in China, his customers would obviously be happy doing business with him.

This will reflect in their positive feedbacks to the sourcing agent or company.

Feedbacks from customers would usually appear on the website of the China sourcing agent or China sourcing company.

A typical example is the Dongsourcing feedback section where customers talk about their experiences with Dongsourcing.

Whereby you cannot access the customers’ feedback yourself, you can demand from the sourcing agent.

He would be happy to provide you with the contact of satisfied customers. You can now make your inquiries.

Points to take: The four steps above when followed will get you a reliable sourcing agent.

However, you should also look out for other traits that won’t work for you in a potential sourcing agent.

For instance, a sourcing agent may pass these steps but currently facing challenges that would hinder progress.

Hence, if you find a red flag, you’re always free to reconsider and go for another sourcing agent.

Question 9: Is it Better to Choose Sourcing Agent in China (Production Country) or Sourcing Agents in Other Countries?

Let us consider the country that produces the highest consumer goods in the world, China.

This is the reason there is an increase in the popularity of the Chinese Sourcing Agents.

Let’s compare having a sourcing agent in China and having a sourcing agent in another country.

This comparison is valid assuming that you are sourcing products from China. Hence, that

China is your production or product sourcing country.

9.1 Choosing a Sourcing Agent in China, What to Expect

The China market has so many active sourcing agents or sourcing companies in operation that can help you with product sourcing.

You’ll definitely find China buying agents with lower commissions and profit base compared to some others. Especially compared to non-Chinese based sourcing agents.

China sourcing agents tend to be more professional than others. This is because of the competition in the market.

As you can find professional sourcing agents in China, you can also find quality suppliers for your wide range products.

The only problem with hiring a Chinese Sourcing agent is usually language difference which can make communication difficult.

Although, this is no longer a major problem as any sourcing agent in China that you find would likely be bilingual.

However, they may not be as fluent as a native sourcing agent in your home country.

9.2 Choosing a Sourcing Agent in Other Countries (Non-Chinese), what to expect

Sourcing agents based in other countries usually operate as Sourcing Companies since they would have many employees.

This is because they usually have offices in their home country and in the production country usually China.

These sourcing agents have no issues with language since they are natives of your home country.

Communication in general would be fluent and agreeable since there is also no cultural barrier.

Sourcing agents based in your country would mainly service buyers with large orders and not small quantity buyers.

Therefore, if you have large orders, you may likely go with your local sourcing agents if you can afford them.

The problem of cost usually occurs with sourcing agents based in other countries and not China.

Their service commissions and profit base would definitely be higher compared to sourcing agents in China.

As a result of this, they are usually not the best option for small and growing businesses.

Question 10: Where Can You Find a Sourcing Agent in China?

When looking for a sourcing agent in China, take a look at the following places:

10.1  Search Engines

Google is the most popular search engine people resort to when searching for things.

The good thing is that you’ll always get answers. Just open your search engine and type in “sourcing agents in China”.

This is of course if you’re looking for sourcing agents based in China and you’re intending to purchase from China.

Your result page would contain lists of sourcing agents in China or sourcing companies in China. Feel free to check out as many as possible.

When checking out a China sourcing company’s website, lookout for vital information that describes them before choosing a sourcing partner.

These may include the quality of content, contact information, and company photos of the purchasing agent.

Others are year of establishment, customer reviews and feedback, and so on. If the information is complete, then you are secure enough.

This is because it takes a whole lot of resources to achieve a professional online presence.

10.2 Freelance Websites

Many freelance websites such as Upwork and Fiverr host individual sourcing agents in China.

You can just open their website and search for China sourcing agents. You’ll get suggestions of several individual agents.

You can also view the profile of these Chinese sourcing agents and read their client’s feedback.

Most sourcing agents gotten from freelance platforms do not serve for long-term. They usually base on a fixed price.

Hence, you should be cautious while paying fees because as easy as they appear, they also disappear.

Their job would mostly be to help you find suppliers by giving you their contact and company details.

From there, you can contact the supplier, price for the products, and follow up on the process.

10.3 Trade Fairs

You can also find a China sourcing agent or China sourcing company in trade fairs. China has several trade fairs you can visit to help you find a sourcing agent.

Chinese trade fairs are Canton Fair, Yiwu Fair, Hong Kong Electronics Fair, East China Fair, China Hi-Tech Fair, etc.

While you can find a sourcing agent in trade fairs, he would likely attend to you if you’re a large importer.

That is to say, if you have only a small or medium-sized order, the suppliers may not accept to be your sourcing partner.

They may refer you to another China sourcing agent not up to their capacity as a backup action to help you.

Question 11: What is Sourcing Overseas?

Sourcing Overseas involves finding an international Sourcing Agent for your products. In this case, they help you with custom duties, taxes, and tariffs.

In cases where language might be a barrier, an overseas Sourcing Agent would stand-in for you.

If you’re in the U.S. and chooses a sourcing agent in China, this is a typical example of overseas sourcing.

Check out what to expect when you choose a sourcing agent in China as we already discussed.

The duties of an overseas sourcing agent include all the normal and expected duties of sourcing agents.

They can also address concerns with ethics such as pollution concerns or unfair labor treatment with the manufacturing company.

Using international sourcing agents where business negotiations seem complex will help you cut through red tapes.

This lessens the time you would spend and makes your transactions more efficient.

Question 12: How Does a China Sourcing Agent Get Paid?

A Sourcing Agent in China usually gets paid on commission. You do not need to pay a Chinese Sourcing Agent any extra fee to carry out his job.

You can check out Dongsourcing service fees for the best obtainable sourcing agent service fees.

12.1 How Does Commission Payment Work?

Commission payment comes in the form of a certain percentage charged on the value of the entire order.

This method of charging is very common as a good sourcing agent may offer several services to facilitate your supply process.

It would only be reasonable to place their service fees as a defined percentage of the production cost.

For made in China sourcing, you’ll get service fees ranging from 3% to 10% of the production cost.

Factors affecting service fees include the value of the order and the type of product.

If you place an order with a value of up to $1 million, the service charge would be on the lower side.

You can get 3% of the value of your order or even lower. It all depend on your agreement with the China buying agent.

Also, when you order special products with competitive price such as building materials, you’ll get a lower charge.

For daily consumer goods, you’ll get service charges from 5% of the order value and above.

Due to the competition in the sourcing agents in China, you may also get lesser fees with consumer goods.

However, while you may be tempted to accept lesser charges for consumer goods, be sure you’re not being lured.

Some sourcing agents in China may entice you with low fees only to deliver very high-cost suppliers. Or, sometimes, they’ll deliver very low-quality products.

This is after sampling a perfect one in the beginning and claiming they did quality check.

12.2 Are There Other Ways a China Sourcing Agent Can Get Paid?

Apart from getting paid through commission, purchasing agents in China can charge fixed price fees.

This is possible depending on the services they offer. Also, there is a price difference charge method.

Of course, there is no standard method of charging as every sourcing agent or company is in competition.

Each sourcing agent in China trying to beat the other through pricing.

12.2.1 How Does the Fixed Price Payment Method Work?

A fixed price payment can come in the form of charge per product or a fixed weekly/monthly charge.

Fixed price charges can be as low as $20 to $50 per product. The sourcing agent also provides you with the contact of the supplier.

You can therefore establish communication and build a business relationship with them.

On the other hand, you can hire a full-time sourcing agent in China and pay a fixed amount per week/month.

The sourcing agent in China would serve as an assistant to help you find solutions to small tasks.

They can help you find suppliers, translate between languages, and supervise your production process.

This sourcing agent in China would work for only you at a time and continues with another when your contract ends.

You can get a full-time sourcing agent in China market for about $600 to $1000 per month.

Most independent sourcing agents that you’ll find fall into the fixed price payment category.

12.2.2 How Does the Price Difference Charge Method Work?

In this method of charging, the sourcing agent benefits from the difference in the competitive price. There is no extra charge involved.

The sourcing agent or sourcing company takes it upon themselves to find good suppliers with very competitive prices.

Most times, these suppliers are not available on B2B websites or any other standard sources.

Of course, if you could find such suppliers by yourself, you won’t be needing the sourcing agent.

Points to take: The charging method depends on the policy of the sourcing agent or sourcing company.

It should therefore not affect the quality of services delivered. If the method of charging reduces the overall cost of production for you, why not?

Question 13: What Illegal Money Do Bad Sourcing Agents in China Collect?

Most buyers who have had bad experiences with a China sourcing agent in the past reported illegal collection of fees.

These fees would likely come as kickbacks or bribe from suppliers to link more buyers to them.

If a sourcing agent or company accepts kickbacks or bribes from suppliers, they would likely deliver poor service.

This is because the suppliers tend to influence the decisions of the sourcing agent in China with the kickbacks.

Hence, there won’t be honesty, and you know what they say “when there is no honesty…”

13.1 What are the Secrets Behind Kickbacks and Bribes?

You expect transparency and honesty on the details of the suppliers from any Chinese procurement agent you hire.

If they agree to be open to you but later collect kickbacks from suppliers, then it is an illegal charge.

You are the employer of your sourcing agent in China and you pay for his services. This means he should report to you and not even the supplier.

However, some greedy sourcing agents would love to make a profit off you and the supplier altogether.

This leads to them asking for kickbacks from suppliers not minding the consequences of such actions.

13.1.1 How Kickbacks works

The most common form of kickback or bribe comes when more than one supplier offers the same production price.

Your China product sourcing company may decide to collect kickback from one supplier and choose him.

This can happen irrespective of the supplier’s product quality which can be good or bad.

13.1.2 What Happens When Your Sourcing Agent in China Collects Kickback or Bribe?

If the sourcing agent you hire collects kickbacks, you would likely experience the following:

  • A Double-sided Representation: This manifest wholly when a conflict arises between you and the supplier.

A sourcing agent in meant to stand by your side would obviously be defending the supplier.

At most, he won’t side anyone and would likely declare unavailable.

  • Poor Quality Check: If your sourcing agent collects kickbacks from suppliers, they would overlook obvious product defects.

This happens even while they tell you that they conducted quality checks.

  • Product Not Compliant with Your Market Requirement: A sourcing agent that accepts kickbacks will deliver products that don’t comply with your local market certification.

This means that you can’t import or sell such products since it is illegal.

  • Sourcing Agent Disappearance: When your sourcing agent collects kickbacks, he may even disappear in the middle of your contract.

This leaves only you and your supplier. You may decide to hire another one at your cost.

While you may not experience any of the above even while your sourcing agent accepts kickbacks, it happens still.

Except a problem arises with the products that you ordered; you may not realize that the agent collected kickback.

Some buying agents in China would usually only accept kickbacks for large orders where it is safer for them.

Hence, for small orders, most of them would not even bother since it involves a certain level of risk.

13.2 What is the Recent Trend in Kickbacks and Bribery?

Of recent, the rate of kickbacks in product development has reduced drastically. This is as a result of the recent surge in the online presence of many suppliers.

You can now find suppliers through several sources such as B2B websites that can handle all your sourcing needs.

This direct contact with the suppliers will save you from any hidden agenda of a sourcing agent.

A few years back, things weren’t this easy, hence, the reason kickbacks were common among individual sourcing agents.

You can now easily compare production costs among various suppliers and check the consistency with a China buying agent.

A reputable China sourcing company would not likely accept kickbacks since it will leave a bad name for them.

More so, they won’t like to lose in a business they have invested so much in.

This may not be the same with individual sourcing agents who engage in the business part-time.

You are now more secure engaging with the Chinese sourcing services than before when kickbacks were on the high.

Question 14: In What Currency Would a Sourcing Agent in China Carry Out His Transactions?

Some sourcing agents in China will most likely perform their transactions in the U.S. Dollar to accommodate international buyers.

Price quotations in U.S. Dollars save foreign buyers time and cost resulting from currency conversion.

However, this is not always the standard as you can always make your payments in the Renminbi (RMB). RMB is the official name of the Chinese currency.

Ensure to agree with your sourcing agent on the currency you want your transactions to be in.

On the other hand, the means of payment can also determine the currency for price quotations.

Payments can be done through the following means:

Always lookout for the best exchange rate for whichever payment method you choose. The global financial market is prone to fluctuations.

This can lead to a difference in the exchange rate on the day of agreement and the day of making payments.

Seek the advice of your local financial institution on exchange rates. They would be in the best position to help.

Question 15: What is the Minimum Order Quantity Acceptable by a Chinese Sourcing Agent?

The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) differs with China sourcing agents or companies and with the product type.

By rough estimate, the MOQ of Sourcing Agents in the China market would range from $200 to $5,000.

However, bear in mind that only very few sourcing agents would have their MOQ below $1,000.

There are also purchasing agents in China that calculate their MOQ based on product quantity.

For instance, the minimum purchase can be 100 pieces of a particular product. The suppliers’ terms also play a major role in the determination of the MOQ.

To be sure of what you’re dealing with, you should adequately sort things out with your sourcing agent.

Question 16: Can a China Procurement Agent Help You Find Any Kind of Product?

Different sourcing agents specialize in different product kinds. You can find agents for products such as Electronic and Technological Devices.

Other products include Cosmetics, Textile, Hardware, Kitchenware, Gifts, Home decoration, etc.

Before choosing sourcing agents in China make sure to confirm the products that they specialize in through their website.

China product Sourcing agents for daily use products are common and quite easy to find.

However, you might take a little more effort to find sourcing agent for special products.

Examples of products under this category include building materials, pharmaceutical products, chemical products, etc.

Only a few sourcing agents specialize in products of this kind, hence, the scarcity of agents.

Searching in Google is a good way to go, however, be more specific when searching for special products.

Type in keywords like “Building Materials Sourcing Agents in China” in the Google search box.

Question 17: What is the Difference Between China Sourcing Agent and Quality Provider?

A Quality Provider’s focal point is exclusively on product quality. They help you conduct product inspection, audits, and testing.

The services of a Quality Provider usually come at the end of the supply chain. A Sourcing Agent in China is present throughout the entire process.

The role of a Chinese sourcing agent is higher when it come to importation than a quality provider.

They supervise production and manage the procedure for their customers. Their job also includes quality checks and more.

Question 18: Do You Need a China Buying Agent or a Trading Company?

Whether you choose a China purchasing agent or a trading company depends on what you want.

We know there are so many benefits working with a sourcing agent, but are they always the right choice?

Your preferences and buyer level matter so much when making a decision as this.

As China purchasing agents have their benefits in the supply chain, so does trading companies.

Let us therefore take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Sourcing agents and Trading Companies.

This comparison will help you to know who you need!

18.1.1 Advantages of Sourcing Agents Compared to Trading Companies

  • A sourcing agent can get you a lower product price than trading companies when you’re looking to import from China. This price difference can be up to 40%.

If you are looking for lower product price, you should go for a sourcing agent in China.

  • Sourcing agents are transparent about their activities. This means that working with them will help you learn more about the supply chain.

However, trading companies would mostly hide the supplier’s information.

If you wish to have more information, then what you need is a China product sourcing agent.

18.1.2 Disadvantages of  Sourcing Agents Compared to Trading Companies

  • Chinese Sourcing agents most of the times would not provide you with a catalog.

But a trading company have a complete catalog to provide you with making it easier for you.

If you’re looking for ready-made list of products, then trading companies should be your go-to.

  • A sourcing agent will take time to up to 7 days to do survey and provide you with a price quotation.

For trading companies, this would usually take less than 24 hours.

Thus, if you need a speedy quote processing, then, you should go for a trading company.

18.1.3. Sourcing Agent or Trading Company? Let’s Decide

When you’re just starting up and still deciding on the products you want, a trading company becomes a better option.

This is because they have made ready a catalog that you can work with. Thus, feel free to contact a trading company to help you find products when you’re still deciding.

On the other hand, when you’re sure of what products you need, then a sourcing agent becomes a better option.

This is because the China product sourcing agent will find a better manufacturer with cheaper rates.

Of course, this is when you already provided enough product details and order quantity for the agent.

18.2 Is it Better to Work Directly with the Manufacturer than a Sourcing Agent in China?

We stated that having the opportunity to meet the manufacturer is an advantage of working with a sourcing agent.

You may therefore think “why not work with the manufacturer directly?”, since they handle your goods firsthand.

In the supply chain the services of a China buying agent services are unavoidable especially for your small business.

Except the company can render those services, you would benefit greatly from a Chinese sourcing agent.

18.2.1 Let us see why you may consider working directly with the manufacturer at first.

  • You will have the chance to eliminate the sourcing agent’s fees. This fee usually ranges from 3 – 10% of the total cost of production.

While you may be trying to save cost on your side, remember you’ll have to put in extra work.

Certainly, the gap created by eliminating sourcing agent from the supply must be filled.

18.2.2 As a result, you’ll face the following responsibilities to keep up.

  • You will need to spare more time to follow-up the production process to cover up for supervision.

Except you want the company to work without supervision. This might lead to several factory faults on products.

  • If anything goes wrong with the production and supply, the entire risk is on you.

This is because you oversee the whole process, hence bearing the risk that results from it.

  • You must be ready to deal with a higher quantity of minimum order so that manufacturers will prioritize you.

The China manufacturing company would not accept less order quantity from you.

18.2.3 Sourcing Agent or the Manufacturer? Let’s Decide

Working directly with your product manufacturer is not entirely impossible. It all depends on your experience level in importation.

If you have a good experience in the supply industry, you’re good to go. This also works together with time.

Therefore, making out about 2 hours each day to manage your supplies would go a long way.

On a special note, your manufacturer may have personnel overseeing the supply chain.

In this case, it will be a lot more easier trying to work directly with the manufacturing company.

You already know what to expect when working with a China purchasing agent that is the merits and demerits.

You can be able to get a cheaper price, a lesser minimum order quantity, and save yourself time.

However, you’ll be paying commission for these. It is now left for you to know which one that favors you more.

If you are choosing a China sourcing agent or company, it is better to go for a professional one.

18.3. Is It Better to Work with Alibaba or a China Sourcing Agent?

Importing from China? Then, Alibaba is a common name. With Alibaba, you can find quick suppliers.

You may wonder, if this is so, then why are many importers still trying to find Sourcing Agents in China?

Well, every side has its merits over the other. It is all left for you to set your priorities right and choose which works for you especially when you have a small business.

Let us therefore see the merits and demerits of Alibaba and China product Sourcing agents over each other.

18.3.1. Why Choose Alibaba Over Sourcing Agent in China?

  • The main benefit of Alibaba is saving the sourcing agent fees. This fee is up to 10% of the order cost.
  • Also, with Alibaba you purchase is secured with Trade Assurance. This means that you won’t fall into fraud.
  • With Alibaba, product search is very easy and quick. You can save time navigating through the products that you need.

So, if Alibaba offers this much, why would you still consider a sourcing agent?

18.3.2. What Could Go Wrong with Alibaba?

Here are the downsides of Alibaba that can make you consider using a Chinese Sourcing Agent instead.

  • Many of the suppliers you find in Alibaba are just middlemen.

These middlemen are not the true manufacturers, instead, they just pose to be.

  • While you’ll save the sourcing agent fees with Alibaba, you’ll still pay 2% service charge.

This charge is however when you pay using the Alibaba Trade Assurance.

  • Alibaba doesn’t ensure high quality check on delivered goods. The trade assurance can only make sure your goods are delivered.

However, the quality delivered is something it doesn’t cover entirely if a disagreement is to come up.

  • With Alibaba, if dispute arises due to poor quality products, then you have to appeal for fair hearing.

A China buying agent would identify a product defect. As a result, they would not let you pay for substandard goods.

18.3.3. Sourcing Agent in China or Alibaba? Let’s Decide

Alibaba would be okay for you when you’re still starting out with importation business and product sourcing.

You are not sure about the products and the specifications. Hence, Alibaba can help to put you through.

Note that anytime you decide to find a supplier through Alibaba, ensure to make your payments with Trade Insurance.

A sourcing agent would be best if you have a knowledge of the products that you want.

Also, if your order cost surpasses $1,000 consider using a sourcing agent for a better management.

They will help you with China manufacturing sourcing, that is, find direct and trusted manufacturers.

As a result, the trade risk involved for bulk purchases in the supply chain would be reduced.

18.4. Is It Better to Work with a Freight Forwarder or a Sourcing Agent?

The job of a freight forwarder is almost similar to that of a sourcing Agent. They don’t own ships, but can plan your logistics.

How is a freight forwarder then different from a sourcing agent you’ll find in China? Their difference is their role in the supply chain.

A freight forwarder specifically helps you to plan and ship your goods. They are present at the end of the supply chain.

A sourcing agent in China is available from the start to the finish of the supply chain supervising the activities.

Are you ready to ship your goods? Are you considering using a freight forwarder or a sourcing agent in China?

Let’s now see the roles of a freight forwarder and why you might need them in your supply chain.

18.4.1. What Can a Freight Forwarder Do for You?

Freight forwarders work with shipping companies to ship goods to various countries around the world.

They tend to get an advantage with shipping companies on specific routes and locations where they make profits.

A freight forwarder who has several importers shipping to a specific location can get a cheaper shipping rate.

Of course, he can bargain for a fair price considering the shipping volume to a particular shipping route.

This means that a freight forwarder without interest in your location would less likely obtain a competitive price.

18.4.2 How Do China Purchasing Agents Manage Shipping Costs and Logistics?

When it comes to shipping, a sourcing agent manages logistics costs the same way as they source for suppliers.

The importance placed on various variables helps them to do this. Shipping route conditions tend to change every two weeks.

Some of these variables are weight limits, number of transits, transport time, and price per cubic meter etc.

This is why standard sourcing agents in China would make a comparison of over 10 logistics options.

By so doing, they can get competitive costs, lead time, and secure shipping company. So, who would handle you shipping process?

18.4.3. Freight Forwarder or China Sourcing Agent? Let’s Decide

When it comes to shipping, the most important thing is that your goods reach you safely at the best rate.

Either a freight forwarder or a sourcing agent in China can make this happen through their various means.

The only difference between a freight forwarder and a sourcing agent is the method of approach.

And, no approach is better than the other. As a result, deciding who ships your goods is in your hands.

You just have to simply put into due consideration their logistics solutions. Make your decision based on which you feel most comfortable about.

Although, it is best if you see the both as equal logistics solution provider which you can work with any.

Question 19: Why Is Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shenzhen, and Yiwu the Most common Names for Sourcing Services in China?

When sourcing from China, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shenzhen, and Yiwu China is the most common name in the industry.

This is because these locations are industrial clusters with the highest number of sourcing agents in operation.

You’ll see the China industrial clusters in “Question 8” above. However, here are more things to know about these 3 China cities.

19.1. What China Sourcing Services Would You Find in Guangzhou City?

Guangzhou City is a great choice when searching for China product manufacturers in various fields.

Here are the popular activities that take place in Guangzhou.

  • The Canton Fair takes place in Guangzhou 2 times in a year.
  • This location is a host to several wholesale markets.
  • Guangzhou deals in many products.

The popular ones are Building materials, Clothing, Jewelries, Bags and Luggage, and Fashion (Shoes and wigs).

Others are Auto Parts, and Hotels and Restaurant supplies.

  • You’ll also find these industrial clusters in/near Guangzhou:

– LongJiang cluster (Furniture)

– Zhongshan cluster (Office furniture and Lighting)

– Dongguan cluster (Plastic and Rubber products, Machinery)

– Yunfu cluster (Stones)

19.2. What China Sourcing Services Would You Find in Shenzhen City?

The Shenzhen City is popular for Chinese electronics and technological products sourcing.

Here are the popular activities that take place in Shenzhen.

  • Shenzhen hosts the China Hi-Tech Fair once a year at the Convention and Exhibition Center.
  • The famous wholesale market Huaqiangbei is in this location.
  • Shenzhen is near Hong Kong.
  • You’ll find almost any electronics and electrical engineering products in Shenzhen.

Some of these products include Mobile Phones and Accessories, Smart Devices, Electric Motor, Batteries, PCB, etc.

  • The popular Industrial Cluster in/near Shenzhen is:

– Dongguan cluster (Plastic and Rubber products, Machinery)

19.3. What China Sourcing Services Would You Find in Yiwu China?

Are you looking for daily-use products and gifts? Yiwu China is your go-to city for any product you’ll need for your daily activities.

Here are some of the popular activities that take place in Yiwu China.

  • Yiwu China is the popular International Trade City.
  • The China Cultural Products Trade Fair takes place yearly in Yiwu.
  • Yiwu is popular for the supply of small gift items.
  • Some of the products that you can source from Yiwu includes Jewelries, clothingaccessories, and toys.

Others are sports equipment, hardware, stationeries, umbrellas, locks, etc.

  • The Industrial clusters found in/near Yiwu China are:

– Taizhou cluster (Christmas gift items)

– Ningbo cluster (Die Casting Mould)

– Zhuji cluster (Socks)

– Yongkang cluster (Power Tools)

19.4. What China Sourcing Services Would You Find in Ningbo City?

Ningbo is the biggest port city in China. The city is near Shanghai giving it more popularity.

This means that you can get many products ranging from Chinese electrical and consumer goods. You can also find kitchenware and homeware.

The freight cost from Ningbo tends to be cheaper. However, this can also depend on your location.

Here are some of the popular activities that take place in Ningbo:

  • Ningbo is the popular port city.
  • The China International Consumer Goods Fair (CICGF) takes place at mid-year in Ningbo.
  • Some products you can source from Ningbo include household supplies, bathroom supplies, and kitchen supplies.

Others are stationeries, utensils, wines, electronics, automobiles, etc.

  • The Industrial Clusters found in/near Ningbo are:

– Ningbo cluster (Die Casting Mould, Automobile Manufacturing, Electric Appliances, Plastic Products)

19.5. Are These 4 China Cities the Only Place You Can Source for Products in China?

No! these are just the 3 most popular cities when it comes to sourcing high quality products from China.

There are several other commercial cities that you can get a sourcing partner from in China that are not as popular.

Good examples are Tongxiang, Guangdong, Foshan, Yongkang, Wenzhou, Shaoxing, Chaozhou, Nantong, etc.

You can find the various products sourced from these places in (8.2.) above. Please refer back for more information.

Question 20: What Should You Do When a China Buying Agent Fails to Deliver His Services as Agreed?

Failure to Deliver is a situation where a party in a trading contract fails to hold up to their obligations.

This situation occurs mostly between you (the buyer) and the manufacturer (the seller).

It is rare that a sourcing agent in China who is a middleman would fail to deliver his duties.

This is because the sourcing agent represents you in the supply chain. Moreover, they don’t get paid if the trade is not successful.

You can also prevent any failure to deliver by not paying sourcing agents before the completion of their assignments.

This is not to say that sourcing agents don’t have flaws at all. Certainly, some dubious sourcing agents that collect kickbacks can make you lose.

However, you should not worry as the rate of kickbacks have reduced to the barest minimum in the recent times.

There is now competition which makes most Chinese Sourcing agents want to perform their duties diligently.

20.1. Is It Important to Physically Contact a China Sourcing Agent?

Depending on your plans and schedule, you can make out time meet with your sourcing agent.

The sourcing agent in turn should take you to the manufacturer. While this is not necessary, it will help build trust.

And, also to ensure that the information you have about your sourcing agent is correct.

Many Chinese sourcing agents have most of their information on their websites for easy and quick access.

Therefore, you can get to know as much as you want by going through their websites.

You can make your personal research about the China product sourcing agent to learn more about their services. is a website that can help you check information about your sourcing agent.

Question 8 on this page directs you how to choose a reliable Chinese buying agent.

Thus, follow the steps and you’ll get a good sourcing agent in China that will help you with product sourcing.

20.2. Can You Take Legal Actions Against Your China Sourcing Agent in Case of Failure?

In every contractual agreement, a legal action can be taken as a means of dispute resolution.

However, it is less likely that a dispute between you and your sourcing agent will reach the level of legal action.

This is because they don’t mostly get paid until the end of the manufacturing process.

At this point, even quality check has been done. Then, they can collect their commission.

Most China purchasing agents are bound to remain committed to their duties with commission payment.

More so, there are better means to settle disputes in the supply chain than going to court.

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