Service Charge & Payment

Payment Term and Service Charge:

about payment

We offer customers looking for factories, suppliers, manufacturers free, product purchasing free, when you decide to try our service, place order to us, we will charge service fees when the order is completed, the service fees depend on the total dollar amount of the order.

In general, we will offer customers with EXW price, not including freight fees from the factory to port, if you need other trade terms, please kindly let us know.

Total Dollar Amount of The Order                                                      Service Charge                                                   Payment Term

Less than $1,000                                                                                   $100                                                                     Deposit+Balance before shipment
$1,000-$3,000                                                                                       %9-%10                                                                Negotiable

$3,000-$10,000                                                                                     %8.5-%8                                                               Negotiable
$10,000-$30,000                                                                                   %5.5-%7                                                               Negotiable
More than $30,000                                                                                %5.5 or Negotiable

Total Fees=Total dollar amount of the order+service charge+shipping costs (From factory to onboard)

For Example:
A customer wants to source a total of $5000 products in China, choose FOB trade term, so A will pay the fees as below:
$5000+$410+shipping costs(shipping costs as the distance between factory and port)

Payment method:

  • PayPal: For sample, small order.
  • Western Union: For sample, small order.
  • Telegraphic Transfer(TT): For standard order.
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