Product Sourcing Service

  • Dongsourcing product sourcing service will be your best choice in sourcing products from China.
  • Dongsourcing offers you the opportunity to work with the best supplier for your product type delivering the best quality.
  • Dongsourcing can give you advice on how to maximize profit.
  • Dongsourcing can help you ship your products through a freight forwarder with a direct route to your location.
  • Dongsourcing provides product inspection services, constant factory checks, etc.
  • We will help you with very cheap storage and logistics services.
Figure 01 China Product Sourcing Service

Dongsourcing Assists You with Specific Product Sourcing Services in China

Fast Product Sourcing

Having been in the China market for over 10 years, Dongsourcing knows the quickest ways around product sourcing in China. We have already a list of our carefully selected suppliers and their rates. All we need is your product description, we will help you with FREE quotation and high-quality suppliers. 
Figure 03 Manufacturing Consulting

Manufacturing Consulting Services

Reach out to Dongsourcing consulting department and have your manufacturing project fully analyzed. We can help you figure out your manufacturing cost, capital expense requirement across market analysis.

China Supply Chain System with Clean Record

Dongsourcing partners with the most honest local Chinese manufacturers with amazing customer ratings. You’ll have nothing to fear as the over 10,000 Dongsourcing partners maintain a clean business record. Each is popular in his field with high-quality assurance.
Figure 05 Special Packaging with Custom Label

Special Packaging with Custom Label

At Dongsourcing getting your product in special packaging and custom labels has never been easier. Whether you have a design already or not, we can help you suggest design ideas, produce sketches and print on products.

Close Production Follow-Ups

Dongsourcing is a product sourcing company with the most defined production process monitoring. From the sourcing of raw materials to final product manufacturing, we can help you in tracking progress and quality as well.

Product Quality Inspection

Inspecting the quality of products is one of the top services of Dongsourcing. We have a team of quality inspectors that can assist you in checking for the quality of your products. Our aim is to deliver the best quality products compliant with custom rules. 

Figure 08 Risk Management

Managing Risks

Dongsourcing will help you to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the risks involved in your importation journey. By doing so, you can minimize the risks you may face from product sourcing stage to final delivery.

Figure 09 Shipping Management

Arranging Shipping and Logistics

Dongsourcing makes sure that your goods are shipped with the best freight services for either land, air, or sea. Our tracking services give you peace of mind as you know where your goods are at any time. We offer top-notch courier and logistics services.

China Shipping to Amazon FBA

Our product sourcing services at Dongsourcing also include procuring products from Amazon. We can equally help you ship products from China to Amazon FBA warehouse. The available options provided by our freight partners for Amazon FBA delivery include Air, FCL, and LCL. 

ODM and OEM Product Sourcing Service

For your ODM and OEM Products, Dongsourcing will assist you with the complete China sourcing solution. We ensure that you get exactly what is in your drawing specification through your custom mold development program.

Figure 12 Customs Clearance

Customs Approval

Dongsourcing view customs clearance of products as essential, hence we ensure your products get every necessary approval. We will make your product certificates and licenses readily available. All paperwork required for declaration we will put together for you. This goes for your import and export processes.

Storage Facility and Final Product Examination

The safety of your goods is a concern at Dongsourcing. Therefore, we can keep your products in our warehouse in China before shipping. Good News! We also conduct final examinations within the warehouse and resolve issues that may arise.

Product Sourcing Service: The Ultimate FAQ Guide 2021

Sourcing products is probably the most important part of every business.

It is a vital part of your business if your business requires selling third-party goods.

This is an extensive guide to each and everything related to product sourcing services.

In this guide, you will learn tips and tricks for effective product sourcing for your current or future business.

Make sure that you stay connected till the end of this article.

You don’t want to miss out on any of the important information regarding this topic.

Let’s jump in.

Table of Product Sourcing Service FAQ Guide

What Is Product Sourcing?

Product sourcing is the process of acquiring the products that you intend to sell.

Sourcing a product is generally an initial step in the supply chain process.

It is up to you to show yourself as the real owner of those products you want to sell.

Most businesses pose themselves as retailers of those items.

They sell those items by obtaining them from another supplier.

This will especially involve when you want products to sell that you don’t manufacture.

Rather, you are selling someone else’s items via your physical or online shop.

This is a common practice in most supply chain processes and inventory management strategies.

The management of any business brand is responsible to identify their inventory shortages.

They initiate the whole process from market research.

They identify the best suppliers of a specific category in the market by following the preset strategies.

They negotiate pricing, logistics, and agree on a trade deal.

A business generally buys in bulk to add-on to their existing stock.

In such deals, that business gets competitive pricing and premium logistics support.

Sourcing Benefits

Such bulk deals enable a business to gain the following benefits.

  • Reduce the cost of goods.
  • Increase sales by offering competitive pricing to their customers.
  • Sell on better price strategies.
  • More profit margins due to lower cost.
  • Better brand recognition in their market.
  • No hassle of repeating the product research process every time.
  • Better inventory management of a store or a warehouse.
  • A chance to be in contact with direct manufacturers.

The typical examples where you require to obtain items from another supplier or wholesaler are mentioned below.

You may also be getting those items from direct manufacturers or a sole factory.

  • General stores
  • Online stores
  • eCommerce platforms
  • Grocery stores
  • Mega marts
  • Industrial sourcing as a part of the manufacturing

So, how do these stores and marts are always filled with so many products to sell?

That too at a price point that gives them a reasonable profit margin.

They don’t own or manufacture all of them. Rather they source those products from another wholesaler or supplier.

This is exactly what we call product sourcing.

What Are Product Sourcing Services?

Product sourcing services start from the process of arranging a product for a business or a brand.

Most product sourcing services connect buyers and sellers across different countries.

Hence, it also adds up to international trade. This is a common practice all over the world.

Professional product suppliers like Dongsourcing provide products both for every brand and location.

Currently, the world has moved on to China sourcing solutions.

Every other business looks for a China sourcing agent for managing their products to sell anywhere in the world.

This is because every business wants to reduce inventory cost and increase profit.

They do this by having items at the most competitive prices.

The one who sources the products is generally called a “supplier” of the product.

He may be the direct manufacturer of the product or a wholesaler who connects buyers with manufacturers.

Generally, the supplier works full-time as a product sourcing agent.

He may also run a product sourcing agency just like Dongsourcing.

Most retailers are also in contact with the following:

  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • Stockists
  • Agents

A wholesale business is quite relevant when you want to make deals in bulk quantities.

In such a deal, you will probably want to store bulk inventory to sell in the future.

This may require better inventory management and may add up to your overall inventory cost.

What Is a Product Sourcing Agent?

A product sourcing agent is a person or an agency who is responsible for arranging products.

These are the products that you ordered for your business.

That agent is supposed to provide the products within a specific time frame.

This is because you would want to sell them on time to earn a due profit.

The typical agents are like sellers of those products by arranging them from manufacturers.

They may also manage those items from a wholesale supplier.

He carries out all the necessary research to do it according to the client’s specifications.

The agent is also involved in the following actions.

  • Identify the cheapest manufacturers, wholesale sources,  or other sellers of the products.
  • Making sure that product development is carried out in a timely manner.
  • Checking and validating product SKUs.
  • Quality control and inspection of the products.
  • Identify and validate the right quantity of the products.
  • Providing shipping service.
  • Resolving trade issues.

We, at Dongsourcing, provide all of such facilities to our customers at the minimum.

Starting from finding the right manufacturer to the timely production of your items, we do everything.

A good agent is responsible to pack the products in a way that they remain unharmed during the logistics process.


As mentioned earlier, a product sourcing agent also takes the responsibility to look after its production.

But that is in a few cases. Especially, when a seller is not involved in the development of that product.  

In most cases, an agent will have a minimum order quantity to be arranged.

What Is the Difference Between a Product Sourcing Agent and a Product Sourcing Company?

Let’s find the basic difference between a product sourcing agent and a product sourcing company.

The basic difference between them is that an agent may also work as an individual.

On the other hand, a product sourcing company has many people working for the same objectives.

Product sourcing agent has become a popular term in the internet world.

That is why most people involved in this field choose to show this designation for easy understanding.  

But you could probably think of a product sourcing agent as an individual.

This is right in a few cases. But professional agents run a proper company.

A company has a history of sourcing orders and has a legal entity too.

It has proper company emails and looks authentic and trustworthy. So, who should you prefer to work with?

Should you go for an agent working individually? Or should you prefer to hire the services of a company?

Working With a Company Gives You Multiple Benefits

Some of them are mentioned below.

  • It makes your trade deals secure.
  • It has access to a large pool of wholesale networks in the market.
  • It executes every order by following a due process of inventory management.
  • It has a huge experience of the product research process and knows the right price of items in each category.
  • It makes sure to provide items at the cheapest cost.
  • You may also get a good deal if you are working in the eCommerce category.

You cannot afford to let an individual deal with your new or existing business ventures.

This is true that there could be a marginal difference between the charges of an individual and a company.

Furthermore, companies also ask you to place a minimum order for their services.

A good company will help you find the best manufacturer as per your instructions.

It will also monitor the production of your items.

But we would suggest you make the right decision for your business.

Don’t risk your business for saving a few bucks by working with individuals.

An individual cannot serve your business as well as a company can.

You will have a true saving in business costs if your search of finding the best agent like DongSourcing is successful.

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Product Sourcing Agent?

Doing business is not easy when you rely on products to sell that you do not manufacture.

You won’t be having time and resources to visit the places from where you arrange your items.

You would have to spare your own time to visit the place for sourcing your product.

If that is not possible, you may have to hire an additional resource to do it for you.

On the other hand, you can save time, money, and resources if you choose to work with a product sourcing agent.

Why take all the hassle when there are smarter ways of doing things? That is where an agent can have your back.

Think about hiring the services of a professional agent like DongSourcing. It will give you the following benefits.

Checklist of benefits

Have Your Eyes and Ears in the Sourcing Location

A product sourcing agent is especially beneficial for you if you live outside the country where the products are made.

Let’s say you want to source quality products from China. But you are living somewhere outside China.

You won’t have complete information regarding ins and outs of Chinese industries.

A local agent is your eyes and ears in that country. You will get to know about the latest trends in that country.

You will have information regarding the best supplier in your category, wholesale process, and other requirements, etc.

An agent can also help you understand which factory is manufacturing your products.

This will help you choose between your original suppliers with the help of an agent.

Having an agent in the origin country is like having your paid representative in that location.

Perfect Market Research for Best Prices

Pricing is certainly the most important part when it comes to doing business.

As a businessman, you always strive to look for the products at the cheapest or most competitive prices.

This is the basic principle of getting higher profit margins.

But you cannot achieve this until you have a dedicated source in the origin country.

An agent like DongSourcing helps you arrange quality products at the cheapest cost.

That is because it is a routine task for professional sourcing firms.

The agent knows the ins and outs of businesses in that country.

He will make sure to arrange the products for your business in the most efficient manner.

Helps You Avoid Language and Cultural Barriers

Suppose you visit the origin country like China for sourcing your products to sell in your own country.

You will still have language, culture, and other barriers.

You will face many difficulties in your market research in China.

You will have problems communicating with the sellers in the local market and manufacturers in China.

It will take much of your time and money to fully understand the norms of sellers in China.

An agent saves you all the troubles that you may face as an outsider.

Complete Control Over Virtual Purchase of Your Products

You will have full control over purchasing things for your business virtually.

DongSourcing and other good agents develop a virtual relationship with their clients.

This makes you feel at home. It is like you are there in China yourself.

Control over virtual purchase

You can tell in detail the specifications of the items you require.

The agents will make sure to discuss them with sellers in China.

They require little market research to source exactly what you need.

Don’t Worry About Product Inspection

An agent also saves you time and resources for inspecting every SKU that you bought.

That is because they have a dedicated team for quality control and complete inspection of items.

Their team is also responsible to identify any problems in the items.

Suppose you have to buy a few thousand pieces of a product from China.

Won’t you be worried about checking the lot for damaged goods?

This can especially happen if there are a lot of wholesalers involved.

It is also possible in the case of a single supplier.

This is where the existing team of DongSourcing takes complete responsibility.

We inspect the products on your behalf so that you don’t get faulty or unspecified products from China.

Lower Chances of Getting Scammed with Professional Sourcing Companies

Let’s face it. The online world is full of scams.

You can’t rely on suppliers or online sellers with whom you have never talked or signed MoUs.

Most online sellers have poor customer management. They only focus on gaining profit by increasing online sales.

It is true that online platforms like Alibaba offer you return and refund policies.

But there is always a chance of wasting your time in the end.

Additionally, finding a good wholesaler network online is not easy. It takes much of your time doing online research.

Things are simple and safe while working with disciplined sourcing agents like DongSourcing.

Good agents have years of positive history. Additionally, they won’t afford to lose their credibility at any cost.

Premium Customer Support until You Receive Your Products to Sell

Decent customer support is always hard to find online. You may face hours of delay to get replies to your queries.

This can especially happen while your products are in the process of shipping.

Customer Services

This is not the case with agents. They have a 24/7 support team for their clients.

They offer extended services to gain your confidence. Their team keeps you updated about shipping information too.

It is essential for the reputation, legacy, and future of their business.

Can the Product Sourcing Agents Directly Deliver the Products to Your Customers?

This section includes an eCommerce practice known as dropshipping. Dropshipping is a B2C model.

So, there would be different agents for this eCommerce model.

This generally involves shipping products directly to your customers’ addresses.

There may be two types of requirements in this eCommerce category.

Small Product Quantities

In this type of business, you add different items to your store to sell independently.

You do not have their possession. You rely on other suppliers for shipping those items to your customers.  

You receive an order after marketing those items.

Then you ask the real product owner for shipping them directly to your customer’s address.

This is known as general dropshipping and is most common in the eCommerce field.

You sell different products in small quantities. It also involves shipping several SKUs to different locations.

Many online sellers adopt these eCommerce strategies to gain sales.

You can do this by integrating your supplier network via your dropshipping store.

Many agents provide such sales services by following these eCommerce strategies.

Bulk Quantities

This is another type of dropshipping business.

It involves the sales of bulk quantities that you want to sell and ship to different locations.

This particularly involves B2B business strategies.

Let’s say that you have industrial or commercial customers who require larger quantities.

You can hire the assistance of DongSourcing. We will manage the SKUs from the best available source in China.

We will not charge you until your items are arranged.

Consider you are selling clothing-related items to retailers.

You would worry about earning more profit by increasing your sales.

You may have to find the services of fabric sourcing China has to offer.

You can find these services easily because sourcing apparel from China is a common practice.

You just have to find a supplier network related to clothing.


The case will be different if you want something like a furniture sourcing agent China.

Such tricky items would require you to choose a specific agent in this category.

Such agents have special market research skills in specific niches.

What Are the Different Types of Product Sourcing?

Sourcing products is not a new concept. It has been there for ages.

Every business that is involved in selling physical products requires to buy products from another source.

They can either manufacture their products or rely on other suppliers to make arrangements for them.

It is a very vast field. But we can divide it into two main types. These types are discussed below.

In-house Sourcing

In-house sourcing requires businesses to produce or manufacture their own products.

They may have a factory or a manufacturing site where they are manufacturing their products.  

You don’t need to search for an external supplier in this case.

There are many composite businesses in the world. They are working from manufacturing to selling those products.

In that case, sourcing products would mean that they would require the products from their own sites.

Those sites can be located in different locations.

Some businesses even have their development facilities spread across different parts of the world.

Let’s say a company manufactures shoes. They may want to buy products related to footwear.

So, they would have to find a footwear sourcing agent.

A good footwear sourcing company will then manage the products or raw materials related to that niche.

DongSourcing can also help such businesses arrange raw materials for them.

Outsourcing Products

In this type, retailers or sellers completely depend upon arranging quality products from other suppliers.

This is because they don’t want to manufacture the products they are selling. That is where DongSourcing has your back.

We can largely divide outsourcing into the following two subcategories.

Direct Product Sourcing

Some businesses develop direct working relationships with suppliers.

These suppliers can also be direct manufacturers of those products.

You can also find a wholesale network for the same purpose.

In this case, businesses place orders for the products directly with the manufacturer.

And they get the products in return. Direct factories or OEMs generally do not work with smaller quantities.

Their only focus is to manufacture the products.

They also distribute the manufactured inventory among large-scale retailers, distributors, and wholesalers.

Suppose you develop a direct relationship with a manufacturer.

You would not know about other options at cheaper costs and better quality.

You need to contact an agent like DongSourcing for the best quality items at an affordable price.  

This is crucial to increase sales and earn better profit.

Third-Party Sourcing

Third-party sourcing involves middlemen, distributors, and wholesalers.

Businesses that often use third-party services are open to switching sources for their products.

It depends upon their sales volume, selling price, and profit strategies. Market research, in this case, will be different.

You will be finding the suppliers or wholesale networks for those products.

What will happen If they come to know about an option of sourcing products at a lower price in the market?

Yes, they may immediately shift to the cheaper source.   

These businesses can also take benefits from the quality services of DongSourcing.

You can read more about how to hire services of DongSourcing in the coming section of this article.

What Are the Online Methods for Product Sourcing?

You can also find the sources for your products online.

These online sources usually work via a website and seldom talk to you verbally.

Various countries can provide you with a good sourcing choice at wholesale price.

The countries with such a supplier network at the lowest cost include China, Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil, and Mexico.

You can find online sellers to source from these countries.

Try to find sources that also provide international shipping facilities at a cheap cost.

China has emerged as the topmost option for producing a large variety of products from a single country.

That is why we are mentioning the top 3 online platforms to source your products from China.  

  • DongSourcing for a wide product range and types at the best price and supplier options.
  • Alibaba for B2B sales and larger quantities and more profit margins.
  • AliExpress for B2C sales model with minimum price and profit margins.

Online methods

How to Find the Best Product Sourcing Company Online?

Once you have decided to hire the services of a product sourcing company, you need to have options in front of you.

This is to compare different kinds of services.

You would also have to compare the product types and rates that different product sourcing companies offer.

You can find the best product sourcing companies online in the following ways.

Search Engines

This is probably the best and most efficient way of finding a good agent online.

The most efficient search engines are as follows.

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Baidu
  • Ask

Search engines work on the principles of keywords.

You can try the following keywords to search for the top agents across the world.

  • Product sourcing
  • Product sourcing services
  • Product sourcing agent
  • Product sourcing from China

You will surely get some results in response to your searches.

These results will include direct links to sourcing agents.

You may also get articles that may show you a path to finding a good agent.

Social Networking Sites

Social media has moved miles ahead from just being a mode of personal connectivity.

It has now become a great informational source.

Good and professional product sourcing companies regularly operate their social networking accounts.  

Social Networking Sites

You can also try searching for sourcing agents on social networking platforms.

Try searching the same keywords on social platforms and see what you get.

The topmost social networking platforms related to product sourcing companies are as follows.

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Good sourcing companies have their official accounts on the above-mentioned social media platforms.


Sometimes you get the relevant information from news articles too.

Many news articles are published that describe the success stories of online platforms to source your products.

These may include news from sites like Alibaba and AliExpress.  

You don’t need to rely heavily on news. That is because news is not sales-oriented.

Also, describing such business services is generally not one of their priorities.

Professional References

While working in a specific industry, you do have professional references.

These include your peers, co-partners, professional colleagues, and even your brand competition.

Sometimes, you can also learn from others’ experiences.

If anyone of your references has used similar services to manage products, you can always ask them for guidance.

What Is a Better Option between Online Product Sourcing and Sourcing from Agents?

As we have discussed earlier in this article, you can also look for the products from online platforms.

These include platforms like Alibaba, AliExpress, and 1688, etc.

However, choosing to hire the services of an agent is always a better option.

That is because of several reasons. A few of them are discussed below.

Cheapest Costs

Many suppliers on online sources are offering the same products at different prices.

This happens in the cheapest locations like China. This confuses the customers.

They have to search for the cheapest possible price of that product across different platforms.

That is because most of the suppliers do not really hold possession of the products.

They are often middlemen, distributors, and wholesalers, who are reselling the products.

There is a very rare chance that you get in contact with a real manufacturer.

The one who offers the products directly to you at the best possible prices.

Moreover, suppliers offering the products at cheaper rates do not bear good ratings on the platform.

Finally, customers might end up buying the product from unreliable suppliers.

Furthermore, they can buy the product at a higher price.

This is not the case when you work with a professional agent like DongSourcing.

A good agent makes sure to supply the products from original sources.

They are usually in contact with the original manufacturers of the products.

That is why they supply quality products for your business at the cheapest costs.

This slashes the margins of everyone coming in between you and your supplier.

They can also connect wholesalers with retailers.

Quality Services

Buying the product is one aspect.

Receiving the products in time and getting regular updates about shipping etc is another aspect of sourcing.

People who buy directly from online sources are often deprived of quality services.

Online suppliers often do not keep you updated about the product status.

You may not receive the products at the time communicated to you.

This creates frustrations and may bear loss to your business.

Good sourcing agents like DongSourcing are well-versed in providing quality services to their clients.

They make sure to keep up with their commitments as this is one of their core responsibilities.

Customer Satispfaction

You will always get the products promptly. They will also keep updating you about the delivery status of your products.

This gives you peace of mind and ease of planning your inventory.

Responsible Handling

Packing, shipping, and keeping the products safe are crucial aspects of product handling.

Unfortunately, businesses have witnessed poor product handling from a majority of online suppliers.

Whereas, DongSourcing or any other top-of-the-line sourcing agents does not let this happen.

They usually have a dedicated team for product handling.

This makes it possible to ship and deliver the products on the safest levels.

Ongoing Business

Online product suppliers do not care much about repeat business.

This is because they keep on changing the products that they sell.

That is the reason people do not generally develop long-term working relationships with online suppliers.

On the other hand, good agents like DongSourcing always prefer ongoing and long-term cooperation with their clients.

For that to happen, they always try to put in the best of their efforts in providing excellent customer services.

How Can You Negotiate Prices When Sourcing Products?

You cannot always trust and depend upon the prices that you get from every other sourcing agent.

Negotiating prices is considered one of the norms in product sourcing.

But you won’t be able to negotiate prices with an agent unless you have adequate information.

A successful negotiation ensures to join hands for future business.

Join hands

That is why we are sharing a few tips with you.

The following tips would help you negotiate cost and prices while you are sourcing your products.

  • Get different quotes from different product sourcing companies.  
  • Share the cheapest prices with the company you want to negotiate prices with.
  • Show them that you are a professional buyer and you have multiple product demands lined up to be procured in the future.
  • Share with them your company details to let them take you seriously.
  • Research the online platforms that offer the same products and share the differences with them.
  • Compare the quality of services from different agents or companies. Then request to lower the charges. Do this especially if they are offering fewer services for a higher amount.
  • Discuss the differences in market grip and order management of different companies.

What Steps Are Involved in Product Sourcing from DongSourcing?

We have described how to work with us in the 10 simple steps as follows.

  1. Contact us through email, call, WhatsApp, or WeChat.
  2. Dictate your requirements in detail to one of the representatives. If you need customized products for your brand, our representative will ask you for the product’s pictures, sample, or design.
  3. We will immediately start finding the best sources to meet your requirements across China.  
  4. We will come up with 3 to 4 best options in China to fulfill your requirements. We share this information within 48 hours of getting the requirements from your side.
  5. We will ask the original suppliers to share a sample of the product for your approval. Meanwhile, we agree upon the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions include price, delivery time, and location for shipment, etc.
  6. You make the decided payment after approving the sample.
  7. We will instruct the original suppliers to start the production and deliver it to us within the agreed time frame.
  8. We will receive your products and will ship them to the address of your choice after checking all the requirements.
  9. You will deposit after making sure that everything is as we planned.
  10. We will also help you with customs, etc to make sure that you receive the products on time.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Product Sourcing Services?

Following is the list of the top 3 pros and cons.

Pros of Product Sourcing Service

The list of product sourcing pros is huge.

But we are only sharing the top benefits that you can get with product sourcing.

Time-saving Option for Your Business

Time is money and money is everything in business.

This cliche says it all. You can save massive time by choosing the option of product sourcing.

What will happen if you prefer not to go for the product sourcing service?

You may lose all of your time doing unnecessary things that you can outsource.

Cheaper Costs Helps You Gain Extra Margins in Your Business

Hiring the services of a product sourcing agent will get you a chance to buy products at the cheapest rates.

This will open new opportunities for you to increase sales and profit margins.

Helps You Focus More on your Business Growth

You focus on selling, we handle everything in China. That is the motto of DongSourcing.

Choosing to hire the services of an agent will allow you to spend more time doing important things in your business.

Business Growth

Cons of Product Sourcing Service

Now we discuss the cons of product sourcing services.

While there are very few cons of product sourcing services, we have tried to enlist the following cons.

You can Experience a Minor Variation in the Products You Receive

Seeing products from your own eyes and checking out the product pictures virtually are two different things.

There are generally no major variations in the products you ordered.

Still, you can expect a slight variation in the general appearance of the products like the color of the product.

Lack of 100% Control over the Products You Recieve

You don’t have 100% command over the supplier networks, sellers’ demands,  and price points.

That is because you are relying on another company to do it for you.

Some businesses may feel that they could have arranged a cheaper product without agents to optimize their sales.

What Is the Best Company for Product Sourcing?

DongSourcing is the leader in providing the topmost product sourcing services worldwide.

There are other product sourcing service sellers in China too.

But we stand apart due to our commitment to providing quality services with utmost efficiency and reliability.

Best Quality and Service

Can You Automate the Product Sourcing Process?

Yes. You can also automate the process of product sourcing.

Sometimes, you are too busy to do all the coordination with product sourcing service providers.

If you don’t want to spend time coordinating with your supplier, you can go for the following ways to save your time.

  • Use advanced apps that automatically send emails to the product sourcing agents when you are about to run out of stock.
  • There are apps that calculate the cost and price of your overall order.
  • Involve one of your employees to monitor your cost, profit, and sales. He can also coordinate with your supplier or wholesaler.
  • Hire a VA or a freelancer to coordinate with your wholesaler or supplier network.

Can You Source Products for Amazon and eBay from DongSourcing?

Do you want to try your luck selling to Amazon’s $386 Billion markets?

DongSourcing can also help you get products for Amazon and eBay, etc.

You just need to tell your requirements to our representative. We will do the rest for you.

Our representative will ask you certain questions about your product preferences.

Then you are good to go for the following spheres.

  • Amazon FBA
  • Amazon Private Labeling
  • Amazon Dropshipping
  • eBay Dropshipping

How Much Does a Product Sourcing Agent Cost?

A typical product sourcing agent costs a percentage of the order amount as their service fee.

This percentage is around 10% to 15% of the order value.

If the overall amount is lower than the bare minimum set by the sourcing agent, he can charge you a flat fee for that.

You can take an example from our simple China sourcing agent fees described below.

  • A flat fee of $100 for orders of up to $999.
  • 9% to 10% for the order value of $1,000 to $2,999.
  • 8% to  8.5% for the order value of $3,000 to $9,999.
  • 5% to 7% for the order value of $10,000 to $29,999.
  • 5%  for the order value of $30,000 and above.

By the way, all of the above-mentioned pricing plans are negotiable.

So, hit us whenever you like and we will be ready to assist you right away.

How Can DongSourcing Help You Source Products?

No false claims. No false promises. We offer our sourcing agent services to help businesses arrange products from China.

We do this in an easy, fast, and most reliable manner. We have been in this business for 10 good years.

Our competence and professionalism have taken us towards the top position.


The following are the product sourcing spheres that we perform to help you source products efficiently.

  • Ensuring the highest quality products at the cheapest rates.
  • Looking after the production.
  • Carry out an extensive inspection of your products.
  • Manage logistics for lightning-fast shipping service for your products.
  • Providing custom-made products as per your demands.

You may find product sourcing services claiming the above-mentioned points.

But there’s a thick line between a promise and practical demonstration.

We have been fulfilling our commitments for years and we have always improved over time.

That is why we can proudly call ourselves “Your Most Reliable Product Sourcing Partner”.

So, is there anything else that makes DongSourcing different from other product sourcing providers?

Take a look below.

  • Decade-long expertise in product sourcing services.
  • Collaboration with over 1,000 factories.
  • Exclusive connections with dedicated wholesale sellers.
  • 50+ A-level logistic companies onboard.
  • Winning trust of multiple businesses across the world.
  • Customer satisfaction is one of our primary objectives.
  • Deals in a wide range of product types.
  • The dedicated team of customer support.

So, you may ask yourself, why DongSourcing?

With all those exclusive benefits, don’t you think DongSourcing is the right choice for your business?


Product sourcing service may seem like an easy task to a few people.

But if you try to find the best product sourcing service at a competitive price, it can be a nightmare.

So, always rely on the tips that we have shared in this article.

We have always tried our best to facilitate every kind of business with our services.

You would know this if you choose to try our services.

We have covered almost every aspect of how to source products from China with the help of agents.

We hope that you must have gotten value out of this article.

If there is anything else that you want us to shed light upon, do let us know in the comments section.

We always reply to queries and suggestions.

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