China Inspection Services

China inspection services are dedicated to serving the needs of small and medium-sized importers. 

These services are mainly meant for the persons who buy items from China. 

This makes them sure that their business in China is in safe hands. 

This article will teach you everything you need to know about China Inspection Services. 

Inspection Services

You will be able to identify the greatest services in China at the end of this article.

Do you need a good factory audit service in China? 

Our top ten list of the best China inspection agencies will serve the purpose.

So, satiate your need to learn about the best, and let’s get started.

Following is the list of third party inspection companies operating in China. 

Table of Contents

1. DongSourcing

DongSourcing is the topmost China inspection company. It has a huge experience of inspecting goods. 

It keeps check of all the details that are shared by the customers. 

The products are not shipped out until a rigorous quality check has been performed. 

Dongsourcing has been performing inspection services for more than 10 years. 

That is the reason we know how to carry out a detailed inspection. 

They go into every minor detail to check if the products are up to the mark. 

They have a dedicated team of highly professional and trained staff to inspect goods.

Inspection Team Work

So, if someone needs to import goods from China, DongSourcing should be the first name that should strike his mind. 

Following are the services that we provide. 

  • One-stop solution for providing procurement services from China.
  • Detailed inspection of the ordered goods.
  • Dongsourcing makes sure that the products are in line with the clients’ requirements. 
  • Sometimes, the inspection services are also offered free of cost along with the client’s order to import goods from China via DongSourcing.
  • Dongsourcing arranges and fulfills traditional ordering patterns along with ordering and inspection for Amazon. 
  • Dongsourcing also helps customers with customs clearance and expediting shipments. 
  • Collaboration with more than 1000 manufacturers.
  • In line with more than 50 best logistics companies to help make the overall China quality sourcing services more efficient. 
  • Dongsourcing also keeps your products safe in our warehouse until it is shipped out.
  • Dongsourcing performs inspections just before the products are shipped out for delivery.
  • Dongsourcing has a strict policy to comply with every specification mentioned by the customers.

Inspection Policies

Why Choose DongSourcing?

Dongsourcing have been among the top China buying agent

They take pride in being the best among their peers. Give all the services that an importer needs. 

At DongSouring, believe in providing quality over quantity. 

Although we are working with many clients, we give our 100% to satisfy each client. 

That is the reason Dongsourcing has been leading the charts in product sourcing and inspection services in China. 

DongSourcing Inspection Services

Dongsourcing believes that businesses should stop worrying about the supply of products. 

That is the only way a customer can focus to increase its business. They have thousands of factories in our loop. 

It is a matter of a few moments for us to bring all the best manufacturers in line for any kind of product. 

They also provide customized products as specified by the clients. They will share the specifications with the factories. 

After that, Dongsourcing will let you know how much you would have to pay for the product. 

With all of these comforts and ease of business, DongSourcing is arguably the best inspection company in China. 

Dongsourcing competence is what makes us stand out. 

Inspection Competence

2. Leno Inspection

This is one of the top inspection services providers in China. It came into being in 2008. 


It employs more than 40 quality inspectors throughout Asia, particularly in China. 

It offers professional quality control services and production monitoring across the whole supply chain. 

It deals in providing services like product creation to sourcing. 

It also provides quality control services, shipping, and delivery. 

Inspection Delivery

They have 10+ years of experience, particularly in quality control.

Following are the inspection services provided by the Leno Inspection.

Pre-shipment Inspection

They opt for a procedure in which trade operators inspect newly created products. 

The operators include buyers, suppliers, and agencies. They do it just before shipping them for export or import. 

They check the amount and quality of the merchandise as well as the products for any flaws.


A container loading check is an important step in inspection services. 

They perform this just before signing off and settling the final payment. 

They double-check that the final specifics of your product are correct. 

They also check if the actual ordered amount is securely loaded into your container.

Container Inspection

Full Inspection

Full inspection is performed after all of the items have been manufactured completely. 

Their product inspection is performed to guarantee that the final products meet the client’s requirements.

Industries Covered by Leno Inspection 

Leno Inspection is specifically providing its services for the following industries. 

  • Apparel textile and accessories.
  • Bags, shoes, and accessories.
  • Electric, electronic, and lights.
  • Gift, toys, and sports.
  • Metallurgy, chemicals, and plastics.
  • Machinery, tools, and industrial parts.
  • Home, office, and packaging.
  • Health, beauty, and food.

Why Choose Leno Inspection?

Leno Inspection prides itself on providing dependable inspection services. They assure the quality before shipment. 

They have extensive experience in quality inspection services. Their inspection stations are located in China. 

They assist you in efficiently controlling quality risks and lowering quality control expenditures.

Quality Control

All of their inspectors and auditors passed the CQC examinations. You can find their details on their website.

They have received a slew of diplomas and letters of gratitude. All of them may be found on their website. 

They offer detailed inspection while maintaining a high level of responsibility and professionalism.

They have a lot of happy customers who have left positive evaluations on their website. 

They seem to be happy with their professional services. They also have sample reports on their main page. 

These reports demonstrate their ability and competence in their work.

3. Teencher Inspection

Teencher Inspection Co., Ltd is a good inspection firm. They have over ten years of expertise in this field.


They have been trusted as a third party inspection company in China for many years. 

They are committed to providing professional quality inspection. 

They also provide container loading supervision, factory audit services, and lab testing services.

They provide these services to all importers, wholesalers, and distributors. 

Amazon and eBay sellers import consumer goods from China and Southeast Asian countries. 

They provide inspection services for all of these countries. Following are the inspection services offered by them.

Pre-Production Inspection

After placing an order with the firm, a pre-production inspection (PPI) is performed. 

This is to inspect raw materials and components before mass production.

During Production Inspection

During Production Inspection (DPI) usually takes place between 10% and 30% of the time during production. 

During Production Inspection

This is to check product quality and production schedule while the product is under production process.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

PSI is a sample inspection. It takes place after the production process before shipment to ensure product quality.

Container Loading Supervision Service 

Container Loading Supervision (CLS) is performed during the loading of products into containers for shipment. 

This is done to ensure that goods are handled correctly for shipment.

Production Monitoring and In-line Service

Production monitoring occurs during manufacturing. Their investigator will remain at the plant for weeks or months. 

He will do the reporting on the manufacturing line.

Defect Sorting Service

The Defect Sorting Service will assist you in sorting out as many poor items as possible. 

It is performed to sort the defective pieces aside.

Amazon FBA Inspection

Amazon has high standards for selling on Amazon to protect customers’ interests. 

They ensure that all things sold on Amazon are safe and of good quality. 

Amazon Inspection

So, Amazon sellers must ensure that their products are of good quality. Teencher provides these services for FBA.

Why Choose Teencher?

Teencher seems to be a promising company with over ten years of examination experience. 

Their price is reasonable. They also provide free purchase assistance.

They will supply the products with the results on the same day if you have an urgent need. 


Novas QC provides dependable and cost-effective quality control services. 


Their services are open to small and large enterprises. They facilitate businesses that buy from China. 

They have served 500+ customers from the Americas, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and Africa. 

Their customers are a mix of large and smaller businesses. 

They have over 10 years of experience and over 60 devoted inspectors. They work efficiently and professionally. 

Their inspection services are based on the following main steps which can be read below.

  • First hand or starting inspection.
  • Inspecting the items when the production starts.
  • Inspecting the items after they have been produced.
  • Defect sorting.
  • Defect removal.
  • Production monitoring.
  • Quality management system audits.
  • Container loading inspection 


Since their inception, their entire focus has been on supporting clients by providing quality control services. 

Their special focus is export production. 

They have serviced and been trusted by more than 500 customers in the consumer products business. 

If you need a quality control partner in China, NOVAS QC claims to be the right one. 

Only a few organizations, they believe, can provide the same degree of quality control solutions at their charges.

Quality Control

5. PROQC International

ProQC International goes beyond traditional quality control. They have been delivering great quality solutions. 

Pro QC

They also provide consulting services tailored to their client’s needs. They have been in this business for many years.

They expanded the company from a modest office in Taiwan in the mid-80s. 

They have a global reach now. They provide quality solutions with operations in over 88 countries today.

Their services include the following.

Product Quality 

Their product quality inspection includes Quality inspections, Product testing, and Container loading supervision. 

Resource Management 

They provide high-quality contractor recruiting and resource management services. 

Inspection Contractors

This is subject to the customer’s demand. 

They offer Quality engineers, Supplier Quality Engineers, Quality Assurance auditors, and many more. 

All of them are mentioned on their website.

Factory Audit Services

They assist their clients by verifying their providers’ competency and acceptability. 

Factory Audit

An internal or external quality auditor or factory auditor normally conducts this factory assessment.

Supplier Management 

Their Supplier Management strategies can help you acquire competitiveness. 

This can be done by identifying and quantifying risks along with finding solutions to mitigate the risk. 

It enables implementation, enhancing, and regulating supplier performance. This brings a huge value to your firm.

Quality Assurance

Pro QC provides a variety of technical audits that evaluate your supplier’s production capability and performance. 

You assure the quality against industry quality standards.


The best part about ProQC is the 24/7 support team. They always make sure that your products are safe. 

So ProQC can be your good quality control partner in China.

Inspection Support Team

They are also responsible to make sure that your products reach on time.

They help you resolve any issues that come in the way of shipment and deliveries. 

They are proficient in many languages including English. So, the communication is always very clear. 

They claim that they provide the products at the cheapest rates along with the highest quality.   


SGS inspection China has steadily developed into being an industry leader in inspection. 


It is a reputable inspection agency in China. They started as a grain inspection firm. 

SGS claims to be the finest company in the areas related to inspection, quality, and providing certifications.

They have an extensive range of world-class inspection services. 

These include quality control and weight evaluation of the products. 

They do this by meeting all necessary requirements across different countries and markets.

They are regarded as the gold standard for quality and integrity around the world. 

They have a network of around 93,000 people working in 2,600 offices and laboratories. 

They seem to be striving to make the world a better, safer, and more connected place.

Their primary services fall into four categories.


They offer good inspection services. They check for the quality of the products in detail.  

They assist you in maintaining control over quantity and quality. 

They also make sure to meet all the relevant regulatory requirements across the globe.


Their testing network is spread all over the world. They have qualified staff and experienced experts. 

It helps you lower risk and reduces time to market along with testing the quality and safety of the items.

They do this against key health, safety, and regulatory requirements.


Certification is important for the authenticity of your products, processes, systems, or services. 


It checks the products according to the international standards. 

It also validates against the customer’s requirements. 


They verify the products according to predefined standards right from start to finish.

They also make sure that they have a global reach. 

They also have local knowledge, unrivaled experience, and competence in practically every industry.

They offer a wide range of services for different sectors. Some of them are discussed below.

Food and Agriculture 

They provide a whole spectrum of supply chain services. 

This decreases risk, ensures quality, and boosts production in the food and agriculture industry.

Chemical Control 

They provide a variety of laboratory services to ensure that your products are safe.

Construction Services

They aid in the realization of the plans by ensuring that processes are efficient. 

They also help in keeping construction sites safe by authenticating quality products. 

Retail and Consumer Goods

They provide a broad spectrum of services. 

They do this to facilitate the product’s quality from textiles to appliances, furniture, food, and electronics.

Energy Inspection 

Their energy knowledge ensures that standards are followed. 

Safety is taken into account at all stages, and environmental effect is kept to a minimum.

Other services that they offer are mentioned on their website. 

Why SGS?

They add value to the world by assisting businesses around the world. 

They do this by working more efficiently, delivering high-quality products, and trading with honesty and truth.

Truth or lie

They contribute to a safer world by maintaining the security and cleanliness of the place. 

They also provide services for making sure of the safety of the products that you use.

They contribute to a more connected world by assuring IT and data security. 

They are always upgrading the technology to reach consumers swiftly and affordably.

7. China Inspection Service

The Chinese government has delegated China Inspection Services Co., Ltd. (CIS). 

They are responsible for providing factory audit services and product inspection services in China. 


These services are generally for importers from all over the world. 

CIS is an independent inspection company established in Hong Kong. 

It provides pre-shipment inspection services in China. These services are open to importers from all over the world. 

Small and medium-sized importers who buy items from China can rely on CIS. 

They seem to have a dependable third-party inspection service.

Apart from inspection and auditing, CIS also offers engineering services to importers. 

These include project management and part design. They do not trade agents. 

Thus, they do not charge their consumers for provisions. They have no obligations to any suppliers. 

They are completely self-contained and unaffected by any importer, exporter, supplier, or manufacturer.

Their inspection services include the following.

During Production Inspection

During the manufacturing process, CIS’s engineers will go to the factory to do production monitoring inspections. 

They identify problems and immediately report them to the factory. 

They also tell this to their clients to ensure that production runs smoothly.

Pre-shipment Inspection

China’s pre-shipment inspection service is the most effective service. 

This is to ensure the quality and quantity of the entire shipment. 

They understand the custom requirements that the products are fully manufactured or at least 80% before leaving.

Container Loading Inspection

Within 24 hours, you will receive an email with detailed information and images. 

These are controlled by the China Inspection Service(CIS). 

Container Loading

You will learn about the entire container loading process. 

You will also know about your merchandise inside the container from that report.

Factory Audit

You will have a general grasp of the supplier and a basic notion of whether they are reliable to do business with. 

This would be based on their supplier evaluation or factory audit report.

Social Accountability Order

Their trained auditors will visit the factory on your behalf. They will see if it complies with international standards. 

They include the standards like SA8000 set by Social Accountability International.

Part Design

Their skilled engineers will create a high-quality Part Design in 2D and 3D for you.

Project Management 

Professional project management services are provided by China inspection services.

This is to ensure that your projects are finished on time, on budget, and without costly overruns.

So, we could save costs in terms of money and time. They have special expertise in the following fields.


It comprises clocks, watches, eyewear, and binoculars. 

It also includes fashion jewelry and accessories, furniture, and furnishings. 

Additionally, household utensils, kitchenware, porcelain, and ceramics are also covered. 

Sports and entertainment products, stationery tools and equipment, toys, and gifts are also included.


Soft goods include caps, fabric, footwear, and leather products. 

Garment and accessories, textiles, luggage, bags, cases, and chemical material are also covered. 

Mechanical Equipment 

They provide their inspection services for construction products and machinery parts. 

They also include metal sheets, plastic films, packaging, and paper.

Electronic Items

It includes computer parts, electrical tools, electrical vehicles, and electronic accessories. 

Additionally, it includes health and beauty products. They also include lighting, remote control toys, and mobiles.

Why CIS?

They are completely self-contained and unaffected by any importer, exporter, supplier, or manufacturer. 

They provide a wide range of services to their customers. 

They provide the greatest level of service at the most affordable pricing.

With their huge network within China, CIS seems to be one of the good options for inspection services. 

8. Inspectaman

Inspectaman is one of the trustable product inspection companies in China. 


It inspects and verifies quantity, product quality, and any other specific criteria. 

They perform these services on the manufacturing floor, during loading, or at any international destination. 

Their timely, dependable, and independent inspections speak for themselves. 

They verify that your consumer items meet local rules, worldwide standards, and buyer-specific quality control programs. 

They have been providing their services since 2010. Following are the services that Inspectaman provides.

Factory Audit

They make sure you’re dealing with a trustworthy and legitimate vendor by doing a detailed audit of factories. 

During Production Inspection

They ensure that your product is made to the highest possible standards. 

They make use of their skills, materials, and machinery available for inspection. 

Pre-shipment Inspection

They inspect the products just before shipment. They carry out their quality and quantity checks before loading. 

This is a part where they double-check what they already inspected.

Apart from these, Inspectaman also deals with comprehensive product inspection and shipping. 

So, you can say that this company is working as a good China inspection agent.  

Why Inspectaman?

They are highly popular inspection service providers for Amazon and e-commerce sellers. 

They have rigorous anti-bribery measures in place. It helps them to attract a large number of customers. 

Within 48 hours of the examination, they provide you with a report. They have 300 completely trained inspectors.

In short, they claim to provide their services to ensure quality that saves you time and cost.

Time Cost Quality


V-Trust is one of the credible third party inspection companies in China that you can trust with confidence. 


It is an independent service that provides quality control services in China to importers. 

It has a solid inspection network that covers most of China’s coastal areas.

V-Trust Inspection Service is one of the widely known and well-managed inspection companies in China. 

You can contact their offices in China and Hong Kong. They employ more than 110 full-time inspectors. 

They are well-trained, dependable, and competent in checking a diverse range of products.

Their inspection services include the following. 

Quality Control

It includes pre-shipment inspection and production inspection services. 

It also includes production monitoring and container loading supervision. 

Supplier Evaluation

Supplier evaluation comprises factory, social, SMETA and credit audit.

Laboratory Testing

They have expertise in EU compliance testing, US compliance testing, and sample check, etc.

Lab Testing

Why V-Trust?

They only use full-time inspectors to make sure the work is done without any illegal influence. 

They have obtained a majority of international and national accreditation and credentials.

They have above 360 inspectors and more than 130 engineers. 

Their customer service representatives have at least two years of related job experience. 

Urgent inspections are also carried out at V-Trust. 

10. AQI Service

AQI Service is a moderate inspection firm in China. 


It offers quality control and production monitoring services across the whole supply chain. 

Their inspection starts from product creation and moves on to quality control, shipping, and delivery.

They provide the most dependable inspection. They provide impartial and adaptable quality control services. 

They serve importers, retailers, and traders to import the products from China with confidence. 

Their inspection services include the following. 

Product Inspection

It includes the first article inspection service and pre-production inspection. 

They also carry out during production inspection and pre-shipment inspection. 

Additionally, they also provide container loading supervision and Amazon FBA inspection.

Factory Audit

AQI also provides tele investigation. Simple and extensive factory audits are also included in these services.

Product Engineering

Product engineering comprises engineering and customized packaging services. 

They make sure that all of the requirements are met by the product manufacturers. 

Why AQI?

Established in 2004, AQI has been providing product inspection and factory audit services. 

They have been known as the customers’ most essential QC partner in Asia. 

They assist clients in reducing risk, streamlining operations, and gaining new efficiencies. 

They strive to accelerate time to market and protect their brand value and reputation.AQI Service offers quick service at a fair price. 

It helps your organization be safer and more comfortable in China. 

So, you can say that AQI is capable of performing good QC inspection in China. 

China Inspection Services FAQS

Now, you know about the China quality control inspection services. 

All of them are third party inspection services in China. Let us answer the FAQs regarding the same.

Inspection Services FAQS

Following are the FAQs regarding the China inspection services. 

We have tried to answer the questions in detail for your better understanding. Have a look. 

What Is An Inspection?

Inspection is a set of actions that are carried out to evaluate something in detail. 

It can be a piece of land, a factory, a business, or a manufacturing facility.

You need to have an inspection service to confirm whether the product you ordered is the same as you think of. 

This is especially done if you are importing products from another country. 

In that case, the inspection service will be your eyes and ears in the country of the product origin. 


As most businesses cannot be there at the time of production, they prefer hiring inspection services. 

What Is the Process of Inspection Service?

Inspection service is a detailed process. It is not like evaluating a product just by looking at its physical form. 

A third party inspection company would generally ask the client about the requirements of the product. 

The inspection service starts when the clients share the requirements. 

It would start by examining or testing the products in comparison to the requirements of the clients. 

Different third party inspection companies may have different processes to validate the results. 

A typical inspection service would make a checklist of the product qualities. 

It can tick the required qualities that are met and may submit the report to the client. 

A simple example of an inspection would be to take real pictures of the manufactured product. 

It will be for sharing them with the client. It may also validate the quantity of the ordered product. 

It would also check each and every product in detail to see if every piece of the product is intact. 

What Are the China Inspection Services?

China has largely become the powerhouse of the world’s manufacturing. 

That is why a majority of the countries rely on the heavy import of products from China. 

But all the products are not delivered as per the requirements of the importers. 

That is why the need for China inspection services rose. 

Having a third-party inspection service in China is essential for your business. 

These services can validate the quality and quantity of the ordered products. 

Local Chinese service is always a good idea to keep a check on your products. 

That is because they know their place better. They can also communicate to the manufacturer in a better way. 

What Are the Four Main Types of Quality Inspection Services?

Following are the four main types of Quality Inspection Services.

1. Pre-production Inspection

The inspection service is not always limited to checking the product after it is made. 

A good company like DongSourcing also performs the inspection service before the product manufacturing. 

Pre Production Inspection

A pre-production inspection is carried out to check the following.

  • The location of the manufacturing facility.
  • The quality of raw material used in manufacturing the product.
  • The processes involved in the manufacturing process.
  • Status and expertise of the labor employed by the manufacturer.
  • Ensuing HSSE requirements for manufacturing if specified by the buyer. 

2. During Production Inspection

After the pre-production analysis is shared and approved by the buyer, the during production inspection starts. 

This is also abbreviated as DUPRO. This is to see how the product manufacturing is going. 

During Production Inspection

Whether the products are being manufactured with the accepted processes or not. The variations are shared with you. 

The buyer can also ask the manufacturer to make changes to the production processes as per their commitment. 

Most buyers only depend upon the final inspection of the products but these are not enough. 

The DUPRO inspection is necessary so that you don’t get surprises at the end. 

However, this during production inspection also happens after a few products have been manufactured. 

So, the buyer can specify the alterations in the remaining products if there are any deviations. 

3. Pre-shipment Inspection

This is the most popular inspection service. Most buyers go for the pre shipment inspection China provides. 

It is a final random inspection of the manufactured products.

Pre Shipment Inspection

The inspectors check whether the products comply with the requirements along with quality and quantity. 

They do it just before the product is being loaded to be shipped out. It is done after manufacturing. 

So, you can call this step the post-production inspection. 

The next step after the production is the shipment of the products. 

That’s why we term it as the pre-shipment inspection. 

4. Container Loading Inspection

Container loading inspections are requested by a few importers. 

However, in some circumstances, it may be a viable solution.

It can be relevant where special instructions regarding the loading of products are specified.

Container Loading Inspection

For example, some boxes are too delicate to be placed below other products. 

Moreover, if the packaging is not standard, the buyer can specify the special instructions regarding that. 

Some buyers only go for one or two steps of the inspection types. 

But it is always good that a buyer specifies all the types of inspection to be sure of his products.

Why Is Product Inspection Important?

Inspections should be a requirement for any company, regardless of their industry. 

A business is known for its products. So, you cannot compromise on your product quality. 

That is why you hire the services of professional quality inspectors like DongSourcing. 

You can have better control over your products with these services. 

It would be just like you are manufacturing your own products. 

These examinations serve a variety of purposes, including:

  • The manufacturing process for the product
  • Quality of the material used in manufacturing.
  • Supervision on the quantity of the products
  • Find and sort the defective pieces.
  • Validating multiple specifications of the products.

Another advantage of product inspection is the option to make changes to the products. 

This is done before the products are made in full. 

Suppose you come to know that your products are different from your order. It can be a huge loss to your business. 

Moreover, you cannot do much if the manufacturer has completed the process. 

You can only settle with the manufacturer after you have received the products. 

So, if you want to be sure of what you would get, you need to have a trustable inspection service on board. 

That is where DongSourcing would have your back.

The report we share with the clients is kept secret. We share it with authorized sources. 

These reports may comprise the actual pictures of the product and manufacturing facility. 

It can also include a detailed analysis of our findings. 

Can You Modify the Goods after Inspection?

Yes. In most cases, this is the sole purpose of the inspection service. 

A detailed inspection report of the inspected material or product is shared with the buyer. 

He can check on his requirements and match them with the inspection report. 

This is important because there is a huge chance of variations due to many reasons. 

One main reason for product variation is the language barrier in China. 

Most buyers from other countries are not proficient in the Chinese language. 

So, there can be confusion and misunderstanding about the product. 

What Should You Do if a Product Assessment Reveals Flaws?

This will all rely on the severity of the problem. It would depend upon whether the flaws are major or minor ones. 

Based on that, a buyer may have the option to accept or reject the product. 

Your China quality control inspection partner can also play a good role to mediate. 

It is one of the advantages of hiring a China third party inspection company.

You can ask the supplier to do the needful if you can’t withstand the flaws.

In this instance, a second check after the problem has been resolved is strongly advised. 

You can ask the inspection service to check the product again after the revision has been made. 

The supplier needs to bear the cost of revised inspection due to his fault.. 

That is because it would have been the manufacturer’s fault. 

Inspections can uncover faults to the point where the entire order must be canceled. 

The most important thing is to make sure the buyer gets what he paid for. 

Additionally, a manufacturer could have shared the problems before the goods were dispatched. 

Take the example of Amazon business. 

Suppose if faults are discovered only after Amazon consumers begin returning things. 

There will be a large cost and serious damage to the buyer’s reputation.

What Should You Do if the Manufacturer Is Unable to Resolve the Issue?

Most factories will support you in resolving the issue. That is because there is so much rivalry for production.

Third party China factory inspection services point out the issues to the importers. 

It is the importer who would decide how he wants the resolution. 

The factories want to keep the customer satisfied. They want orders again in the future.

First of all, you can consult with China quality inspection services for solutions. 

Some quality inspection China services also provide such facilities. 

You can also protect your orders via systems like Alibaba’s Trade Assurance. 

It usually holds the payment as long as the customer gives the green signal. 

These also protect you from manufacturers that don’t follow through on their promises. 

If the issue persists, the buyer can keep the non-defective products only. 

Otherwise, they can even cancel the entire order.

Moreover, canceling orders and receiving a refund from the seller is a time-consuming and complicated process. 

As a result, it’s critical to have a firm agreement with the manufacturer before the order begins. 

That is because both parties understand what’s expected of them. 

They also agree on the consequences if the products don’t meet the requirements.


Understanding how China product inspection services work is essential for your business needs. 

Good China inspection services are crucial for obtaining the right quality from the factory in China. 

A good third party inspection company has all the tools to carry out a detailed inspection. 

China QC inspection is a tough job. DongSourcing provides such quality control inspection services. 

We have covered all the major portions of inspection services in China in this article. 

Do let us know if you want any of our services. We have been in this field for over a decade and we know our stuff. 

Our representative will contact you with a quote as soon as you contact us. 

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