Top 20 Best Chinese Trading Company Agency 2023

  • Dongsourcing is your Best Chinese Trading Company to help with the supply chain as you import from China.
  • Dongsourcing services over 3000 businesses importing from China.
  • Dongsourcing provides a one-stop solution for any product type that you might need.
  • From helping you find a supplier, Dongsourcing will continue to assist you till shipping.
  • Dongsourcing offers you competitive pricing, manufacturing consultation, factory auditing, product quality inspection, and more.
  • We offer storage and logistics services in China to facilitate your import process.
Chinese Trading Company

Dongsourcing Offers You Top-Notch China Trading Company Services

Never Pay for Product Sourcing Again

Getting in business with Dongsourcing means securing absolutely FREE quotations and trusted suppliers for the product you want. As a good Chinese trading company will do, we will hand you over a ready-made product catalog. No matter your products, our knowledgeable agents will connect to the most qualified manufacturers or vendors.

Learn Through Manufacturing Consultation

It is our duty at Dongsourcing to answer your disturbing questions and guide you through determination of manufacturing costs. What is the capital expense requirement? Don not worry, we provide the answer and also draft market and cost analysis in line with your needs.

Partner with Trusted China Supply Chain System

Dongsourcing only partners with trusted manufacturers and suppliers with excellent records in their respective industries. At this time, we have a list of over 10,000 partners making up the local Chinese supply chain. So, you can never go wrong with quality partnering with Dongsourcing.

Custom Packaging Personal Branding

Get Custom Packaging/Personal Branding

Part of Dongsourcing services is helping you brand your products. From design suggestions to final printing on products and packages, we offer custom packaging and personal product labelling for your finished goods. 

Receive Production Follow-up Feedback

At every point of your production process, Dongsourcing is dedicated to providing you with necessary feedback. You’ll learn the status of your orders and their current situation with relatable images and videos from us. 

Be Quality Assured with Product Quality Inspection

The Dongsourcing product quality inspection team looks out for the tiniest detail in your products. We assure you that any product delivered to you is in line with standard and regulations compliant. Trust Dongsourcing to also sample your products and conduct final inspection.

Access Risk Management Solution

Dongsourcing will analyze all the risks associated with your product sourcing. We will sort out all the risks associated with Chinese product sourcing while eliminating avoidable risks. This also covers logistics and retailing as you would wish.

Get Assistance with Shipping and Logistics

The Dongsourcing shipping and logistics department will handle your goods shipment, provide location tracking, and courier services. Our freight partners for land, sea, and air make sure your goods get to their destination. And, hey! Our tracker will always provide you with steady updates!

Amazon FBA

Ship Goods from China to Amazon FBA

With Dongsourcing, purchasing products from Amazon and shipping to Amazon FBA warehouse has never been easier. We partner with freight forwarders for Amazon FBA shipment offering LCL, FCL, and air shipping options.

OEM and ODM Products Service

Get Assistance with ODM and OEM Products

From the idea stage, Dongsourcing is there to assist you with your OEM and ODM products. We put in suggestions during the design stage and find manufacturers of custom mold products to help with production.

Customs Clearance

Obtain Clearance from Customs

All your goods and cargoes through Dongsourcing will be customs approved! You will never have to worry as we ensure the provision of all required licenses and certificates. Trust Dongsourcing to also make readily available all documents and paperwork required for declaration during import and export.

Warehousing and Final Inspection

Grab Final Inspection and Warehousing Opportunity

To ensure the safety of your orders, we at Dongsourcing offers you warehousing opportunity. We also conduct a final product inspection within the premises of our warehouse. This is to be certain that the products with highest quality get to you.

Top 20 Best Chinese Trading Company List 2023

IntroductionAre you looking to purchase products from China in 2023, but don’t know how to connect to trusted sellers?

A China trading company will help you to buy quality products from China.

The quality of service that you get lies in the professionalism of the China trading company that you choose. 

Therefore, this page contains a list of the top 20 best Chinese trading companies that you can choose from.

Table of Top 20 Chinese Trading Company & FAQ Guide

1.Nexfar Trading Company

Nexfar Trading Company

Nexfar Ltd is a Chinese trading company that serves as a gateway between companies and entrepreneurs interested in Chinese products. 

The majority of Chinese pharmaceutical companies depend on Nexfar China trade agency to market their products to other countries. 

Nexfar was established by scientists and professionals with major experience in pharmaceutical industries and biotechnology both in China and abroad. 

They operate in more than 20 countries but with a strategic focus in Europe, North America, Asia, and Latin America. 

Although their product distribution spans more than 20 countries, they are still looking for ways to expand.

Nexfar offers a complete list of APIs produced in China by trusted companies from developed industries. 


Nexfar has years of experience and developed expertise in identifying market trends. 

Therefore, they help entrepreneurs set up their business in china. And, focus on importing pharmaceutical raw materials, oncology, biotech, and biological products. 

They also use their platform to sell their finished products to other countries.

Take advantage of the quality to cost ratio of Chinese manufacturing activities choosing this China trade company. 

With Nexfar Limited, you don’t need a middle man. They connect manufacturers to importers directly. 

2.Yiwu Trading Company

Yiwu Trading Company

Yiwu Trading company is a trading company with its base currently in the United Kingdom. 

Their aim is to help business owners or entrepreneurs develop their business by helping you import unique products from china.

Yiwu trading company is not particular about your business size. Hence, small enterprises get the chance to import products from China directly through them. 

This enables you to control the prices and quality of your China products. 

They have their main offices in Yiwu, China and Gateshead in Northern England.


They are not specific with the products they import. But their staff will help to source the products that you need. The staff have offices both in China and the United Kingdom. 

They also negotiate the price and transport your goods based on your specific needs.

Due to their reputation and longevity in the business, they have built an international network of transportation solutions. 

Hence, quickly deliver customers’ goods without delays. As a result, they are among the top china trading company list.

3. Zhejiang Willing Foreign Trading Co. Ltd

Zhejiang Willing Trading Company

Zhejiang Willing Foreign Trading Company obtained its registration in 1999 July to operate as a China trading agency. 

They started off with over 4.2 million USD in capital for their business. 

Currently, this international trading company operates with over 60 employees. They ship goods from China to more than 70 countries worldwide.

This China trading company is popular across borders due to its reliability and ease of doing business. 

Rendering excellent service is the core of service for Zhejiang Willing Foreign Trading Company. They therefore extend their warm welcome enjoining you to engage in business with them.


This Chinese Trading company specializes in instant food, tea, herbal bamboo brooches, medicinal products, health care products, and artificial fumes. 

You can also find televisions, home-made products, soap and milk products, plastic products.

This company has 20 categories, plus over 200 varieties of products. These are available in points of sale in over 100 nations worldwide. 

They developed over 10 brands and deposit marks. For example, “EEI” for clothing lines, “Universe” for tweezers, “Feng Feng” for handicrafts, and “West Lake” for faux artifacts.

4. Sinergia Trading Company

Sinergia Trading Company

Sinergia Trading Company became existent  in 2010 to ease the stress of purchasing from China. 

The owners discovered that despite many trading companies in China, customers still face a laborious and tricky China purchasing process. 

The China trade agency was founded to be the bridge between China and western buyers. They came into business with a mission to ensure that buyers from the west do not lack supplies.

Because Sinergia trading company is also a sourcing company, it has vast experience in finding China trading partners. 

They engage in negotiations, make purchases and export several products. Their main focus is to satisfy their US, European, and Latin American Clients. 


They help western buyers produce and purchase any product matching their business. This makes doing business in China much easier and profitable for westerners. 

They offer assistance in communication (Language transaction), finding local suppliers, managing documents, and product shipping and logistics.


5. Soto Imports

Soto Imports

Soto Imports helps you establish and expand your market for any type of product. 

The company’s mission is to lead the trading companies in North America.

You can buy from them, trade through them, or hire them as your buying agent, customs broker, or shipping specialist.

Soto imports have been in the business of importing and exporting for more than 10 years with excellent service. 

Therefore, their reputation goes across countries by making sure they meet their customers’ needs efficiently. 

This trading company takes charge of millions of dollars each month in trade. Apart from their own trading company, they also oversee millions of dollars in trade monthly. 

Soto imports are efficient and punctual with seasoned experts and contacts. They also have access to all major provinces. 

With their reputable nature they made the china trading company list.


Some of the major products you can import with Soto Imports are; electronics, cleaning supplies, and consumer wholesale products. 

Location is not a barrier when it comes to trading or buying from Soto imports. They pride themselves on delivering fast to the farthest corner of the planet.


6.Cheung’s Trading Company

Cheungs Trading Company

Cheung’s trading company is owned by a Chinese family founded in 1985. 

The establishment took off as a small growing Chinese health wholesaler but now one of the biggest health food stores in southern Ontario. 

They have customers in Europe, the USA, Canada, and Mexico making them an international trading company in China.

There is a noticeable expansion of sales agents in many markets and the growing demand for Chinese herbal supplements. Hence, you are more likely to double sales with this company.


Very few companies engage in medical and nutritional supplements, making their company reliable. 

Most imported products include; Color and arthritis supplements, diabetes products, energy and immune products, hierarchical infusions, and women’s health products.

7.Orient International Enterprise

Orient International Enterprise

Orient International Enterprises was founded in 1984. It was born out of the former Shanghai Garment Import and Export Co. after about 40 years of being in business.

The Shanghai trading company is currently one of China’s largest exporters of garments and textiles. 

They own many famous brands such as Rose, Sparrow 33, Kool, LEETAL, and Milky Way. 

Orient international enterprises have a complete garment and textile import and export supply chain control. 

Their services range from receiving an order of all kinds of fabrics and designing, global logistics, and accessory sourcing.


Their products include all kinds of fabrics, knitted wear, shirts, jackets, home textiles, etc. 

They have recently diversified their business to include international shipping and agency, Its products, commodity inspection, and medical equipment importation. 

OIE is a Shanghai trading company known for its integrity and innovation.


8.Beijing Chaopi Trading Company

Beijing Chaopi Trading Company

Beijing Chaopi trading company is a china trading company established in 1987. 

They have the most extensive network of over 20,000 retailers across Beijing and its environment. They serve as both a wholesaler and a brand agent. 

They supply products to shopping malls, e-commerce platforms, hypermarkets, warehouse clubs, and exclusive stores. 

To ensure they meet their customer’s needs at the right times, they have over 30 subsidiaries across China. 

17 of these are in Beijing, where their customers are mostly located. 


This china trade agency is always willing to help and render whatever services you need.

9.Young and Young Trading Company

Young andYoung Trading Company

This company has been in existence for over 53 years. And, has grown to be one of the largest Asian food importers and wholesalers located in Canada. 

They are one of the most experienced in the top china trading company list.

They source their products from Japan, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia. 

When it comes to providing quality Asian food products, Young and young trading company is your go-to company.


This company specializes in importing and wholesaling consumer products to any market, either in Canada or Asia. 

Their customers are retail stores, food manufacturers, foodservice centers, and food distributors. 

Therefore, their main products include confectionaries, drinks, fruits, flour, frozen foods, etc.


10. Nanjing Maxfit Trading Company Ltd

Nanjing Maxfit Trading Company Ltd

Nanjing Maxfit Trading is an import and export agency that was founded in 2016. 

Its major aim is to provide services that will surpass the expectations of their customers and always look for a win-win situation. 

Apart from that, they also develop targeted marketing and render superb logistics, warehousing, aftersales services. 

To ensure customer’s satisfaction, they go in search of prospects that will buy goods from China in various countries and integrate them into their supply chain.


They import and export all kinds of products within and outside their home country. 

This china trade agency also helps overseas producers spread out their business by linking them with trading partners in China. 

By doing so, they in turn help china manufacturers sell abroad. 

11. El-Hashem Trading Group Co. Ltd

El-Hashem Trading Group Co. Ltd

El-Hashem Trading company is among the top import-export companies in china. 

They carry out domestic and foreign trade, cooperative production, joint ventures, and other forms of business.

They deal in electronic and electrical appliances, houseware products such as fan series, LED lighting products, ceiling fan. 

Other products include chemical materials such as liquid items, zinc oxide, fungicides, insecticides, etc. 

They also offer shipping certificates as CCC, CIQ, SASO, UKAS, SQF, ROSH, ISO by factories.


This company is expert in hardware, doors and windows, ceramics and porcelain, car accessories, tower clock, LED product series, etc.

12. MrSourcing


MrSourcing does the business of purchasing china products for their clients in North America, South America, Oceans for 5 years. 

They have specialty in sourcing product manufacturers and inspecting goods for quality. 

As an expert Chinese sourcing agent, MrSourcing has helped thousands of customers purchase high-quality kitchen, bathroom equipment at competitive prices.


This China Trading company specializes in importing ceramic washbasins, porcelain WC pans, toilets, showers, lighted makeup, non-illuminated magnifiers, etc. 

Hence, they are part of the best china trading company list.

13. Tai Yick Trading Company

Tai Yick Trading Company

Tai Yick Trading Company is a family business importing ceramics and porcelain for over 50 years. 

For many years they have been trying to explore the highest quality ceramic figure of Shiwan in mainland China.

One of the company’s fantastic things is that they also have hand-painted products in multicolored colors. 

Others are in beautiful monochromatic colors such as burgundy, celadon, burgundy (oxblood), thirsty green, imperial yellow, and their sizes vary.

Regular orders are delivered within 5–7 days. And, you can also return damaged items no more than 10 days after delivery.


Not only do they have the best quality, but they also have the best prices in town. 

Their products include pots, bowls, jars, plates, bowls plates, umbrella stands, garden chairs, and more.

14. Chinabrands


Chinabrands came into existence in 2004 and with consistent development evolved into a dropshipping brand. In addition, they support you with a professional wholesale service.

They provide an all-in-one delivery service. This includes Chinese procurement of products, seeking for product release, supply chain management, logistics and shipping, and any other service you may want. Just sit back and figure out ways of promoting your store.

Chinabrands works with all major online marketplaces. For example, they partner with Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon, Jumia, Shopify, Wish, and so many others.

Chinabrands also help you in creating product descriptions with full SEO optimization that you can simply copy to your store online.

This will help you save time in writing product descriptions and will help your stores rank higher to attract more traffic and increase your sales.

About 200 different shipping categories are available, Chinabrands ensures there are no problems with delivering products to their customers. 

Products are always shipped to customers within 2 days of order. They also take full responsibility if the product is damaged during delivery.


Chinabrands will help you with the following:

  • Source from over 5000 verified exclusive manufacturers
  • Over 500 million products in 172 categories.
  • There is no minimum order requirement
  • Favorable wholesale price 
  • Extremely strict quality control by a professional QC team
  • Big discount and reimbursement of CB points when paying
  • Worldwide delivery with overnight delivery
  • Free download/synchronization of lists of SEO-optimized products
  • Automatic order processing
  • Seamless integration with more than 20 known platforms
  • Round the clock customer support

Chinabrands (CB), offers you four steps to doing business:

  • Import CB products 
  • Make sales in your store 
  • Order code CB 
  • Send products to CB

With over 5,000 proven, exclusive manufacturers with Zero MOQ. This means that you can purchase freely at a flat rate with wholesale buyers. 

They also offer chargeback (CB) points and discount points which you can get as payment reimbursement. 

15.Xiamen ITG Group

Xiamen ITG Group

Xiamen branched off of ITG Holding, starting its services in 1980.  The company is listed as one of the top 100 Chinese companies, and the state owns it. 

Since listing, many traders have been importing through them because they have confidence in them.

The mission of Xiamen trading company is “continuously creating new value”. 

ITG remains its primary core value ​​which means “Innovation, Trust and Growth,”. And, fulfilling the spirit of “exploring all possibilities and seeking new heights.” 

Xiamen ITG Group engages in tireless pursuit of excellence and innovation. 

This keeps the company on track to become one of the world’s leading integrated service providers.


They specialize in three main sectors. These are financial services, real estate, and supply chain management.

16. Jinan Chinese Mineral Trading Company

Jinan Chinese Mineral Trading Company

Jinan Chinese Mineral Trading Co. Ltd is a trading company established in May 2006 with their headquarters in Jinan city. 

This company has more than ten types of non-metallic products.  They own two mines separately in Shandong provinces and Xinjiang Province. 

Their products are premium quality, and they have an amazing work team that prioritizes customer’s needs.

They have customers in India, Hong Kong, Japan, the USA, etc. 

Their name flies high for being one of the leading international trading companies in China in their industry.


Its main products include tourmaline, soap, graphite, fluorite, barite, gypsum, vermiculite, diatomaceous earth, bentonite, borax, magnesite clinker, etc.

17. Leeline Sourcing

Leeline Sourcing

Registered in Hong Kong in 2009, Leeline sourcing began shopping for small and medium retailers. 

In 2015, they founded our current company in mainland China with a product supply specialization. 

All of the agents working in this company are highly knowledgeable and experienced in doing business in the China market. 

They know and use the right suppliers with the right methods who can help you. 

Since its establishment, they have been partnering with millions of suppliers and carriers. 

This keeps them in a better position to find you the best prices and the best quality for your investment.


They offer professional procurement services for small and medium enterprises. 

Their services are entirely comprehensive and cover everything needed for procurement from China. 

With an experienced and professional team, they can deliver the perfect item you are looking for within seconds. 

18. China Haoran Trading Company

China Haoran Trading Company

Haoran enterprise was founded in 2012 and is located in Ningbo. It is a reliable trading company offering a variety of product types. 

They have a good reputation in the industry. This is because they consistently satisfy their customers with convenient delivery times and excellent after-sales service.


They mainly supply party products, seasonal/holiday items, promotional items, and other items.  

Their main line of export includes Australia, North America, the Middle East, and Africa.

19. Chinese Shenzhen Gaode Trading Company

Shenzhen Gaode Trading Company

Shenzhen Gaode Electronic Technology Co, Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the design, production, and marketing of security guards. 

Their company maintains a business stand of considering credit, striving for excellence. 

They rely on selecting pure quality materials, and on science and creativity after hard work and long struggle.

They supply products to the protection industry and provide methods of purchasing the station.

The company adheres strictly to the ISO 9001 standards. 

And, they manufacture their products under the provisions of the Ministry of Public Security of the nation. 

Therefore, their products have approval with CE EMC and MA certification.


Their products include electric magnetic locks with electric latch, electric locks, frameless electric locks, and support for mounted electric locks. 

Others include software systems, and access control systems.

20. China Bright Trading (Foshan) Co. Ltd

China Bright Trading

China Bright Trading (Foshan) Co. Ltd., is a leading exporter of construction products and many other sanitary products from China. 

China Bright Trading (Foshan) Co. Ltd. The company is situated at Yunkai Foshan, Guangdong, China. Products. 

It is a well-known organization in China operating in a global market. 


They take pride in sanitary ware supply business and services. 

Mainly, they engage in outdoors spas, infrared saunas, saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools, swimming pools, and other products of similar use.

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Chinese Trading Company: The Ultimate Guide 2021

Are you not sure of what a Chinese Trading Company is all about? 

These Frequently Asked Questions of our clients will help you understand everything about Chinese trading companies. 

Let us therefore provide answers to the following questions.

Question 1: What is a trading company?

A trading company represents a connecting group between buyers and sellers within a country or most times separate countries. 

Trading companies also stand as links in the supply chain between producers and wholesalers or even retailers.

Trading companies are professional in import and export rules, regulations, and procedures. 

To increase sales, they do business with several manufacturing agencies. 

Their marketing strategy starts with the identification of products, then negotiation with the product suppliers begins.

In order to build a large group of Chinese business partners, they hire sales agents in the domestic and overseas market. This is to order and promote their brands.

Question 2: Why should you use Chinese trading companies?China Trade

The benefits of using Chinese trading companies in purchasing are many.

Most wholesale and retail suppliers don’t even have to know the manufacturers. Trading companies are the ones who get the job done.

Here are many other reasons why you should make your purchase with them;

  1. There is better understanding between retailers and users than compared to manufacturers. This means that consumers will get products specifically meant to solve their problem from retailers.
  2. Their customer service is better compared to factories. Establishing a market is a challenge, so they ensure they treat the customers more respectfully.
  • Most Chinese trading companies will source their goods from growing manufacturers who do not usually export due to lack of experience.

You as a buyer benefit mainly as the products are cheaper in cost.

  1. Small customers are not able to meet up with the high minimum order quantities of some manufacturers.

This is simplified by wholesale companies that buy in bulk and sell according to customer requirements.

  1. Trade companies promote the items they supply, and factories do not.

To ensure the sale of their products, all they need is to do their best to promote their products. Hence, proving themselves to customers.

  1. They offer various products and are also willing to provide some free products. Such a trading company acts as an intermediary between importers and Chinese factories.

In other words, they act as intermediaries helping to bridge the gap between supplier and customer.

They are responsible for procurement, supervision, quality control, and product shipment.

Question 3: What are the 8 Kinds of Trading Enterprises in China?

1. Trading companies from Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been one of the many places used to manufacture products.

In the 1980s, although the manufacturing industry moved to the mainland, trading companies still retained their offices in Hong Kong.

These companies then formed large production groups operating in various regions, including Malaysia, Cambodia, China, and Vietnam.

Many small units operate as one factory on the continent and provide quality like nowhere else.

2. Group of factories trading company

As the name suggests, these companies consist of manufacturing factories producing different materials and products.

They combine to create a larger manufacturing company or a single business entity to facilitate exports and invoicing.

3. Combined manufacturer and trading company

These trading companies often provide manufacturers and suppliers’ services to meet customer requirements.

The company uses its resources to produce and market its products.

4. Registered trading company

Registered Trading Company

The focus of these companies is on a specific niche product. Their history is deeply rooted in the individual segment.

They pride themselves on their successful business based on a highly sophisticated and experienced team.

They can offer the best competitive prices compared to direct production units.

5. Grocery store

These trading companies deal with different products and depend on plant resources.

A typical grocery store transfers all new products available or manufactured near their website.

6. Hot selling niche trading company

From their name, you can tell these companies are focused on selling products that are trending in the market.

These trading companies are very enthusiastic and have a good sense of studying and recognizing the latest market trends.

They make money easily and quickly by selling products with the knowledge available to sell factory resources.

They close sales quickly as demand decreases and focus on a new product in the market.

7. SOHO trading company

SOHO includes a small office or home office. It is a type of commercial enterprise using the least number of employees.

These are the people who become the founders of SOHO after gaining past customers’ trust and starting their own business.

A SOHO company’s primary function involves registering a company.

They also create accounts on Alibaba to be projected as a factory or trading company to gain customers’ trust.

8. Supply company

Supply Company

This kind of trading company acts as an intermediary between importers and Chinese factories.

In other words, they act as intermediaries helping to bridge the gap between supplier and customer.

They are responsible for procurement, supervision, quality control, and product shipment.

Question 4: What are the Factors you should consider when choosing the right trading company in China?

Choosing the Right Trading Company

Amount of capital: it is better to choose companies with significant working capital, which is an indication of company strength.

ISO certified: Does the company have ISO Certification? If you are certified, this is a good option, but check the document.

ISO Certified

Operating Business License: A valid business license will simply give any company an edge over others. Just make sure the license is legit.

Maybe you should also look out for awards won.

Business License

Question 5: What are the differences between a trading company and a wholesaler?

Unlike a trading company, a wholesaler has in-stock products that he can sell at any time in smaller quantities.

They deliver the next day, meanwhile a trading company will order from a factory and wait 30–60 days to deliver.

Question 6: How to check if trading companies in China are genuine?


It can be a bit challenging to determine if the trading company you want to go into business with is genuine or not.

Most will openly say they are trading companies when asked, while others will say they are factories.

You have to dig deeper in the latter case, asking them what specific products they produce.

However, another ideal way to verify a trading company’s authenticity is to verify its registered capital.

A company with significant capital is perfect because it shows its trading strength.

Another option would be to check the commercial permit. Request these documents and specify a specific scope of business.

You can also choose to check the directory of verified vendors.

In this way, you can easily figure out if the preferred trading company in China is original or not.

You can also check network platforms. In such cases, you can view past customer reviews and read their comments also.

With this you can guess what you might encounter with the trading company.

Question 7: Is it profitable to use trading companies in China?

Profit of Trading Company

Not completely, but most cost-effective. It is obvious by considering factors involved that a direct factory business comes with less cost than a trading company.

However, once you get a good company to work with, you will reap the benefits as time goes.

A great trading company will help you ease stress with services such as product sourcing, great customer support, etc.

Also, using trading companies to import from China ensures that you get your goods delivered in a shorter time.

When you have no stock this can be very crucial, allowing you to maximize sales and subsequent profits.

Besides, trading companies can link all their different orders and ship them in one shipment. The advantage is that it reduces logistics costs and thus increases your profits.

If you are importing several products from China then it is most cost-effective using the services of a trading company.

Question 8: What are the Problems with Product Compliance When Purchasing from China Trading Companies?

Product Compliance

Suppose you buy a laptop from a China trading company and they give you a test report document. It is obvious that the document won’t have your company name but the name of the manufacturer. That’s a big problem.

U.S. and European authorities require that product SKUs and even the purchase invoice match the test report document.

A test report document with a different factory name doesn’t appear legit for the products you purchased.

For this same reason, Amazon will request for an invoice and compliance documents inclusive.

This essentially implies that you bought the products from a vendor who has a test report already.

Another issue is that trading companies will most likely not test products on behalf of their own company.

Even if, as is often necessary, you test a product under your company name, you still have a problem.

If you know nothing about the manufacturer, how can you assess their capability of making a compatible product?

Thus, retail sellers face a major problem of product execution which becomes much more difficult at best.

Question 9: What are the Cons of Using a Trading Company?Cons of Using Trading Company


  • In case of quality problems or if they find that the factory is doing something unethical (e.g., outsourcing, too much free sharing of intellectual property), they may not inform the company/buyer.

Remember, they are suppliers and only pay if the order is fulfilled.

  • They are not employers of critical people in the plant who can make or break the order.

In 98% of cases, they are not the production unit owners. They have little control over what really happens!

When something goes wrong, they may find out late and not steer the project in the right direction.

  • They may not be as close to the factories as they say.

If they’re in Shenzhen and want to develop a new cell phone type, that sounds good until you hear that production ends in Guizhou Province. They both send employees there for weeks.

  • Like factories, sometimes they see that they will not make a profit and give up.

The more personalized your product is, the more likely you are to drop the ball at some point.

  • Their company is attractive if the customer continues to order through it.

However, many customers are tempted to ‘jump in’ right away to the factory and get better prices.

Many traders place production in factories with very little communication.

And, little knowledge of foreign customers’ requirements to avoid this. That often creates problems.

Question 10: Is it better to deal with trading companies in China than with manufacturers?

Ideally, it depends on your specific requirements when importing products from China.

This means that when needs differ, who to work with differ too. So, your goal determines whether you need a trading company or direct product manufacturer.

Take for instance that you need to purchase a bulk specific product, then it’s easier to just go to the manufacturer straight and get it done.

Since it’s a bulk purchase, you’re more likely to get a discount from the factory directly. Certainly, the MOQ plays a vital role in this aspect.


You can also get personalized products by doing business with the manufacturer, which is difficult to obtain from commercial companies.

Besides, manufacturers tend to make better suggestions when it’s best to manufacture larger quantities of a specific product.

Working with trading companies on the other hand is more profitable when your budget is limited.

The thing about these companies is that there is always a way to go around the MOQ to favor you.

It is also a better option when buying various products from different manufacturers.

In that case, you won’t have to bother looking for sorted staples from independent manufacturers.

Also, trading companies’ quality control systems prove to be more effective than that of factories.

Note that commercial companies will most likely understand your special needs better than manufacturers who would just give you what they have already.

Product tailoring for your specific market needs becomes very much easier.

Simply put, your specific needs determine the best option for a trading company or manufacturer in China.

Question 11:How to choose/recognize a Chinese company as a partner?

Chinese Partner

This is what makes or mar your business. Any company can perform better than the other depending on the aspect. It becomes your duty to figure the best for your company.

Question 12:Do trading companies offer a lower MOQ than factories?

As trading companies usually deliver orders to local factories, they must meet the factories’ MOQ requirements themselves.

If the company requests an order quantity of at least 200 units, the trading company should notify you of the MOQ requirements.

Although there are exceptions, the above doesn’t make purchasing with traditional trading companies any special.

To differ, some trading companies buy shares directly from the manufacturer and sell to customers in smaller quantities and at a higher price.

Question 13: Wondering where to find the best Chinese trading companies?Best Choice

Collecting data in today’s world is pretty simple, but the main thing is fact-checking which is quite difficult.

There are several methods to reach the best Chinese trading companies.

Fairs: Trade fairs are very often held in major cities of China. Just visit them and meet them one by one.

Magazines, newsletters, and newspapers: most companies advertise through these media. You usually get your contacts and websites.

References: This is a very credible method that requires less resources and is also efficient.

Internet Search: Here, you will find all the companies you are looking for, which is why we have created the Top 20 best trading companies for you to check out.

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