With the rapid development of international trade, China still is the biggest factory of the world, a lot of buyers imported products from China, enjoy the Chinese manufacturing to bring them a high return, but for some new buyers, how to import from China?

1, Looking for right Chinese goods suppliers

There have many ways to find Chinese suppliers, for example, join the trade shows in China, B2B websites, such as Alibaba, MIC, google search, local yellow pages, all can find a lot of Chinese suppliers.

2, Negotiate products, payment terms, international trade terms and other details with suppliers

When you find the right suppliers can be sent to the inquiry by email, to further discuss the price of the products, delivery, payment terms, terms of trade and other details of the products, if all the questions ok, you can place order production.

How to import from China - Dongsourcing

3, Mass production, inspection and shipping

The factory will start to produce after place order, buyers follow up production during these times, if found problems of products, corrected promptly, when the order to complete the overall progress of 70%, buyers can arrange an inspection.

Buyers can arrange their agent inspection, or asked third-party companies inspection, then buyers to pay the balance after passing the inspection, and help customer shipping products as required.

4, Import and logistics

In general, if the factory has the import and export right, the buyers just provide consignee information to factory, including consignee name, delivery address, contact person, contact information and other details, the factory will help you manage shipping, export product when all confirmed, the buyers can ask the factory to find a logistics company or own designated logistics company. ( If the factory haven’t import and export right, will entrusted agent company to export products, the shipper name will be an agent company name.

5, Take delivery of goods and tax payment

When the goods shipped after about 3-7 working days, the shipping company will open the original bill of lading, at this time the supplier will send the bill of lading, customs clearance information to the buyer, the buyer take the goods away with a bill of lading from the supplier.

Of course, also need to pay taxes, different countries, different products, taxes are different.

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